Like What

It’s like that that’s what the lyrics speak out to me and my head is bouncing to this beat.  I had to go back to this beat.  I needed something funky to get me out of my funk this morning.  Last night was rough.  Dreams were colorful but hard and and I can still feel them. This beat, it’s jazzy, it’s funky, it’s infectious.  It reminds me of me and my twenties.

My friends is down in the dumps ’cause I cashed in on the wins
Hens and chickens layin’ low, sucker nigga’s don’t know
That I can kick the mad ballistics plus I’m wreckin’ every show
Sew it up, ya got static?
’cause I’m better than the next chump so don’t panic
’cause I’m a wet you with my skills, still chill, got the crispy bills
’cause it’s like that the way it is, get off the dills
And it’s like that

This is Us3 and those are the words of songwriters, Charlie Parker, Kobie Powell, Mel Simpson and Geoffrey Wilkinson.  The tape I owned as I recall, I wore out in a knock-off Sony Walkman.  They had a vision, blending jazz, hip hop and rap.  The song that caught my attention back in the day was Cataloop (Flip Fantasia) I added the link so you can listen for yourself. The first time I heard it, I was hooked.  There are lot’s of little Easter eggs in this song if you are a music nerd such as myself to check out, you will be glad you did.

Anyhow, it is Saturday morning and one thing I have noticed is that the log jam in my head that I once had has been cleared. It seems I can freely write again. Lord help you all!  Seriously, This is a good thing.  I feel better lately.  Maybe it’s because I am writing more.  Mostly it is because I am feeling better and getting around better.  The pain is more manageable.  My therapist has given me the green light to do more exercises and this music I am listening to right now at this moment will be on my “shake my ass” play list.  Excuse me while I shake my ass to best of my ability from my chair.  Ugh!  What can I say, I got it going on.

This is the music of my dreams last night for some reason, so glad it brought me back.  I guess I needed it.  I remembered the blowing horns from Tukka’s Yoots Riddim but it was enough to stick with me and for me to search it out this morning. I found it and so glad I did.  My muscles feel loose, my mind free. I am ready for the day.



Looking at the video, my head would have exploded!  Back then with an SLR camera but I am sure I would have gotten some incredible shots.  All those dancing people, the horns.  I know it is staged and rehearsed but I can only imagine what their live shows were like if they were live, you just never know as sometimes in music not everything is what is advertised and it is overly manufactured as I have been coming to learn. So much more to learn.

Thank you again for stopping by.  Hope to see you around these part again…

Be Deee-Lovely, Deee-liteful, Be Deee-licious!


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