In a past, I have often said or written over the years as I refer to one of the many hats I have worn in my various jobs that I have worked to provide for my family.  Sometimes I had to work two or three jobs in the course of a day.  Would I do it over again?  Hell yes!  Everything in this life we do makes us who we are, even the bad shit.  Yes, there are some things that I would like to forget and not remember like that I worked selling hot dogs in front of Kmart.  However, it did help when I set up my taco stand at the bar twenty years later.  Anyhow, I am getting off track. Last Thursday was Country Night at Fantasy Springs and the band Country Nation was there in Lit Lounge.  I was one week post-op.  I couldn’t see very well and had a little vertigo but still wanted to go and at least listen to the band as they are high energy and they just make me happy.  The singer is this ball of contagious energy.  She always has on glittery, sequined outfits that draw me in.  As much as I try to act like a hardened old women there is something about glitter and sparkles that I love and I don’t have enough of in my life.  Oh yeah, the band has seven members and I try to capture at least two of them each time I go.  I usually get caught up in the singer though because she is the center of attention and the spotlight is on her.  She also always wears something that is sequined!  I love it!  So this time, I tried, real hard (not really) not to photograph her. This time I went after the drummer and the piano player and was sort of successful, however, with my eyes and my nose the photos were not as sharp as I would have liked.  There is always a next time, I hope.  One thing did happen while I was in the balcony, there was a young man dancing by himself in front of the band. He appeared to have been developmentally disabled.  The only reason I mentioned this is because one of the hats I have worn in my lifetime is that I was once a counselor in a group home for developmentally disabled adults and children in my early 20’s.  That group home was the only place they ever got to see and they would never get the joy of going out to see live music and dancing to a country band.  The clients I worked with sometimes had family visit them and some had no family.  Watching that man dance with reckless abandon made me so happy.  I knew he was probably not a product of a group home or maybe he was.  I am not saying that there is anything wrong with group homes.  They can be wonderful places.  However, sometimes, on a rare occasion, there maybe a client that gets no visitors…ever.  I was just happy that he was out and getting to enjoy music and dancing, it just made me happy and as I could see, it made him happy too.  Had I not had a touch of vertigo that night I might have been out there dancing with him.  I did tear up a little while shooting the photos, happy tears.  I am posting a few photos of that young man here.  I know probably shouldn’t but I am I as would like to give these photos to the person he was with so if anyone knows him…please pass the info along.

If all we have is today, then eat the pie, right?

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