Don’t you, don’t you?

Good morning and happy Wednesday! I know I complained about the hot weather yesterday but it really wasn’t too bad, thanks to a monsoon. I don’t think it got over 110 yesterday. This weekend, I was included on a group message from my high friends and I loved reading about the memories we had of a certain party, my first house party that I attended to be exact. Thank you Spotify, it just started playing Cinderella and the song Shelter Me, and yes, we all need a little shelter to get us by. The statement couldn’t be truer from time to time when you try to distance yourself from a space invader but they still find ways to creep in. Oops sorry about that, sometimes though, my fingers type without me realizing they typed something. This is why two hours later I am editing this post. Ugh.

Back in 1986, I was a Sophomore at Duarte High and a little bit of a Hell-raiser, just a little bit though. I really just wanted to fit in. I was lucky though as I had some pretty spectacular friends. I love seeing social media posts from these friends from time to time. We again casually mentioned that we need to have a reunion and hopefully that thought comes to fruition. We are all in or nearing our 50’s but the funny thing is, I still feel like that goofy, f’d up 16 year old kid that used to smoke cigarettes behind the band room wall and sometimes in a tree behind the wood shop. I did have some psuedo-wild parties at my house whenever my parents would go away for the weekend or I was brave enough to pull off micro-house parties as my parents used to play poker every Friday night with their friends Kitty and Ralph. I remember that as soon as my Dad’s car made a left onto Broach Ave the living room would be filled with my friends. They literally just showed up and like “poof” they were there. If the party was not at my house it was at another girlfriends house or where ever we could party without those pesky adults around. Sometimes we partied in the riverbed or this empty lot next to my girlfriends house. I miss those days. You knew who your friends were and we all kind of protected each other in what ever way we could. I was never really a cool kid. Truthfully, I was jealous of my girlfriends that got to wear make-up and had nice clothing. Honestly, we were not that poor. My Dad worked very hard but we just ended up on the wrong side of the tracks. It wasn’t that I couldn’t afford those cool clothes I just didn’t want to be like everyone else and my parents would never let me wear make-up and when we went school clothes shopping my mom was probably buying what she thought she would look good in. Anyhow, the circle of friends that I ran with didn’t care, they liked me for me, at least I hope they did. The stories I could write, I won’t as they need to be left in our memories were they can be wild and free just like we were back then. To you reader, hope you have happy teenage memories. I just went through old FB photos to see if I had any from high school but I got stuck looking at photos from a 2013 trip to Pozo Saloon in Paso Robles, CA to see Willie Nelson with an old school “frienenmy”. I don’t quite recall why we had ill feeling towards each other but it so nice to re-connect with her and become friends, again.

It was hot when we arrived in Pozo and I remember I had been in so much pain from the long drive. Willie was closing the show so we headed out to the venue after the festival began. We parked about 2 miles, honestly it many have only been a quarter mile but it felt like we walked in that heat for days. I had brought my Sony point and shoot but was too afraid to take it with me as I didn’t want to have to walk back to the car if I were told that I couldn’t bring it in. Well, big mistake on my part! All we did to get into the event was flash our paper tickets and they waved us in. Palm to face moment right there! In the last photo of the scaffolding, there is a women sitting with her legs hanging down and she has her camera! I watched in awe as she climbed up and down the scaffold so gracefully. Also, we met some interesting people that even helped get us back to my Rav4. I remember watching and listening to Willie and I was in awe. He was 80ish at this concert and it he gave me that need push to keep going cause if Willie can still roll so can I. Oh yeah, that was the first time I heard Devil Makes Three, wish I would have recorded a song from their set, dang.

Luckily, I posted a few photos on FB as I lost the memory card that had the photos from the Sony. Some day, I will make it back to the Pozo Saloon. There are several concerts and events there through out the year. It is a pretty special place. It made the concert seem intimate although there were thousands of people there. The guys that we hung out with on that trip were on a “guy weekend”. They were old friends and close to our age but a little older than her and I. They said they had been going on trips like these every year since their young adulthood. There is just something about those connections you make in high school. Some of good, some of it bad but whatever it is, I know that all those moments made me, well me.

The video quality sucks because it was taken on my phone. The audio is a classic. Willie told a cute little story about the song Superman. I found it under another YouTube channel that I have and forgot about.

As I mentioned yesterday, the heat is starting to kill my plants so I have been taking lots of photos of my sunflowers. The photo above I manipulated as I wish I had that many growing. Now, I have digital sunflowers that will never die. Ugh, the geek in me…back to my day…and more memories…

I call this one Burst.

Oh to you readers, thank you for the visit and have a lovely day. May you get to your destination safely.

To you, creeper, please just stop. There were guys like you in high school, college or that I worked with in my career in accounting. I don’t know what you are overcompensating for but keep me out of it, please and thank you!

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    1. artofthebeat says:

      I look forward to reading your articles as I am dealing with some neuro issues and such. Thank you for following my blog as well…cheers!

      One day, I will make it too the UK, for now it is still a pipe dream 🙂


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