Tip Toe through the Chollas

It feels good to be tinkering and puttering around the condo this morning.  I really am supposed to not be sitting for too long.  Yeah, still healing is what they say but this new desk really is helping.  I really should have invested in a stand-up desk years ago.  Physical therapy was awesome on Monday.  It was great to see the same therapist that I saw four years ago.  He remembered me and reminded me that I have a long healing process ahead of me and I needed to slow down.  (If only you could have seen my sad face and few tears.)    He also said that even though I feel strong enough to walk, albeit, like a drunken toddler, I still needed to use the walker as my right leg is still significantly weaker.  Thank goodness I have years of practice at falling!  I have perfected the art of falling gracefully and without breaking bones in the last few years. So, for now, I have to put many things on ice both literally and figuratively.    This will give me time to work on things that I have been putting off for years. I have short stories that need editing and other stories that need to be developed and finished.  Yeah, I have several short stories that I have written over the past 20 years.  There were more before the great crash of 2005.  My Sony Vaio, God rest its soul, would not power up anymore and when I took it to have it repaired I was told it was hopeless.  PSA: Be careful of the waves and slippery critters you encounter when you are surfing the web.  Besides, I usually have my camera with me so if I feel inspired I will shoot.  I usually pull an idea out of my ass as we are driving somewhere.  I did however just recently have my husband grab a few props when we drove out to the Salton Sea.  I was not sure if I was going to shoot at all as I was in 8 level pain by the time we got out there.  If you look at the series of shots I did there, they are all from the same position as that was as far could go with my walker. The street was uneven and gravelly.  Also, I usually crawl around and bend to get better shots and lighting but right now I am very limited.  So, it’s kind of cool to see how far I can push myself.


I know I really should be taking it easy, but really, this is me taking it easy in my world. Knowing this, and knowing that Jim has my back and health to look after since I am a leap first and then look and survey the damage, it saddened me when I enthusiastically reminded him that the Sabroso Taco Fest was this weekend and we are going to be in that area…yada, yada, yada.  You know, the Descendents are going to be there on Sunday, I am still using a walker and I know that it would probably make me cry to not be in the crowd near the stage, watching the show.  So, he is right, it’s going to be a long drive and yes, I need to rest. I kid around about falling but it embarrasses me and the therapist said that swelling is a real issue that we need to address as I am not resting as much as I should.  So, if anyone reading this gets the chance to go and you get one glorious photo of Milo grabbing his ass or Karl the Bass Master General, please post your lovely treasures.

It’s easy to get lost in the music while I am editing.  This morning feels like a Van Morrison morning.  I can almost hear the pipers playing as he sings.  His music has been covered by so many artists.  He is one of my favorites and he so eloquently can put the right words with the right chords and phrase them so gracefully.  However, I have seen him once at the Greek Theater. I went alone as no one I knew or asked wanted to go with me.  He was such perfectionist.  He stopped a song midway through and restarted it.  I thought his backing band sounded fabulous, but only a true maestro knows perfection.  What I was witnessing was an artist at his work and it was pure beauty.  There I go again on a strawberry banana wedding cake sunday driver with a little straight lemonade tangent.  Again, if you got this far, I self-medicate so I type like talk, sometimes, just saying.  Anyhow, here is what I have been working on.

_DSC0075 chola-3

We had a little fun in the tip toeing through the Chollas shortly before my surgery.

Whoever you are and where ever you may be in this big world, take a moment to enjoy the silence or the sweetness or whatever is…




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