My First Rodeo

Yesterday the world lost 80’s icon Luke Perry.  A reminder to everyone to eat the donut today ’cause even 15 minutes from now, the donut may be gone…You know what I mean though, whatever it is you want to do, then do it or at least try.  Also, yesterday, I was checking the Fantasy Springs website to see if they had updated the website for Lit Lounge Country Night.  They had.  I spied a familiar picture.  Listed next to that photo for April 4 was band South 65.  This is a band my husband and I have watched several times.  One time while I was taking photos when I shouldn’t have been and I got cockblocked by one of the staff that wasn’t security.  Anyhow, I am really not mad at the hotel staff, they are doing their job and I do need to be respectful. This band doesn’t seem to mind as I usually ask them and get the usual thumbs up. I am still going to take my non-pro camera in there, I am a fan and on occasion, I get one or two decent shots as I am practicing. Anyhow, back to the photo, it was a photo that I took of the band from the Lit Lounge balcony in 2018.  I cracked up when I saw it. I didn’t think it was one of my best. However, it was like a small victory.  I am not credited on it and it is not the original color photo, but it is still my photo.  So, thank you South 65 or Fantasy Springs!  Lately, there hasn’t been much going on for me and any little thing helps greatly.  This really did the trick.  By the way, reader, if you are still reading, check the band out. I will post a full song at the end of this blog.  They are a country rock cover band and they cover lots of miles between Visalia and the Coachella Valley.  As I mentioned earlier, they are due back here in Indio, CA in April.  If you happen to be in town that Thursday, check them out.

Earlier, I talked about that donut, it is easy to talk about death and mortality when a star dies suddenly.  Right? It’s the flavor of the moment for a few days maybe a week or two then we forget about it.  Some of us think about it every day.  When someone asks you to dance or if you have been putting off trying that new hair color.  Just try it, if only for a moment.  I am not saying go out and rob a bank because that is something you have always wanted to do, but you know what I mean. As cliche, as it may sound, say you I love you more, have more sex with your partner, (I can’t say this enough!!!),  take more road trips, sing more songs out loud, don’t hold in that fart!  Yes, it is okay to laugh.  Everyone makes mistakes, even our highest leaders. I think about these things because I will be 49 in two days.  The only thing that I hope js that I make it to that day.  You just never know.

May someone smile at you today as you have smiled at them.





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