Found it!  Need a little kick start this morning and the bed was just so warm and Taco and Jenny didn’t seem to mind.  Hunger and shit like that got me going to my Office.  Often when I am not feeling to well, I look up music, something that strikes my fancy.  If it gets my head moving in the morning and typing that as fast I just did right now, then I know that I have found what I needed.  This takes me back to Maxwell Elementary School and 1981-82ish.  I had to transfer there because of some bureaucratic mumbo jumbo and our address not being in the right school district by a few blocks.  I had to leave Beardslee School where I had gone from kinder to 5th grade to go to the school in the less desirable neighborhood of Duarte.  During that time Musical Youth was telling us to Pass the Duchie and Grand Master Flash had his Message and once I heard Frankie Smith I had to jump on the Double Dutch Bus.  Oh yeah, I even learned how to double dutch and could run in.  Never did learn anything real fancy but still, I wish I could do that now!  I still remember being in that 6th grade class and told they had nothing for me to do and let me and another student go ahead of the class with our studies and pretty much work on our own.  I hated my parents for making me go there and not fighting for me but I am glad that they let it simmer.  That year that I did nothing I was on TV on a Los Angeles morning show with a couple of other kids in my mime class, Yes, I can mime with the best of them and juggle too (not to well anymore).  Also, I worked on the yearbook, funny but I do not have a copy of that or any of my yearbooks as I lost them in a fire when our garage burned.  Also, I got to make a student film with a group of other kids from that school.  I think it was named The Mysterious Graveyard or something like that.  We even used special effects and had a ghost disappear and appear.  It was filmed on Super 8 and I remember having to edit and splice the film back together.  I know that the guy we had used as the “ghost” died shortly after we graduated from Duarte High.  His name was Mark Williams and I have not forgotten him.  I was the “director” on that film and we showed it at the Junior Academy Awards that year.  We didn’t win but boy was that groovy for us kids from Duarte!  We wanted to film at the Live Oak Cemetery but need to get permits and such so we had to wing it.  I don’t think we were able to get them, that part is fuzzy.  I will have to look up that teacher, her name was Judy and I can’t remember her last name because she always asked us to call her Judy.  She was also the mime teacher.


Here are a few photos that I took yesterday from my yard.  I love the wind and the clouds were spectacular.  When I  was young I used to think that only old ladies grew shit.  Now I am happily getting up every morning and fussing over my plants.  It’s relaxing and healing.  So, if this means I got old lady cred then alrighty!

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Gosh, it is so cold here right now, actually I know that it isn’t, it’s me.  PSA coming…  If you can, get your flu shots.  If you can’t, stay out of public places and wash your hands.  Have a lovely day and where ever you are going, get there.



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