Moving targets

Hello and happy Monday. Life is getting better and I am able to sit for longer amounts of time, again. Oh yeah! So I can now resume my search through old cards to see if there was something I missed. Also, I really am having fun with Photoshop and my wild imagination. I can’t wait to transform the photo below that was shot on the 10 Fwy west bound February 10, 2018.

My Daddy was a Chevy man, although I don’t think he own a truck, we had a Blazer.

My camera is usually with me when ever we are in the car. During most trips West, I usually adjust my settings so I can get clear shots that are not blurred out by motion. It’s quite fun and almost like hunting. The photo below I was not quick enough. I really tried to get those trucks as I have a thing for classic cars. I dream of having an El Camino one day or a Woody. (huhhuhuh…the adolescent trapped in my soul just cracked up!)

Sometimes when the music is just right and I am feeling high I can spot something new on a route that we have driven hundreds of times. My brain is in constant motion, even during and especially during my medicated states. Just looking at the two photos I already have a story about it in my head. I am also dreaming of being in one of those trucks and cruising down the highway. Me and my pipe dreams.

That was a nice little trip down memory lane. That was a fun trip as I recall. Hubby took me to see Miranda Lambert at the Forum in Inglewood, CA. Our seats were on the side of the stage but on the very top row of nosebleed seats. The concert was everything I imagined and more. Miranda Lambert is quite an artist and that girl can sing. Her story just before she sang the song Tin man got me choked up as I remember those long car rides between Echo Park and the desert praying that hubby was going to be okay. Honestly, it felt like I was listening to an old friend. Maybe it was all the estrogen in the building. Anyhow, I recorded Little Red Wagon with a camera phone. It shows how high are seat were.

The only pictures I have from that night.

That night, yeah, I remember turning to hubby and saying ” The next time she is in concert, I am going to be on the floor in front of the stage and with my Nikon”. Well that was on February 10, 2018. Seven months later, my dream came to fruition. The Pistol Annie’s were going to be playing the Novo in Down Town Los Angeles and Miranda is one of the singers so yeah!!

The photos above were taken on November 7, 2019. These are some of the unedited photos. I have a chance again this coming September to see Miranda Lambert along with an amazing cast of female artists when I will be in Michigan. Hopefully, there will be no more set-backs in my recovery and all will go well. Fingers crossed until then.

Thank you reader for stopping by while my head floated away from terra firma. Take time to day dream and have a nice day.

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