Good morning and happy Sunday. It was a little hard getting started this morning as we were out at Spotlight 29 in Coachella, CA last night as we saw Get The Led Out, a Led Zepplin tribute band from Philly. Our comp tickets were fairly close to the stage and I wanted to try out the settings that I had used in Lit Lounge to see if I had indeed figured out the Sony and using it for live music photography. Last night the crowd seemed to enjoy the show that featured some of Led Zeps greatest hits. I loved how the singer pointed out that they are a tribute band but in no way did any of the band members try to look like any of the members of the actual band. The singer even jokingly stated that he looked like Howard Stern and his guitarist looked like Robert Plant. They definitely all had their own styles and they all played very well together and pulled off the studio nuances from the original Led Zeppelin music.

I have never been in a band but I can imagine the feeling one must get when seeing people dancing wildly in front of you as you play.

Last night we lucked out when we picked up our comp tickets. The lady let us pick out our seats and there were a few near the stage, so you know me, I had to be close. One thing I like about these shows is that most of the people in the audience are around my age. All I could see were devoted Led Zeppelin music fans singing and raising there fists to the music. In front of us were a group of ladies, or should I say groupies? They were so much fun to watch as they danced and sang like no one was watching. I kind of envied them and their enthusiasm. I remember seeing a Rod Stewart concert back in 89 and I remember sitting in the second row and almost feeling like I was going to faint when he kicked a soccer ball our way. That was the closest I had been at any concert and I swear he sweat on us.

Getting used to the Sony and starting to love it for video taping.
I was glad when he made his way to my side of the stage so I could get a better photo of him.
The show was definitely entertaining to watch and their interactions with each other while they were playing was fun to watch. By the way, Universe, I really want a Fender Bass like the one that guy was playing last night…somehow, I will make it happen.
The guitarist also played piano on a few songs.
The crowd made the show even better!

The one thing I love about watching live music is watching the spectators. You can see it in their expression when the band starts to play their song or songs. Sometimes it doesn’t matter who sings the song or plays the instruments it just that feeling that a melody or set chords can evoke. So, to all those purists that wouldn’t think about ever checking out a tribute or cover band, you don’t know what you are missing. For me anytime I get to see any live music is a good day for me. My hat off to all of you that bravely or maybe no so bravely (you just hide it well), get on stage and perform as that is something that is not for the faint of heart or the thinned skinned. So, with that, Get The Led Out will be performing in Riverside, California tonight. I added the Facebook link so you can check them out.

Well, time to get back to work on the wedding photos. I took a few days off to clear my head and vision. I do this to get a fresh look at the photos. Usually when I step away for a bit, I will find other things in the photos as I have fresher eyes. Also, sitting is always an issue and today is the first day that it doesn’t hurt so much. I guess I may have worn myself out a bit last week. I did get back in the pool after not working out for a week. It was hard but after the first few minutes it was like I had not taken any time off and my half-hour was over in a blink of the eye.

Where ever you are today, hope it’s a good one. Get where you are going and enjoy the journey. Thanks for the visit and hope to see you around these parts again.

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