Dog days

It’s Saturday, just before sundown and it is uncomfortably hot right now. At least it is not as humid as it was in the past week. I did learn something new this week about tomato worms, they can take down a chile pepper plant in under 24 hours. Hubby and I and Jenny went on a little adventure to the dog beach in Huntington Beach, CA. I am not sure who was more excited, Jenny or me. It had been almost 2 years since she was last at the beach for a pug meet-up. Not that any of that matters to our pug, she just wants to be with us all the time.

We stayed overnight at a uber dog friendly motel near the beach. She sniffed out the room and took in all the smells. I was glad that almost every room on that property was occupied with a dog so I didn’t feel as bad when Jenny would bark in the middle of the night. I only heard her make a noise once as I probably slept better than I have in a few months. It was not because the bed was that comfortable it is because I walked with the assistance of my cane and hubby.

The following day, we took a short trip east on the 10 Fwy from our place and stayed at Fantasy Springs Hotel & Casino in Indio, CA. I had been wanting to go to the bar on the 12th floor, aptly name 12 Cocktails Above and also, it was country night so we could kill two birds with one stone.

Hubby and I had a cocktail and enjoyed the killer views. This was probably one of the best date nights we have had in a long time. I love these taking time to smell the roses moments and finding joy in everything. After leaving the lounge, I needed to rest a bit as it had been a long two days for me. We headed down stairs to check out Country Night in the Lit Lounge and I was going to get a chance to test out the new camera as I had learned a little more about it’s functions. One thing about me, I never, ever, never read the owners manual! My brain is dysfunctional and I need to experience things and try to figure them out on my own. If after, 10 or 20 or 77 times I cannot figure something out, I will then go to the All-knowing Google. If after that I am still perplexed, I will crack open the manual. So far, I have not had to crack open the instructions.

The photos above are the first two that I shot from the balcony of Country Nation. I only took a few from up there. I am going to try and not take as many photos and trying to limit my shoot time to one or two songs during a set. This will make editing easier. I haven’t edited or looked at all the photos just randomly picked out a few. The images are clearer than my Nikon DSLR but the Nikon handles low-light action shots better. I felt like I had more control in the the shot with the Nikon. Below are the images shot with the Sony A7. Editing is kind of slow going right now as the heat is affecting my equipment.

Here are some of the unedited shots from my Nikon from the same spot. I love the chemistry this band has. I was wiped out and didn’t attempt to stand and walk around to get better shots although I wish I would have tried.

I would like to thank the band as they got me permission to shoot when they are playing at Lit Lounge! What a gift!!! Hopefully, one day hubby and I can see them in one of the other locations as I would like to have the change to see them in natural light. With hard work and determination, I will be walking better, fingers and toes crossed.

The next morning, I snapped a few shots from our window. The mountain view was definitely a good choice. I am sure we will try out this hotel as well as some of the others here in the Coachella Valleey as the summer months are the best time to come for a visit and you can get some great deals on lodging. Besides, it was the next best thing to driving 4 hours to Las Vegas or Laughlin as I am still not a fan of long car rides since my surgery.

Thank you reader for stopping by and hope to see you again! Have a starry, starry night!

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