Two dollars and Ten Cents

It’s been almost 2 months since I had my surgery and in three days I will be going to my first concert.  My husband and I will be attending The Greenleaf Rustler’s at Pappy & Harriet’s in  Pioneer Town.  It’s about an hour west of our place.  Coming up in a few weeks is Stagecoach and then Coachella!  I am super excited and hope to attend those festivals.  Honestly, I only want to go to the first day of Coachella because Kacey Musgrave is playing and she is just all sparkly and gorgeous and sings like an angel. Honestly, I would love to photograph her in action.  I know I could capture her in the good light, but who couldn’t?  I could dress her in a paper bag and she would still look fabulous. She would definitely be on the bucket list of people I would like to do a photo shoot.  She reminds me of Crystal Gayle with that hair.  So, hopefully, I can get a one-day pass for Friday, Universe, see what you can do, please.

This past weekend, we checked out the Coachella Food Truck Park in Coachella, California.  We drove out Sunday East down Highway 86.  To me, taking this way seems like an adventure. Right now, the highway is lined with wildflowers.   When exiting the freeway, you seem to be taken back to the country for a brief moment.  We were using GPS to get to the 4th St location in Coachella.  When we arrived we could see that it was busy with people, kind of like a carnival atmosphere. I couldn’t wait to check it out and taste it all. As we walked closer to the trucks, I could smell heaven, well because my heaven smells of tacos, salsa and BBQ. Sorry, vegan friends, I was born and raised a meat eater.  However, I respect all of you herbivores and your restrictive diet. If and when I do come across a tasty vegan find I will be sure to give it a shout out. Unfortunately, my walker was not equipped with off road tires as the lot was very bumpy, so we were not able to check out more of the trucks.  One fact about me, I love BBQ. Insert tongue hanging out of mouth emoji.  I love BBQ so much that I have had a dream of driving across America and trying out BBQ in all 50 states for years. Now with this medical bullshit, who knows.  Maybe we won’t make it to all 50 states but maybe just the best BBQ joints in a few states. I know we are heading to Los Angeles next week so I guess I can start there!  My hubby pointed out the Smokin-Q’s sign and we tried them out.  If I hadn’t been in a little pain I  would have talked to them a little more.  They appeared to be an all lady business.  We shared a BBQ pork sandwich and mac’n’cheese.  It was yum-diddly. Hopefully, when I am stronger and will not need the walker we will stop by and check it out again.  Like I mentioned earlier, it was like a carnival, minus the rides and games.  It was nice to see people hanging out and enjoying the day over food and beverages.  Reminded me of living in Echo Park and hanging out at the Grand Central Market on the weekends or any number of places in and around downtown.

Tonight is Thursday night and we are going to check out Dynamite Draw.  They are a four piece country band from Arizona.  We saw them a few years ago but I lost the photos.  Hopefully, I can sneak a few good ones and maybe a video.  Stay tuned as they were pretty good and they have a fiddle player as I recall.

Oh yeah, I just received my last payroll check via Fed Ex. Nice job cushy corporate job!  All $2.10. Yes, I know it says, Involuntary – Unable to return to work due to medical /personal reason.  Exactly eight weeks after I had emergency surgery.  No get well soon, just a bunch of when are you coming back.  What is the status?  This is shitty.  I get it.  I have also worked in Human Resources and know that you are following procedures and I know that it’s life and death in the furniture business and that you couldn’t hold my job.  Really, I didn’t want to go back.  Not to a place that let other women treat women like assholes.  That probably wasn’t necessary, but I feel better, a little.

Have a fabulous rest of the day where ever in the world you are.

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