Tripping over the light fantastic

It’s Thursday in the Coachella Valley and I am excited because this means that I get to go out tonight.  Well, that is, if  my hubby and I are feeling up to it.  Lit Lounge in the Fantasy Springs Casino hosts Big Country Thursday and for the past four years I have looked forward to these nights.  The bands they have playing are some of the best I have heard out here.  To me, it is almost like being at a concert, guess I don’t get out much.  There are a few bands that I have been photographing on a regular basis just because I really like their sound, the way they interact as a band (their stage presence), and just that I have either connected with them and found out that they are just genuinely really good people. I also am spreading the musical joy of what I am witnessing as I am watching them.  I guess I do have an agenda when I am out there stalking and taking photos while they play.  I would like to become a professional and get hired by a hotel or venue.  I am sure that there are other ways to do it as I have written letters to our local throw-away paper and applied to jobs and internships.  However, I have been having so much fun and learning about musical instruments and band nuances.  It’s so fascinating.  Now when I watch bands, I am checking out their pedals and what guitars they are using or what type of setup the drummer is using.  I have seen drummers using small kits rip it up and just blow me away as well drummers using big kits.  Also, I have changed how I am shooting.  I have started embracing the moody shots I take in dark bars and clubs.  I shoot in the dark, with out flash.  In this age of digital cameras we get to choose what our photos look like.  I kind of like making them look like they are painted.  It’s kind of cool.  This is after all why I call my blog The Art of Music.

Invisible eyes, or anyone out there have wonderful day.  If you are free tonight.  There is a fabulous band Country Nation with this wonderful singer, Miss Sarah Winchester.  They are playing at Fantasy Springs in the Lit Lounge tonight.  You may even see me there.




***Currently toe tapping and singing along to: (pandora is on shuffle)

sunday morning – maroon5

california uber alles- dead kennedys

statue of liberty – descendents

punk rawk show – mxpx

take me home – the barry brothers


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  1. Good article. I’m dealing with some of these issues as well..


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