Season’s greetings

In May 2015 I became an official resident of the Coachella Valley.  Sometimes, well, most of the time it feels like I am on permanent vacation.  The weather is beautiful six to seven months out of the year during what people around here call “season”.  During season, the population grows with people coming back to their vacation homes during their winter months and then there are the music festivals, golf tournaments, tennis and polo along with other festivities that are planned during this time.  This weekend I got to experience a little of those seasonal activities.

Friday, January 19, my hubby  took me to see Sammy Hagar & the Circle at PGA West in La Quinta, CA.  I was a little bummed that we did not get there earlier to catch some of the golfing as this was Desert Classic Weekend.  The air was abuzz with Phil Mickelson news as he was in the lead that night.  When we arrived we found a spot in the VIP area  but the view was less than perfect, at least for me.  I made my hubby leave that area and move closer to the stage and to Michael Anthony’s side as I like to be on the bass players side when ever possible.  So glad we moved.  We met and spoke to a few people in our area.  When the concert started, the familiar smells of high school filled the air and Sammy Hagar got that backyard party started.  I can only hope that I have as much energy as he does if I am blessed to live that long.  Honestly, this would not have been a concert that was on my radar.  My hubby is the Hagar fan and honestly, I might not have went to this show if it weren’t for him.  So, thank you to my hubby for that special date night.

Saturday we drove to Long Beach, CA.  My hubby was filling in on bass with Boxcar 7.  This is a blues and soul band from the South Bay.  My hubby was in that band for 10 years but was replaced by a new bass player when he moved out to the desert.  It was such a joy to see him playing with his old band mates.  Is was also nice to get out of the Coachella Valley.

Sunday my girlfriend invited me to hang out with her and her daughters at the Empire Polo Fields.  That was my first time ever going to a polo match.  If you are visiting the Coachella Valley during season, do check out the Polo Fields.  You can tailgate, bring a blanket to spread on the ground and enjoy the views as well as the horses.  I hope to visit the polo grounds again this season.

That was my weekend.  Here is to living every moment and enjoying life and all the little things.  Life is what you make it after all.  Be your own party…

***Updated 2/22/19–Adding video from the the MLK show that Jim played at and the  concert.  Unfortunately I was only able to capture parts of the songs Rock Candy and I Can’t Drive 55. This was 10 days prior to my surgery and my pain level was right about 8.  So happy that the who place smelled like a high school football bleachers on a Friday night, from what I remember.  I was pretty high that night as I usually was to mask the pain. Anyhow, enjoy!





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