what I asked for

My Dad had a saying or different and creative uses of adjectives for “yes or no” for lots of things.  Does Superman fly?  Do chicken’s have lips? Yes, he used those and some others I can’t as they are not PC.  I am sure that if I would have asked him for his opinion of my photography he would have given me an honest answer that may or may not have been in Dad-code.  Yeah, that is the name for it, Dad-Code.  I sure miss it right now and could use it.  I need his voice to tell me to suck it up and just keep doing my thing.  I am sure he would also tell me a few anecdotes about a fool and his money or was that an ass or a monkey, I just can’t remember…Oh yeah, my Dad would remind me that I still need to pay bills and eat and shit (yes, shit was one of his favorite adjectives). That I need to keep my day job and just figure out how to make it work.  So, I will.  There is Uber & Lyft, so I won’t have to rely on people to get me around.

A few days ago, finally, out of the darkness, I got an honest to goodness critique of my work.  Well, this might be ‘hurt me’ typing but I got it from a person I consider a friend that I had not spoken to in a few years.  We have

known each other since first grade and have kept in touch in the last few years via text messaging or social media.  He messaged me and did start out by saying he liked my work and wondered what typed of gear I am using.  I let him know that I use a Nikon D3400.  Yes, for you pro-photographers and people that can afford to pay for the fancy $1k plus price tag that the model he mentioned was using and made the throw-up emoji.  Mind you, I am a 48 year old grandma.  I did ask for critiques.  He offered this advice that I should sell some of my equipment to purchase a better lens.  I know this, I do need better equipment.  If he were really a friend and maybe had followed any number of the posts I have thrown out into the Universe, he would have known that I have mentioned that I need new equipment and that I am practicing.  Currently, I am working a job that I am grateful for but sometimes wish that I was doing something else. Who doesn’t, right?  This is so that I can get new equipment.  I am not out there organizing a Go Fund Me for new stuff or anything like that.  I am just using what I have.  However, I am grateful for the feedback as I really don’t get to speak with many people about these things that interest me or if I get a bad critique.  Everyone needs a cheerleader, right? It would be nice to have someone in my court to vent to when I hear something that I don’t like but I know is true. Yes, my friend that reached out to me, all of what you said was true and I really do appreciate you and the beam of light you shined my way.  You were right, I do need new equipment and a better way to get myself out there.  After all, this is just a dream, and my dream, only. (This has been re-edited 10.28.18))

This has been such a busy week, I guess this might be tired me also typing.  At least so major things went well.  My surgery seems like it was a success. Although, the pain in my nose is making it hard to take photos.  Thursday night we got to see Country Nation at the Lit Lounge at the Fantasy Springs Casino.  They are a seven piece band that performs covers of popular country songs and even some country-fied versions of some top 40 songs as well a original music that both singers Ricky Lee Johnson and Sarah Winchester perform.  I have taken photos of this band a total of five times in less than 1 year and I always look forward to their Thursday night.  I am sure they must think I am crazy, but they are only helping this old gal out in my quest to get better. So, hopefully, the next critique I get will be a nice one or maybe someone will hire me.  That would be the ultimate!! So, thank you to Country Nation for being so nice to me!

The Ghosts played both Friday and Saturday night. Friday night was a fun little outdoor gig at the Tack Room Tavern located at the Empire Polo Fields in Indio, CA and last night, they played at the Idyllwild Brewpub.  From the deserts to the mountains in less than 24 hours these guys had both places cheering and clapping along to classic rock favorites.  Even though I was not able to take as many photos last night, I was able to capture some video and work on those skills.  Hopefully by the time my contacts arrive and I am able to see closer to 20/20 my stuff will get better.

Have a peaceful, easy week whoever you are that is reading this.

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