Walking the Cat

This morning I should be eager to rip into the goodies as I know what is on there but I am not.  Last night was not a good night as I was spent.  No matter how I tried to get into it I just couldn’t even knowing that I had free reign and wasn’t going to get hassled.  Why?  The card has been in the reader staring at me for 20 minutes. So I play song playlist roulette and F you Universe!  Dreaming Man by Neil Young comes on. Really? It’s not that I don’t like the song or Neil Young it’s just that I am having one of those mornings.  In 1996-99 I worked in the Vision Center for Walmart of my home town that I swore I would never go back.  I remember being 5 months pregnant and working for Dr. Mischenko in Temple City when I got hired on the spot, part-time of course.  I had taken my Dad to get new eyeglasses and the manger was helping him and was not helping him so I kind of took over and anyhow I left with a job, even being pregnant.  This would be a weekend job as we really needed the money back then.  My co-worker and gosh I can’t remember her name, she had this saying when she was upset, “I think I’ll take the cat for a walk.” or something to that effect.  Maybe I thought of this as I look at the first few fuzzed out creamy looking shots from last night.  They looked clean and crisp on my camera screen and the settings were correct. Now as I am starting to look at them…ugh.  Breath in.  Hold….My battery did die? I had left my extra battery in the camera bag, but I guess I left it in the charger? However, this Nikon has covered many miles and needs a good tune-up.  I think I was lucky to get the shots that I did yesterday afternoon with Sarah Winchester.  Yes, I got to shoot her!   Back to this morning… Then I realize as I am moving on that it is the lens, not my camera so now the 85 mm shots are so-so as I am just working against my eyes alone as it is not an auto-focus lens.  So if they are out of focus, it is on me.  The 55-200 mm has seen better days and must be put down.  I just don’t get it?  It looked good on the screen?  The settings were what I have have always used? No, I just took it outside to take a shot of my plants and it was making labored sounds.  I had it on AF last night.  The motor is shot…booo!!!  The dude at the camera store did say something about the desert air and said…blah blah blah… and I have that paying attention issue and was probably intrigued by the Nikon D610 Refurb that I have had my eye on.  Speaking of that, I need to check on line to see if it is still available.  If I do get that camera, it will be my first big girl camera, a Full Frame Camera…Dun Dun Dun!  What I really want to go back to is this SLR camera.


Yesterday when I was looking for stuff before hubby got home, this photo fell out of an envelope.  I haven’t seen it in a long time.  That is my parents and my sister and niece.  On my Mom’s neck is my first hand-me-down camera that my Dad had purchased on credit at Sear’s in the 70’s.  I loved that camera and taking black and white photos with it.  I was trying to be artsy, even back then.  It made me look for these moldy oldies that I took with that camera.


I miss that camera and it’s thick velour feeling strap.  Actually, it was kind of scratchy.  It really wasn’t mine until after I had my second child and my parents gave it to me.  I had it taken to a camera shop to get it fixed and couldn’t afford to pay to pick it up when the repair was completed.  True story.  So, I lost it.  However, these photos live on as well as some others.  I remember this day that we took those above photos.  It was right before we graduated in 1988 and was by the Duarte High School band room wall.  I knew that the leaves were going to look cool in black and white.  I still remember the smell of fresh film when you open those little block cylinders and loading it into the camera.  I never did learn to develop my own film but had to wait for the goodies to arrive from the on their appointed date back in those days.  That camera had all the bells and whistles as I recall.  My Dad would proudly show off  these features anytime someone would ask about the camera when they had first got it.  It had a self-timer.  That is one of my first self-portraits, I guess, taken right there in 1988 and on film.  Back to reality, enough of my trip down memory lane but wait Lou Gramm just loaded and Angel With A Dirty Face is on…she’ll be gone in the morning…she’ll be leaving you without a trace…she’s an angel with a dirty face…

With that, I am going to end this post as I hear the tiny bubbles of  hot therapeutic waters calling out as I surely need them for my tired bones right now. Oh yeah, yesterday, I met and photographed Miss Sarah Winchester.  Her stage presence equals her actual presence, if you know what I mean.  She is genuine and real.  I have only spent an hour yesterday reviewing her photos yesterday and sent her only one shot.  Part of me is afraid as I was not able to shoot the way I normally do.  I cringed at the placement and know that there will need to be some cropping and such.  I felt bad that I was not able to be fully present for her as I have been for the other models as I was not able to shoot like I normally do.  However, here are a few unedited and non-resized shots.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There will be other times, hopefully.   I thank her for that opportunity.  I know that I can do it!  With that, Eddie Money is belting Two Tickets to Paradise and I need to find my paradise via Jacuzzi this Friday morning the first morning of Stagecoach 2019!  To all of you in attendance have fun!  Wish I was there, there will always be next year and other festivals!

Peace and happy travels!  Hope to see you around again soon!

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