Forever and ever, Amen

Good morning and happy Monday! The last few days flew by so fast. My bus to Phoenix, Arizona left Palm Springs at 9 AM. I was thoroughly impressed with the Flix Bus and their very courteous bus driver. The bus was clean and there was plenty of legroom. The entire trip took a little over four hours. The bus arrived at the stop near the Phoenix Airport within 10 minutes of its scheduled arrival time. Would I book another trip with them, yes!

We had a half-hour break in Bythe, CA

I do recommend getting reserved seating. It does cost a little more but the seats are at the front of the bus and you can be sure to get a window seat or possibly even a seat that you don’t have to share with anyone. I really should have reserved a spot as I had to sit with a traveler heading to El Paso. He was a nice kid and I hope he gets better as he was also suffering from back pains as he had been recovering from a fractured spine. He didn’t mind that I had to move so much in my seat. So it was a win-win.

This was snapped just before Blythe, California.

The bus arrived near the Phoenix Airport and I was picked up by my friend Shelley, the bride’s Mom and my friend Keith’s wife. My time with them all was the best. I loved that I got to tag along to the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner afterward. It gave me a better feel of how I was going to shoot the next day. I took plenty of before shots of the venue. Just a few days earlier, that part of Arizona had heavy rains and the venue was muddy and wet. Somehow, both families, along with the friends, spread new dirt added ply wood and such to get the ground ready for the wedding. The venue coordinator did an amazing job and I highly recommend The Orchard Ranch in Surprize, Arizona for weddings as the location is gorgeous. For this wedding the bride wanted her photos to look like they were candid and not too posed. I hope I was able to capture her vision. It was also great to see my other dear high school friends and catch up on what we could as I was busy throughout the day and didn’t sit for long.

The groom with his parents at rehearsal.
The look from Dad. It was hard to kept dry eyes through out those two magical days.
I have a thing for trees, especially that have bare branches.
Wedding boots! The bride was so calm and cool about the whole event. I loved her carefree way.
Somehow, my legs worked and I did not fall once! Hubby was there as my second shooter but I managed to get most of the shots from the ceremony..
Mom and bride cutting a rug.
I have been jealous of other photographers who get behind the scenes shots with them in action. This time hubby got me in a couple of shots.

Saturday, the day of the ceremony was a blur. It started early and I was at the venue around 10 AM. Everyone was busy getting everything ready. It was truly amazing what they accomplished in less than 48 hours. It was a welcome relief to when hubby pulled into the venue after his drive from our place in the Coachella Valley. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to be away from him overnight as he is my security blanket, my partner, the one I drool on in the middle of the night and one I dreamed of all those years that we were apart. When I am tired I am a horrible person to be around and somehow he puts up with me. Thank goodness!

The easy part is over and that was taking the photos. Now I begin the editing. The ones I just posted were a few that caught my eye as I review the Sony disk. Tomorrow I will begin review the Nikon. I used a 50mm prime lens as well as the 50-200mm. Can’t wait to see more of those. It’s funny but wedding photography is not my thing. Maybe it is because of all the bridezilla stories or maybe it’s because if it doesn’t turn out as expected the client could blast you on Yelp or other social media. Really, I have a hard time at weddings as I have always dreamed of having a big wedding or at least to have had my friends and family there and of course I wanted to experience the whole bride stuff like dress shopping and such. However, I always manage to get through with minimal tears. I completely block off my feelings and got into game mode and locked the target in sight – The Happy Couple. It is just like shooting concerts but with better lighting. Would I do this again? For sure, I know what I could have done better and what I will need for next time. Unfortunately, my hip could no longer move so we left 45 minutes before the bride and groom left.

They made it official! We got the honor of watching them sign their forever!

Well, to you dear reader thank you for stopping by. Where ever in this world you are have lovely day. Hope to see you again soon.

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