See or be Scenes of Life

Ever have something happen in your life and you think to yourself “This was like a scene out of a movie?”  The only reason I am thinking about this is because the song Black Betty by Ram Jam is on. Also, did you know that Huddie Ledbetter wrote this song?  One of my first memories of watching a movie about a musician was bio pic Lead Belly about Mr. Ledbetter.  I know I am getting off course but check out some of this dudes biography, he is quite the musician. Listen to Good Night Irene and you will know.  Anyhow, back to my other thought. Love the beat of Black Betty, I can only imagine shooting photographs during that song as I use drum beats to shoot and push the trigger. When I am really feeling it and I have all my settings right, you will see my head bobbing to the beat and I will bend and crouch and get into the flow of the song as this helps me get the feel of the musician that I am shooting or of the entire scene on any given stage.  I also like to watch for awhile to see how they react to each other during songs and solos.  It does help to know the music you are shooting too, as this way you can also know when something exciting is about to happen or if you know that the singer is going to belt out a long note you can be ready and in position for the perfect shot.  Last night, my hubby and I stopped into Lit Lounge and listened for a bit. South 65 was there last night.  I started to take photos but stopped and just listened and watched.  I hadn’t noticed that the bass player had quite a set up of speakers and also an added salt lamp.  Nice touch fella’s.  We hung in for four or five songs and I really do like their spin that they put on the music.  I have been following them for a year via social media and I try and check them out when ever they are at Fantasy Springs Casino.  They sure had that dance floor moving.  If you are ever in Indio, California on any given Thursday night.  Do stop in the Lit Lounge in Fantasy Springs.  Be sure to check of the band and the dancers from the balcony or second floor it really is a treat.

Tomorrow we are heading to Seal Beal, California.  Jim will be sitting in on bass with his old band Boxcar 7.  I am looking forward to getting out of the desert.  Any chance to get closer to the Motherland is a win-win.  We are also going to check out the restaurant my son works at.  I kind of knew that the back of house bug was going to get him when I used to have him work with me at the Brass Elephant. He was about 14 or 15 but knew exactly what I needed while I was working.  Truthfully, I really am an asshole to work with at least in the kitchen.  He used to come in sometimes and I would pay him to wash dishes.  I miss those days.  This is what gets me thinking about the movie moments of life.  The ones that you wish could be bottled up or saved on a precious VHS tape. I think of this hoping that we might make it to Hermosa Beach, CA.  About 19 years ago, near that pier, my mind was made up and the foundation for my life had been laid out although the characters and the story had not been fine tuned or fully developed.  The story of my life, the comedy, the tragedy, the everything in between I remember it so clearly, as it was one of those magical moments where you feel like you’re about to throw-up and burst out giggling all at the same time while you’re fainting ’cause you are feeling weak in the knees.  Life is funny, roads are roads as they all lead somewhere. The picture and the path may not be clear and GPS signals may get you a little off course but like I said, they get you somewhere.  I often wonder what other peoples movie moments are.  One moment I can share comes to mind, this was just shortly after my boys father died.  We were heading to Whites Point in San Pedro, CA down the 110 Freeway.  The radio was blasting and we were talking and my son asked me “Hey Mom, you still want your ashes to put at White Point when you die?” Yeah, I know what you are thinking, morbid.  We were open with our children about life and death as we knew it coming sooner in their lives than than they needed.  I remember telling them, “Yeah, that’s right.”  Then one of my other sons said “hey Mom, how ’bout we get a little Krispy Kreme store put it in a box and then sprinkle some of your ashes on them?”  You know what, I almost peed my pants laughing. The whole car erupted and then my oldest son said, “We can have a Hot & Ready” sign in there too!”  Aye caramba! At that moment, I knew they, I , we were all going to be okay. My little dysfunctional life was actually okay if not on paper or in the eyes of others. I don’t really remember much from that day and most likely there were a few fights between my mini-gang of boys but it was a beautiful day all the same.

To you reader, if you made it this far, have fun today and enjoy all those little moments.

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