But my heart’s of gold

Some might say I’m a bit of a weirdo.  I kind of agree.  I take photos of people for no other reason than for my own amusement.  No, seriously, I really am chasing a dream. I really do want to shoot concert photography and not just to get free concert tickets or closer to the entertainers.  Heck, I am quite shy, believe it or not.  It is easy to be brave with a Nikon hoisted in front of your eye or hiding behind a computer keyboard but face-to-face communication is where I lack skills.  Anyhow, enough about that, my goal is to be able to take photos that I have dreamed about since I was young.  I used to pour over magazines that featured pictures of musicians and I remembered having those pages taped to my walls.  Kids nowadays do not have that as they have the instant gratification of social media and once you see that photo and it gets X amount of likes no one really ever sees it again.  Even knowing this, that taking a photo that the whole world may only see once or no one may see at all, I still feel this desire to continue on with this dream.  I do have one specific goal and that is to photograph the band the Descendents.  They do have a bitchin’ super rad photographer, Jeff Neumann,  already, but they are my number one goal to shoot.  I was about to give up that goal.  Thank you again, as mentioned in a previous blog for a boost from an old friend as I needed that kick in the ass from beyond.  So, okay universe here I go again…

This past Thursday, my husband and I went to Country Night at Lit Lounge. One of my guilty pleasures is a 7 piece band from the Los Angeles area, Country Nation.  It’s funny but I feel like I am watching family, not my family but I am watching a group of brothers along with the little sister, lighting the way. You never know which band you are going to get when you see them.  They have interchangeable parts.  Sometimes there is a different drummer or bass player, but generally, you can always count on tapping your toes and singing along even if you don’t know the words.  The first time I saw them was in January 2018 and that’s when I heard that sound. The whine. No, not like a baby or that chick that sat behind you in history that everyone talked about.  It’s reminded me of old country music and my Dad. Growing up we only had one color TV in the living room and the black & white one that my sisters and I shared if we wanted to watch something other than what my parents were watching.  So, I listened to lots of music.  As my sisters started moving out and my Dad started buying TV’s for each room in the house I still preferred radio to the television.  I still remember singing into hairbrushes, using the fireplace mantle as a stage, to Barbara Mandrel and Tanya Tucker songs in the early ’70s as well as mimicking Aretha, Bab’s and Patsy. So, the sound that drew me in it was the pedal steel and one Miss Sarah Winchester singing Suds in Bucket, a cover of a song sung by Sarah Evans, but written by Billy Montana and Tammy Wagoner.  I try and make it out to see them play at that casino each time they are in town.  If I could still drive, I would definitely drive to see them in other parts of California as I would like to have a chance to photograph them in the light.  Yes, there are many local bands here in the Coachella Valley that I should be checking out, however, this one has it, it being personality.  If you could only hear through my photos and experience them maybe you too will understand.  So, Southern California country fans and even if you are not a country fan but just a music fan in general.  Check them out.  What you will get are seven talented musicians.  I could watch the piano player the whole night.  So, keep an eye on him.

Where ever you invisible eyes breathe, just breathe and have a donut ’cause a donut

never hurt no one.

***Updated 2.11.19 Adding their version of Suds in a Bucket.  Please excuse my video skills as I was and am still in the process of learning how to shoot video with the Nikon.

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