Art of the Beat

Recovery means so many things.  A decade or so ago that meant I was recovering from something else, bad choices, just stuff. Today, I am walking more and looking for a cane!  Whoopee! I still need my walker as I get wobbly and tired after a distance but haven’t quite figured out the maximum distance I can walk unaided yet as I keep pushing myself farther.  Sitting is the biggest obstacle.  It hurts and then it numbs out my right leg.  My biggest fear is that one day the feeling is not going to come back.  Anyhow, I have been playing “editing grab bag”. I put all my cards in a bowl and then picked one.  Today I picked out one and popped it into the reader. This card is from August 2018.  I set the files to large so that I could readily view them on the screen.  I saw those yellow shoes and knew exactly which photos where on the card.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Today is Thursday night in the Coachella Valley and it is County Night in the Lit Lounge!  Unfortunately, I will not be there tonight.  I do need to rest and have had a few rough days.  Really, I should be looking for something to promote the Ghosts of Kelso gig tomorrow night at the Red Barn in Palm Desert, I can do that tomorrow morning as I feel like getting lost in that hot August night and that night of music.  Neil Morrow was there playing for County Night in Lit Lounge.  He had Keith Rosier on bass, John Shelley on drums and Michael Monroe Goodman on the six string.  This traveling group of musicians were well worth the trip out for this weathered old gal and my hubby.  We really should have stayed home that night.  My husband played a gig the the next night at Idyology in Idylwild, California and then I was to fly to Seattle, Washington the next morning to my nieces wedding.  Here’s an added side drama that happened.  When I arrived home the following day from the wedding on Sunday, my hubby informed me that we had a plumbing issue.  So, I never really got to go over the goodies I shot that night.  I only posted a few shots and few videos and that was it.  Now as I go over them,  it is easy to see that I was in an artsy mood the night that I saw them play after I looked at all the photos.

The last thing I remember hearing before the clanking of the MRI machine started humming along at full speed as it scanned my ilium earlier this afternoon was “if you lose your one and only there is only room here….” and 30 long minutes later it was over.  The music was supposed to help drown out the noise, next time I will choose the ear plugs.  Next week there will be one more test.  Anyhow, I am back where I started.  I am really liking this blogging stuff.  Sorry, I didn’t mean to call it that but you know what I mean.  So, this being my blog, you are getting me in real time, my real-some-times.

Back to that night.  I noticed that I must have either been very high or my arch-nemesis was not on duty that night as there are photos from the first floor and from my favorite spot in the room, the right side of the stage.  So, if you are photographing the entertainment in that room do use that corner, you’ll know from the view…wink, wink.  I am an old gal and I do believe in teaching the youngin’s and don’t forget to adjust your settings accordingly!

The one thing that was memorable for me was that people were walking in from the casino and Mr. Morrow seemed to pick up on their vibe and he kept their attention and kept them dancing.  We did stop in and see him again when he was playing there again with another guitar player but he had the same energy and it was contagious.  My hubby and I even danced one of the times that we stopped in to see him perform.  Anyhow, he is not there tonight, there is another band tonight.  Neil Morrow is a traveling performer so do check him out and also check out Michael Monroe Goodman as he also is a performer too. I will post videos I shot of that night below:




Have the pie or the thing with gooey stuff and sprinkles!

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