Schwingin’ It

It’s 4:52 AM here in the Coachella Valley and there is nothing like the sound of automatic gun fire to punctuate the silence of the dawn. Yeah, about 13 minutes ago 4 or five shots were fired in rapid succession and then a second later, there were two more shots and then back to silence. These sounds I have heard before as shots in the night were common place in Duarte and I used to say that “oh, that’s just a backfire.” Also, I have seen undercover agents run across my yard with their guns out as they busted my neighbor and her son for selling drugs. Yes, really. The things that were common in my younger years. One time, even my sister had guns drawn on her as she “fit the description”. Anyhow, I really do not consider myself a religious person but I pray that those were warning shots and not anything else. Sabotage by the Beastie Boys is playing and just heard their gun shot sound effects. I shuddered a bit. Also, this reminds of the nightly flyovers by the Temple City Sheriff Station. Duarte did not have their own police department but was patrolled by the Sheriffs. Anyhow, back to the Beasties, I searched out the Beastie Boys because we heard them last night on the way out to Fantasy Springs for Country Night and I was going to get a chance to try out my new big girl camera!!! Yes, I just got a new Sony and it’s got all the bells and whistles and is…dun dun dun….a full frame camera! I only fired a few shots with it because honestly, it was much to fancy for me! I am sure that I will master this thingy. So far, I have only taken 43 shots with the A7 and I started with my plants. (That was yesterday afternoon).

Last night I only shot three of the band with the new camera and then took the Nikon out of my purse as it was all set and ready to go for the balcony. Also, I walked from the parking lot and through the bowling alley with only the assistance of hubby and my fancy-ass cane. It wore me out. I never knew how hard it would be to ween myself from the walker. The walker does help keep me mobile and upright but it has made be lazy as it takes lots of work to stand upright and walk with good posture. Why the good posture? Leaning forward using the walker is starting to make me look like a question mark and even though I am a Grama, I do not want to fit the stereotype.

One of the four shot with the Sony.

So, last night the Rob Staley Band graced the Lit Lounge stage. I always worry that they think I am a crazy ol’ lady with a camera. We were sitting there for a few minutes when the singer, Rob Staley looked up at me and gave a smile and a wave. I knew that it would be okay to take a few shots. I was experiencing technical difficulties with my Nikon as well. The Nikon needs a tune-up direly as everything was hazy and I am sure that a good cleaning will take care of this. I did manage to shoot a couple videos of them playing. I know I repeat myself when I say how much I enjoy watching the band interaction. To me, I think it adds to their sound and the ambiance. You see them moving and grooving and makes you want to get up and shake your tail feathers as well. If you reader are in the So. California area, check them out or check out their web page or Facebook to see where they are playing next. I posted a clip to my Instagram @emmme_lee feed if you want to see and hear for yourself.

Oh yeah, if you are into drums, the drummer, Alex Lugwa, has a rad metallic turquoise drum set that I don’t remember seeing before. I have seen drummers with huge kits only make a lot of noise and over beat on the cymbals – and that kid right there, with that small kit, skillfully rips it up every time. After all, the drum beat is what I use to shoot. I use them like context clues if I am up shooting to a song that I not familiar with. Since I am going over my favorites I must say he is firmly planted in my Top 5 drummers that I have shot. I tried to not get caught up in ogling his drum set cause it’s easy for me especially when I am “medicated”. Actually, the Rob Staley Band is in my Top 5 bands in all genres that I have shot in the past two years. Also, guitarist James Cormier and bassist Jordan Lamoureux hold their own as well those two are definitely Top 5. The video I had posted showed their interaction and to me it was gold.

Well, I just returned from my physical therapy session. Gosh, I am really starting to hate the way my care team addresses me. Kaiser always asks that us patients fill out the service questionnaires. I finally did just after my surgery and I was honest about how I felt my treatment was prior to surgery. Just because I am not going along with them and screaming and crying in pain they think I am lying. My therapist today started out asking why I was there. He wanted to know if I was just there because I was told to go. The question threw me off a bit and I didn’t know how to answer so I say, “Yeah.” Then he said you don’t need to come here and started giving me an attitude. Listen all of you -my past and present physicians, I came to you guys when I was in pain, I told you all my symptoms hundreds of times, yet nothing was ever taken care of until the day I lost my temper during an office visit with my Primary Care doctor. I know I am just another patient and I am sure there are some patients that really aren’t suffering as much as they seem. This does not mean I am making up my symptoms. I am coming to you guys for answers and help. Please remember why you became a physician, and hopefully it was not because its a lucrative career. I noticed that in the past two appointments my new physician and the neurologist just listened and it seem like I was a bother and spent less than 5 minutes with me.

Anyhow, sorry, had to vent. I feel better now, no worries I am not feeling sad or depressed or shit like that. Anger, yes, but not sad.

To you reader, it’s Friday, do your Friday thing or what ever makes you feel joy. I am going to play with my new camera!!

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