Here we are, back at Monday again.  These past five days have been blissfully busy. I’m tired and achy but feel alive, renewed and thankful.  Thankful to all the characters in this adventure.

I have been editing off and on for the last few days the shoot that I did on Thursday afternoon, the goodies I was able to get Thursday night with Country Nation and the goodies I got with Ghosts of Kelso on Saturday.  Thursdays shoots with Sarah was just a test run and so glad. I must have been nervous, in pain or both because I just did what I usually do and that is to check the time of the shoot.  The first shot was at 2:57 PM and the last shot was at 3:11 PM.  I shot for 14 minutes. It was 100 degrees, true, I was in pain, had to scrap the original idea, and it was my hubby’s birthday.  However, I knew that no matter what or who I was getting to shoot, I was going to make it work.  Below is the first shot at 2:27 Pm and the last shot at 3:11 PM.

The first overexposed shot.
The last shot.

When I first started doing shoots.  I would shoot at every angle, try everything.  Now I am more focused.  This time I know what I want. I know the questions to ask.  There was this big cross in a field.  I had been dreaming about doing a shoot here but did not have this model in mind.  She was perfect for it. I was not perfect for it, not yet. She probably thought I was crazy when I asked her if it was okay to use the cross in the background.  Little backstory, a year ago, I did a shoot in Indio it was in front of a closed Police station storefront.  It had an old time feel.  The model was fully dressed and not in an uncompromising position.  She asked me to not use them because she was from Indio and did not want to be seen as a “bad girl”.  Anyhow, since that time, this popular model has been used in some very questionable poses. So, now, I am sure to ask before I pose the model in front of anything that I think may cause trouble or make them question it later, like a religious or political images in the shots. If a model says “No.” I respect that.  There are no, if ands or buts.  Respect is respect.  Those photos will never see the light of day.  I don’t F around with my time or with anyone else’s ’cause time is money and time most importantly is precious and fleeting.


Yesterday was Sunday and hubby had the day off.  We sorely needed it.  He also played with the Ghosts at a private party in Beaumont, California. I tapped out early in the evening and went and sat in the car during the last set as it was way too cold for me.  I managed to get few good shots of the guys for the website. The party did make me wax nostalgic. It was a for  50 year old and 70 year old birthday party. I will be 50 next year.  Hope I make it!  Fingers, toes and eyes crossed.  Gotta use all my luck!


Oh uh George Harrison Got My Mind Set on You just loaded on the play list and it’s got me bopping my head and tapping away furiously on the keyboard.  I think I am ready to dive into editing.  So with that.  Happy Monday!

Happiness and light be with you today.  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again.



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