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Some mornings my hubby and I sit around and drink coffee and he does his thing and I do mine.  I usually have on music and he is usually tinkering with this and that.  This and that usually involves tinkering with his musical equipment and instruments or playing with the animals.  Oh yeah, the animals always come first.  Just yesterday we got a new rug for our barren, cement floors.  That is a whole other story but really, I am digging the look and it’s going to look great in photos..just saying.  Our cat Taco is rolling around on in it like she is channeling her inner stripper.  Her maine coon eyes seductively staring at me trying to get me to pet her in her special place under her chin and right behind her tail.  That cat was the best thing that I took from this one job that I worked at here in the Coachella Valley.  I was a controller for a golf cart manufacturer and one of the workers was giving Taco away and on Taco Tuesday of all days.

This is Taco and Taco loves stuff and things.

Speaking of that I am getting lost in the glorious bass lines of Mr. Les Claypool of Primus in the song Tommy the Cat. I love the feeling, the buzzing that my desk is making as this song plays.  I love how you feel the music.  People must think that I have a thing for bass players just because of my husband.  That is not the reason.  I would love him even if only played a cowbell.  You can feel the bass,  right in the pit of your stomach sometimes and when the bass player and the drummer are in sync, you can’t help but leach their energy and vibes.  Even if you are not listening to the music live you visualize it – it is what I consider a colorful sound and Les Claypool is an just like an artist, painting a vivid and bright picture with each colorful note.  One day, when I grow up and maybe even if I haven’t, I hope to hear him play live at least just once.


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Tomorrow is a big day for me.  I have a shoot planned with a very nice young and talented young lady and it is country night in the Coachella Valley!  Also, my hubby turns another year older tomorrow.  We may not make it out to Lit Lounge but there will be other nights. The Stagecoach Festival starts this Friday as well.  This morning I was desperately searching Craigslist for tickets and I found one that I could afford on Stubhub.  Then I really had to think about it.  I am not strong enough to go in alone, without the walker.  Yes, I would not want to go in with the walker and to do that I would need my husband.  Even if I found two tickets that I could afford, I really do need to rest and so does the hubby.  OUR HEALTH IS MORE IMPORTANT!  That hurt to type that, but we do need to take care of ourselves and we are not…oh gosh…in our twenties!  Oh the horrors! Really, a night on the couch with hubby is greater than any night in any pit at any concert, even if it were my beloved Descendents.

I have been reviewing past shoots to see what mistakes I made and what worked, what didn’t.

DSC_0082 - sound of music moment.jpg
This was a shot I consider a dud. I was going for the Sound of Music for this shoot, but with a Coachella Valley theme and now that I look at it, I think I need to revisit this one!

I want to be ready for this one as it is really hard to get my nerve up to ask for a model.  Here are a few of my not so good shots over the past few years as they still need editing or I don’t like model placement and such.


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Get lost in something delicious and sweet and only you know what that is.  Have a fabulous day…

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