If you are reading this then you made it to Friday and that’s a good thing. Last night was Country Night in the Lit Lounge at Fantasy Springs and the beginning of “Nashtober” as that is what the Randy Houston, radio announcer from KPLM Big 106 mentioned last night. What this means is that for the next few Thursday’s they will feature up and coming new artists from Nashville during the first hour. Last night the featured artist was Teddy Robb. He did an acoustic set just before the band Country Nation. I had been looking forward to checking out Country Nation as they have new member in the band. Truthfully, I never get to Fantasy Springs earlier than 9:30 PM and am really sorry that I left early. Next time I will be sure to stay for a full set next time they are in town. I sat in the balcony but my usual seats were occupied. If I hadn’t been feeling a little off balance last night, I would have walked around more to get better shots. However, it was relaxing just listening to him and the other guitarist that accompanied him.

Added this today 4.9.2020

This was the last song of his set, a cover of Troubadour.

I think my heart was in tachy as I really am shy. It was a big step for me just to go to and ask to take his photo since I usually only take pictures and never really talk to the performers. It wasn’t so bad…I survived!

Be sure to check this talented new comer on the country scene out. He mentioned that he is originally from Ohio and has been in Nashville for about 6 years. The one thing I love about Lit Lounge and Country Night is that you get to see so much raw talent. Many of the bands have been playing the same bars, lounges, parks, stadiums for years traveling from town to town. In my head, I am hoping that all of them get a humongous break and get their chance at fame. I follow many of the performers that I have photographed in the past two or so years. It’s cool to see them doing their thing, having fun, being people. Maybe it’s because I have been friends with so many musicians and performers in my life. Some just played for the love of it and it wasn’t a job for them. Some were working toward their dreams of being the next One. Some almost made it. Some did make it. I used to follow a world beat band The Bonedaddys. This was before social media. Their song Water Slide was featured in the Movie I Love You Man. The reason I bring them up is I have photos that I took of guitarist Kaspar Abbo from 1990 taken at the Steer Burger in Arcadia, California. Back in 1990, I was 20 years old and used to sneak in, actually, brazenly walk in and sit at the bar, just so I could watch the live music at one of the many nights they had entertainment. Yeah, their security was lacking and if you tipped the bartender well, they never questioned your age. So, I went from ordering Cokes to harder stuff. We were all young and full of dreams back then and it just made me think that “F’ yeah someone that I knew had a song featured in a movie!” Yeah, I know it’s not like winning a Grammy or something but still very cool. Someday, I hope to see and read about the musicians that I have been following and have photographed make it if that is what they are after. It is also great to watch them grow and change. I really do feel like a Grama watching all of these kids when they travel here to the Coachella Valley.

This was taken circa 1990 at the Steer Burger in Arcadia, California. Kaspar has the funky vest. This was taken with my Mom’s KX-1000. I know I can shoot live music on film…

Last night was the first acoustic set that I have witnessed in that lounge but I know that they advertise for other performers doing acoustic sets in the the other lounge at the hotel. Honestly, when I saw the two chairs set out on the stage, I kind of thought “Dang, I should have sat downstairs.” This is because, sometimes the speakers buzz and sound a little distorted. You don’t notice it when you are in front of the stage or on the dance floor. However, I like to sit in the balcony so I can see the whole stage and I know that I won’t be in any person’s way and sometimes it gets rough on the ears when the bass is turned up too much or sometimes the treble makes my ears crackle like an out of tuned AM-radio. I know that if I sat in the middle near the sound board it probably would sound just right. Anyhow, last night, the sound was smooth and not once did I wince. I have a problem with one of my eardrums but it surely wasn’t a problem last night! Hopefully, there will be more acoustic sets in that room.

Yes, I did step out of my comfort zone and asked to take a photo with Mr. Robb. It wasn’t so bad…

Tonight hubby plays with the Ghosts of Kelso at a local Palm Desert hang-out, The 19th Hole. This will be the first time that they have played there. I look forward to taking the Sears KSX-1000 to take a few black and whites of hubby playing. I also look forward to watching hubby play. I love that lost in his thoughts looks when he is playing. One day, I hope to learn how to play an instrument. I know that I need to get in the right frame of mind before I embark down that road.

Where ever you are, dear reader, may the roads you take lead you to comfort and just loads of good stuff. Enjoy the moments. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you around these parts again.

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