If you build it

Good evening where ever in the world you are. Today I set my website Your Pain is Showing on the world as I need help. Part of the reason that it took so long was my own insecurities. However, I knew it was time to start moving forward with it before I talked myself out of doing it. I am hoping to meet other artists and people that deal with chronic pain or illnesses or grief. Only four years ago my hubby was recovering from surgery for colon cancer and I remember that he had only been home a short time when he picked a guitar up and started playing. I noticed he played often when I knew he was hurting. That always stuck with me and didn’t really think that I was using my hobby to relieve pain. Now I realize that yes, I was using my camera to drown out the pain and sometimes help when I was out watching hubby’s band play. Sometimes I am uncomfortable around people and yes, social anxiety can be painful, sometimes crippling. Anyhow, here is a short video explaining my story and the goal of the pain project. However, I am becoming more social when I am out even as painful as it is. So my hobby has helped in many ways.

These are some of the photos I have taken in the past two years.

If you are reading and you are interested in helping or would like to be included in the project, you can contact me here or email info@keenfern.com. I am not looking to profit on this or anyone’s pain. My goal is to raise money for the Cauda Equina Foundation. This group is making strides in educating physicians to the red flags of this syndrome. Everyday, there are people silently or maybe not so silently suffering from this Syndrome and have been waiting to be properly diagnosed. I was one of the people and waited over 10 years for relief. Honestly, there were times that I was amazed that I woke up in the morning as I had tried to drown out the pain with what ever drug and vice I could get my hands on. Luckily for me, interventions helped and luckily I intervened for myself just prior to surgery when I demanded to see a different doctor who finally got me to where I need to go for the right treatment.

Thank you for reading and I hope to find some artists out there to interview and showcase on the site. People that would like to get their story out there and show off their work, sing their songs. Where ever you are have a good night and sleep well.

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