Playing Catch with the Melon Collie

Rest is for the weak!  No, rest is for the smart and the strong. 

This weekend flew by, it was almost too fast.  Me, I really want to stay in bed however, my mind and healing bones and nerves have other ideas.  Actually, movement is good for recovery and my mind has become more active.  The ideas are flowing slowly in my head but at least I am having them again.  Yesterday, I picked up my notebook and actually jotted down a few lines to a poem in my head…maybe the hubby can work it into a song?  I forgot how good it feels to write on paper.  When I was a teenager growing up in Duarte, I kept journals.  They held my dreams and goals, my hatred for not fitting in, my sadness, my happiness and everything in between that an angsty teenager of the 80’s went through.  Although I did not take a stereotypical path of the reckless, teenage wasteoid that I had felt that I had been labeled.  I know now that those adults in my life only had my best interest at heart. I did manage to graduate with the majority of the kids I started kindergarten with in 1988.  I shocked a few teachers when I introduced them to my 2 year old daughter that had been kept in secret so I would not be sent to a continuation school as that is what happened to unwed teenage mothers back in those days.  I guess I am thinking of these things because I watched the teenage coming of age movie Perks of Being a Wallflower this morning.  Nothing like a feel good, sappy film to make you feel a little melancholy.  It didn’t help that I had the “feelings and shit” playlist on Spotify this morning as I tinkered on the computer.  Right on cue Wild Nights from Van Morrison just started playing, my cue to take a break and walk for a bit.

We left the Coachella Valley and headed west Saturday!  Jim played played bass with the classic R & B, soul, funk and jazzy band Boxcar 7 from Long Beach, California.  It was nice to see him with the guys again.  He had last sat in with them just before my surgery.  I was lucky and got a great seat in the back of the room.  It is still difficult for me to move as I did before but it makes taking video easier.  Check it out below as I recorded their version of Big Bad Voodoo Daddys song You & Me & the Bottle Makes 3 tonight (Baby).  The recording is over 5 minutes long, at least just check out the first 2 minutes of the drum solo.  I loved the band interaction! It made filming fun, almost like a video game and editing this was magical.  It was a no-brainer that I was going change this to black and white.  As soon as I heard and watched the first song, my brain and focus was on the 60’s and smokey nightclubs.  What do you think, was I off base?


I did not fair so well taking photos in the back of the room.  No worries as there will be more opportunities for practice.  After all, that is all this is, practice.  According to my therapist, recovery for my surgery could take 6 to 12 months and I should not rush. So, somethings, I need to put on ice every now and then.


We packed a few activities in our one-day get-away.  Huntington Beach for a spell and then we popped over to the Los Feliz area to a Little Dom’s a restaurant in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles.  This is not just any restaurant.  My son works here.  No, he is not the chef, he proudly works BOH.  I am proud of him!  It felt like the tables had been turned and I still remember taking my kids to the Bowers Museum and having lunch at restaurant.  It was not just any restaurant, I was their AR auditor for the restaurant group that I worked at.  The staff at the restaurant waited on my children like they were valued and privileged guests.  Their eyes were wide with each course that was brought out to them.  So, thank you Universe for shining good light on my son and lighting his way in the culinary world.

The ride back East was easy.  As always, the road brought lots of music and chit chatting and an occasional belly laugh from me. What can I say, I can find humor in just about any thing.  Also, I got to try out the 85mm in the car.  The 85mm handled the windmills pretty well at 85 mph.   Here are a few unedited shots from the shotgun seat.


Guess I had lots to say this morning.

Here is a shot of me with my boys that my hubby took this weekend.  It’s overexposed but I am weirdo and I really just like it.  I think it is a great capture.

To you reader if, bless your heart for making it this far, really!  May all your lights be green today.


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