Light the way

Last year I started sharing my photos on Instagram in hopes that I might get some business leads or work as a photographer. It didn’t help. It did, however, help me meet along the way some of the most talented and nicest people I would have never met. For instance, Lele Rose, an entertainer from San Diego,California. Our first contact was through Instagram. She saw that I took photos of entertainers in the Coachella Valley. She played piano in the Coachella Valley during “Season”. So, on a weekend that she was playing at the Marriott here in Palm Desert, she contacted me. I happened to be free the afternoon that she contacted me and the rest is history. I try to pop over to see her play whenever she is at the Blue Star Lounge. Just this past week I got to meet her parents! It was the best. I just loved seeing the interaction between Lele and her Mom. As a Grandma, Mom and daughter it was hard not crying as I watched and photographed the scenes before me. Through out my life I wanted to sing or perform but knew I wasn’t talented enough and had been told by my own mother of all people. I remember her telling me that all I was doing was harmonizing along with the radio and nothing more. She also said that I was singing off key. Later on in my bar-tending days I remember this one customer John Henry that used to always request Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones and honestly, I didn’t know why he requested me to sing it. I thought I was horrible. He used to say that I would stay in key but I did need work on it. He also told me to keep singing and I did. I went on to sing with Jim McCuen, a piano player that hosted a piano lounge at the Aztec Hotel in Monrovia, CA circa 2007-2011. Most of the patrons of the piano lounge were in their golden years and I looked forward to my Thursday and Sunday shifts. I knew each person’s drinks and usually had them ready for them. They called me kid and liked that I knew all their songs and used to dance to their tables with their drinks with on the tray. Imagine me with my hand over my eyebrow almost like a salute during a rendition of Where the Boys Are. My second year bar-tending with Jim, he asked me to sing. So, I usually sang one or two songs a night. With their encouragement I got better, not as good as they were, but not bad. Still, I wished my Mom had been alive to have been able to have seen and heard me. So, it was hard for me watching the interaction with Lele and her Mom but it was good for me to see. I was happy to catch that moment for her. The Mom in me saw the joy in both Lele and her Mom’s eyes. Thank you both for letting capture those personal moments between a daughter and and a mother.

Also, while I am out I get questioned about why I am taking photos, and here is the answer, for the people that have asked me when they see me out taking photographs of bands for no other reason than for my own personal “hobby”, please know that I am taking these photos to spread musical joy. I am not paid for any of this and have never asked for anything. If I really like something then I just want to share it with others, there might be another musical geek like me that may be interested and may want to look up the band. That is all. If you could only hear what I see sometimes…

To whoever you are reading this, you can do it, I know you can even if no one else thinks you can.



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