bitter, butter battle

Top o’ the morning to you where ever the world you are today. It’s Wednesday which means tomorrow is my favorite night of the week, Country Night at the Lit Lounge inside Fantasy Springs Casino. Another one of my favorites is back in town, Country Nation. Tomorrow night will be the first time we have seen them without Sarah Winchester. However, hubby mentioned that today would be a good day to check out her band at Downtown Disney, as they are playing there tonight. It’s not in concrete but hey, he threw it out there soooo….

This was shot on Jan 4, 2019. Just a month prior to my surgery for CES. I knew I was getting worse as I usually take hundreds of photos when they are in Lit Lounge but that night I was having trouble standing and anchored myself against a cement pillar that holds up the balcony.

I have almost reviewed all the photos from this weekend. I have picked out a few that I edited and also posted some unedited photos. Now I have to resize and convert to JPG as half of the shots were in RAW so I can send to the bride. Looking for an easy way to resize in mass quantities instead of one by one. Hopefully I can fit them all on one thumb drive.

This is a shot I posted to my IG @emmme_lee, the photo that I posted with it was the one that hubby took of me. It was really cool to have a couple of shots of myself. Now I feel like I was present.

Yesterday, I had a steroid injection to my hip. Oh my goodness! Why did I not have this done sooner?!?! Not sure how all this correlates, but the day of the wedding, my usual swollen legs and feet had shrunk a little and the shoes that I had picked out for my outfit were too loose to wear, so I had to wear my white Converse that were comfortable instead of the red ones that I had gotten just for that day. Guess I will be returning those. The following day, my feet had grown in two times their size as they were very swollen. Can you say “cankles?” The pictures of me at the wedding I looked swollen, my face, my arms and I remember how heavy my legs felt. Somehow I managed to visually document the wedding as best as I could. There were a few moments toward the end of the night that when I sat down, I almost didn’t get back up. I know that I am not ready for a big event like this. If you have been following my blog, you know that I have mentioned that I do not wish to be a wedding photographer. However, knowing that going back to regular office work is not in my future as I can’t sit for to long and there are a few other issues I will not get into. So, I need to make adjustments in my brain and thinking. I would like to be a second shooter, not the prime shooter, because of my limitations. Oh yeah, back to the steroids, this morning I woke up 5 pounds lighter and my hip is not throbbing and aching as it has been for the last few years. Hmmm, maybe I won’t have to give up things like butter and bread? The ortho doctor said that we should try the injection but at some point I will need a hip replacement. Right now, it feels so good, I am saying I think I will be keeping my hip, it don’t need replacing. Maybe I might rethink the steroid injection to my lumbar area as maybe it could make riding in the car less painful. Yes, even being a passenger is uncomfortable. This is probably why I focus my energy on the camera when I am in the car. When I have my camera in hand and against my eye, I just don’t feel the pain as much. Could this be like the runners high?

Here is a stinker. but the sunlight and the shadows were so perfect that I shot anyway, even with that car in front of them. I like the natural and sweet exchanges that were going on with these two lovebirds. So, when something struck my fancy or got me misty eyed I shot.

With chronic pain sometimes you have to find other means of relief besides the chemical kind. It’s weird but I had a beer and a margarita over the last weekend and you know something, I do not miss it, not one bit. Just over five years ago, I think I was drinking my self into a liver problem and now I feel so much better than I did. Also, I shoot differently when I am intoxicated so I knew that it would be nothing but water for me. I did have a sip of champagne during their toast but truly wished I would have got the glasses that had Martinelli’s Apple Cider. Oh how times have changed.

So, last week I took photos with the Nikon N6006 to see if it still worked. I just got the photos back yesterday. It felt good to hand over the little claim ticket to the person at the photo counter and get my pictures back.

It felt so good to be shooting with film. That roll I was not as thoughtful with my shots. I just wanted to see if the camera still worked as I had bought it from Ebay for supper cheap (under $40.00).

It works! I took it with me to Arizona and took it with me to the wedding. Hopefully, the black and whites that I shot came out okay as I took a few of the bride and her Mom while the bride was getting dressed. I hate that I will have to wait for a week to get them back. next on my list of things I want to get is developing equipment. I will have to save for that. I did find a place to send my photos that is located in Southern California, The Darkroom. This company also sends back the negatives as well as a CD of the scanned photos. I will try them out with one roll and hopefully all goes well. Also, I have a vintage Sears (Pentax K-1000) on the way. This one I am getting antsy waiting for it’s arrival. It is very similar to the one that I used to carry around back in the 80’s and early 90’s. It was my Mom’s camera but I got lots of use out of it.

Time to get back to stuff and things. You dear reader, have a nice day and may the sun shine warmly on you today.

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