Role another one…

It’s Saturday in the Coachella Valley and my husband and I survived another week.  Life is getting easier.  Car rides are a bit more enjoyable now as the pain is easier to ignore as long as I medicate properly and the music and conversation is good.  Lately, my hubby and I have been taking short drives around our neighborhood to view the recent bloom of wildflowers in the valley.  That is the one nice thing about living out here, the openness.  I didn’t have much of that living in Los Angeles unless I drove in a few miles north to the San Gabriel Valley but that was sometimes time consuming with traffic.  Walking is getting easier although sometimes my legs still feel like they aren’t mine but again, I am sure that I will get used that too.  While we were out, I got some practice shooting in and I even got a few shots of myself.  I let my hubby take some shots of me. Actually, I made him take shots of me.  We have a few ideas that we are kicking around and need art work.  I adjusted the camera and set up the shot and let my hubby shoot.  He is a great shot if I must say say so.  Times like these, I wish I could bottle and save forever.

Thursday night we went out to a familiar haunt, Lit Lounge.  Yes! Country Nation was back in town.  Honestly, I was going to sit it out.  I saw that they are due back in April so I figured I would catch them when I am possibly walking better.  Anyhow, we made it out and I am so glad we did.  Walking into Lit Lounge is a journey for me, we have to walk through the bowling alley.  I am usually pretty lit as I make journey and have a hard time making eye contact with anyone, because of my pain management.  Our first stop is usually at the bar to buy sodas.  I love the bartenders at the front bar, especially the lady.  She is so kind to us, even though we are do not drink alcohol. I have been a bartender too at times in my life so I truly appreciate her. My hubby and I went upstairs to the balcony and watched the band.  I love it up there, I can watch the band and see what they are playing and check out the lighting.  My brain is constantly visualizing what scene is going to happen next with each beat. Last year, my husband brought it to may attention that the lighting is set to the beat of the music.  Sometimes it is, but not always. When Sarah Winchester wears sequins, I am watching where those lights are hitting and how they are moving to the beat so my finger can hit at the precise moment to catch that glint or sparkle.  I could add highlights in Lightroom or Photoshop but I like the challenge.   Also, I can tell when she is about to jump or dance a certain way by the song they are performing. It’s like reading a book or like a photo shoot.  Now the whole band together well they are special.  Sometimes, I notice three or four different scenes going on in front of my eyes.  You have piano player and the bass player interacting, Sarah singing and dancing, Ricky Lee strumming an acoustic guitar, maybe be singing together with her.  Behind him Alex banging away on the drums and occasionally spinning a drum stick with one hand and beside him are David on peddle steel and Tom hamming it up on guitar.  Please note, if you ever get a chance to catch them when they are out performing, keep an eye on those two guys.  They are are not only super talented guitar players but they have their own comedy act happening while the music is playing.  I brought it up to my husband that it reminds me of watching a variety hour from the 70’s, almost like Hee Haw.  If that is what they were going for when they formed the band, they hit it out of the park on that idea.  Even with all that going on, they manage to have you tapping your toes and heading to the dance floor even if you aren’t a country music fan. They are that good.  I have mentioned it before, they sing a mix of country covers as well as original tunes. They will back again in April during Stagecoach so if you are in town, be sure to check them out.

Enjoy your weekend where ever you are….and to you that needs to hear this, it’s going to be okay, really.  Breath, just breath…

Below are a photos that I took this week.

A few of the photos are unedited as it is still hard to sit for longer than 10 minutes.    The video I found when going through old cards. I took it on a Nikon 1 J1.  Enjoy!


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