Sunday’s are for________

When it rains, sometimes you get wet. I remember being a kid growing up in Duarte, CA and one year it rained for what seemed like weeks.  It was probably only a few days, but I remember I wanted to get to school because I wanted a perfect attendance award for that year at Northview Middle School and I remember walking up Mountain Ave with my friend Shelly during a torrential downpour. We both got sent home for what I kind of remember us being all wet, and I think we kept our attendance record intact. I guess I am thinking about this now because I haven’t worked in two weeks and frankly am in no rush.  Everything hurts.  Although, everything hurt before and I do see it getting better each day and the feeling of impending doom has left me.  A few days ago, my hubby took me out for Valentine’s Day!  Swoon!  We went to Lit Lounge for Country Night.  He really knew it would cheer me up as it was one of our favorites, Country Nation.  He was right.  I got to forget about things and pain and stuff. Just watching how happy they make other people.  I could have watched all night.  If you are ever in Southern California, do look up the band Country Nation or their lovely singer Sarah Winchester as she has her own solo project too.  Anyhow, I did sneak a few photos and a short video just to see what I could and how painful it would be.  Like everything, slow and steady wins the race. All I know is I have many miles to go but as long as it is forward motion, I am going in the right direction.

Yesterday, I actually met another person from the UK, through her blog here on WordPress, that has the same condition as me!  This Syndrome (Cauda Equina Syndrome) is different for everyone depending on when the physicians finally connect the dots. Hope to meet more people and hear their stories.  It was nice to hear from others after I had my stroke in 1991 from an arteriovenous malformation (AVM).  Both of these inconveniences in my life I have been told are rare.  Go figure, I would have two rare things.  Okay Universe, you have my attention!  Please, what is it that you want me to do or stop doing? What I want from you Universe is to let me be me, let me dance again, make lots and lots of love with my hubby,  go on long car rides to nowhere in particular and Universe if I can get one coveted Press Pass, please be to a Descendents show, even if it is for just one song! I want all those other things like world peace and free Krispy Kremes.  My wants are trivial really and that is what some must think, but I am a not trivial person if you really get to know me.  Anyhow,  right now Universe, I would like the power to sit longer than 10 minutes at a time without pain, I would like to fart proudly and not have to plan for it.  However, pain is a necessary evil. Pain is a reminder that I can still feel and that my surgery was a success.

Today is another milestone, on February 17, 2017 my hubby and I got married.  We usually joke around that Sunday’s are for insert your favorite guilty pleasure here.  Mine is Sunday’s are for doughnuts or Sunday’s are for napping.  Before my surgery I used to self medicate my pain so you can only guess my Sunday saying.  Happy Sunday dear reader.  Have a Sunday….

Here is a video of Sarah Winchester accompanied by Country Nation.  She is singing one of her original songs, A Feel Good song.  This was recorded last year in Indio, CA.  The Photos are from this past Thusday 2.14.19.  My first time out with the Nikon.  It’s going to take some time to get back to normal but I am going to do it!  I posted a video I shot that night to my Instagram @emmme_lee if you would like to check that out 🙂

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