March On

Hello there and good morning or good day where ever in the world you are. Thank you to the new subscribers and all the readers that stop by for a visit! I am still trying to figure out me and the blog and the direction that it will be going. Last August was an exciting month as I recall. Yesterday, I posted photos from a JBLZE concert and today as I look through more files I see that last August was very busy. The Ghosts of Kelso had a few gigs and I had I traveled to Federal Way, Washington to see my niece get married. I do need to start studying these as I will be shooting a wedding in September for the child of a dear high school friend. I spoke with her Mom a few weeks after my surgery and she asked the question I get from many of my friends and family, “How much do you charge for a wedding?” We talked for a bit and I happily agreed to photograph the wedding as she mentioned that her daughter liked the photos I took of a friends wedding. In my head I already knew what the cost would be and how many hours I would need to put into it. It was going to cost nothing but my time and effort as cards prices are dropping. I could never charge a family or friend, ever!!! The memories that I hold from high school and of the brides father are priceless and I thank him and his wife for being my friend through all the years and miles. Just the fact that they are inviting hubby and I to their daughters wedding was enough of an honor. I really would like to visit the area before the wedding to get a feel for the layout and lighting during the wedding time and the reception so I can be sure to get any issues out of the way. Why am thinking about this and preparing. I am not a trained wedding photographer nor am I planning on making a career out of it. Below are photos from my first attempt at shooting a wedding, again, that also was for a high school friend.

That day, I was all over the place. I worried about getting in the shots of the other photographer that was a complete surprise to me when I arrived to take her photos. She must have been a pro as she was all up in the areas that I wanted to shoot. So, me used to having to shoot photo on the sly at concerts, I went into stalker mode and started shooting from the outskirts of the wedding. Really, as I look at these photos, I am looking at candid memories not staged or posed. Like when shooting live music, I can never tell an artist to “hold that pose please.” I love when I actually capture a natural pose and it tells a story.

Then a few weeks later I traveled with my hubby to Idyllwild as he was playing with the Ghosts of Kelso, the night before the wedding. I must add that we also were in attendance for Country Night because Neil Morrow was playing at Lit Lounge and I wanted to check it out. I just found the card! I thought it was lost when I spilled coffee on my desk, glad that the card survived. Below are a few from Neil Morrow’s show.

The next night we traveled up the 74 to the Idyllwild Brew Pub. During that summer, California had been on fire. The Ghosts had a one of their gigs at the Brewpub canceled as the fires in their area were getting out of control. I prayed for all those that we had met the past times GOK had played either there or at Idyology. It was sad driving through the burned areas and seeing the scorched trees but it was good to know that we were going back to a business that was not affected. To any of you reading this, that little town is still in recovery and many of their businesses have been affected. If ever making plans to see California and you are in the area do check out Idyllwild and all their businesses. You will be happy you did.

It was nice to be back at the Idyllwild Brew Pub. The staff is amazing and the food is equally as good and the patrons, however, my draw to Idyilwild is the people. We have met some of the grooviest people and so happy and relaxed. Some of my favorite shots of the Ghosts have been taken there and they include the patrons. Here are a few shots from that night.

We left there that night and arrived back at homebase around 1:15 AM. My flight was leaving at 7 AM from Palm Springs airport and I was flying alone as hubby had to work. I too had to work. I had requested time-off but when our store lost an employee I took up the slack and cancelled my time-off. I had planned on staying in Seattle for a few days to check out the area as I had never been there. Maybe next time. The first flight was to San Francisco. On that flight I met another female videographer and hopefully we will be in contact again as she does some amazing work.

The whole 24 hours was a blur. Below are some of the shots from that day directly from the card.

One day, hopefully soon, I will return to Washington State. If Federal Way was that pretty I can only imagine what the rest of the state looks like.

It is funny how during that time, I was worried about the flight because I knew I would be in pain but if I would have just sat back and tried to quiet my pain, I would have missed so much. Life happens and there is no stopping it. When your time is up it doesn’t care about you dreams and unaccomplished goals. So I am going to taste exotic foods and indulge in Krispy Kremes when ever I can and shoot. I am sure I will have photos of it or not. I am not saying that this is the cure-all, it just works for me. I wonder what other people do to quiet the pain in their lives?

To you reader have fun where ever in the world you are. Smile, laugh and keep dreaming…Sending a cosmic hug to one that needs it 🙂

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