Where Ever the Wind Blows

Almost a year ago I received a gift from a complete stranger.  He was in town with his wife Charmaine.  They were visiting from Arizona.  I was at the Desert Springs Marriott in Palm Desert in The Blue Star Lounge watching my friend Lele Rose play piano as she did there once month last year.  We made small talk.  I spoke with them about my photography business and we talked about my job and my photos and Lele.  He told me about their travels and where they lived. I remember it being such a great evening.  At the end of the night, Doug, Charmaine’s husband turned to me and placed a necklace over my head.  I knew exactly what it was and what it meant.  It was a silver St. Christopher medal.  I vaguely remember my Dad having one that he had received when he was in the Army and he had it with some of his keepsakes.  I never knew what happened to it and had always wanted it.  His wife mentioned that her mother had given it to him as a gift and it was very special.  I offered to not take it and to give it back if he ever wanted it.  He just said that I needed and said for my travels.  I wonder if he only knew the journeys that I would be embarking on in the year since I received it. Even though the journeys were not to distant lands but maybe only a hundred or so miles.  Some journeys are ongoing.  However, you look at things, everyone has a some kind of journey they are on at one time or another.

st christopher
I posted a photo of it the day after I received it.

Anyhow, back to what I was thinking about.  My husband and I were out in Pioneer Town last night and we saw The Green Leaf Rustlers at Pappy & Harriet’s. Honestly, I was a bit worried because of the walker but was able to get around the back area of the restaurant with no problems.  Before the show, I secured a spot near the back door where the security guard was checking wristbands.  I wish I would have gotten his name.  He was quite a dancer and super sweet.  That was the first time I had seen live music at this venue and had seen this band.  It was quite an experience.  I don’t know which I loved more, the crowd and their interaction with the staff or the smell of the briskets smoking over the open fire pit (tongue hanging out…) I only wished I could have watched the band  from inside but it didn’t matter.  It was like a party, like the band was playing in the barn and I was outside getting high or something like that.  The music made you want to dance, and move and smile at people and just be kind.  They played two sets.  We only stayed for the first one.  Still not feeling 100% yet but I know that I will get there. I also tried to shoot a few photos of the band from behind the stage but had no luck. I did get some cool shots of the BBQ, so I consider that a win!

We drove through Joshua Tree National Park on way home today. We thought it might not be as crowded on a Monday.  I got some shots people out checking out the jigsaw puzzle views that littered the land. I was too busy oohing and aahing to take many photos.


Have a starry, starry, night or a sunny morning. Oh yeah, speaking of St. Christoper, Doug  Charmaine, thank you for all the well, I don’t know how to explain it.  To you kind strangers we met this morning, thank you.


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