Gnats, Bats & Ants

Good morning! Made it to Friday and the first day of Summer 2019. Summer does not have the same meaning as it did when I was younger. It used to last forever as the days are long and the nights short. Summer on Lewiston Street in Duarte, CA meant games of hide n’ seek till well after my usual, school time bed time. There were evenings when the neighborhood kids would start a game of football or 3 Flys-up. Sometimes there would be fruit bats flying around and there was always a nearby swarm of gnats. I remember one evening I was out playing a game of football with the boys on my street and I sprained my ankle. Why do I remember this moment? It was a defining moment in my life. I remember I limped in pain to my house looking for sympathy. My Dad and all of his wisdom, saw that I was in pain. He told me to walk it off or if I come in, I couldn’t go back out there and play. Well, you know what I chose! So anytime I got hurt while I was out playing with the boys I always walked it off and tried to act like the guys. I guess I had Fear Of Missing Out syndrome bad even back then and that is what kept me going, even through any bruise, bump, scrape and even heartache. Truly, those where the good ol’ days.

I love the movie feel of this shoot.
Trying my best to “smize” A+ for making my high eyes look not so high!

Yesterday, they arrived! My photos! I am so glad that I chose Dani to take my photos. My low-self esteem was starting to get the best of me and I had been afraid that the photographer was afraid to show me because of my looks. Lately, the face that I see in the mirror is not the face I want looking back at me as it is rounder than it was only a month ago. Here is another little secret about me, as I have only told hubby about it. In 1990, I worked for a Clothes for Eve. This was a store that specialized in plus sized women’s fashion. I worked there over that summer till I got another job. Before I quit, the store held a fashion show and the sales clerks got to model the new fashions. I remember being in a tartan skirt and other frilly stuff. I had a blast. At the end of the event, this couple came over to me and handed me their business card and said I should come see them as they were looking for plus sized models. I held on to that card till for about a year, that is until I got a Honda Scooter. One summer day, I drove my scooter from Duarte to Sunset Blvd in Hollywood to meet with that agency. It took almost 2 hours by side streets! Anyhow, when I got there I was a mess. The receptionist had me sit and wait for my appointment everything else is blur except that the only thing I remember was being told that I needed to come in with head shots and was given another business card. When I called that photographer, he charged $1000. Way too much for me and I my low self-esteem figured that it was for the best as the agency was probably just being nice. Funny that now I love taking photos of other people and stay away from the other side of the camera. To any one reading and you happen to be near Redlands or in Southern California and you are looking for an experience and awesome photos I highly recommend her. Check out Unfortuantely, my computer is cranky this morning and I am not able to post anything else. I look forward to working more with this talented artist/photographer and look forward to seeing more work!

To you reader, thank you for stopping by. Enjoy your summer, where ever in world you are.

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