Dog years

Good morning afternoon and happy Friday! As usual, it has taken more than a few tries to get here. It has been hard to stay still for too long. I know this will pass and my spine will not feel so sensitive. Hubby and I were at Lit Lounge for our usual Thursday date night. I truly look forward to Thursday nights. We don’t get out much lately and I know that I get excited like a kid who is on her way to an amusement park. It is great to see the regulars that have also been coming out to these Thursday nights for the last few years, well at least since around 2014ish when hubby first took me to there when we first started dating again. He thought I might like it because he knew I had a thang for country music. Actually, I have a thing for many genres as it depends on my mood. He was right and it’s a day I happily look forward to every week. Last night we got to hear and see Noah Schnacky. He was the special guest for KPLM’s “Nashtober” that features up and coming new talent in country music. There was a band that played after but left early. No fan-girling for me last night.

This is one of his original songs. Standing was not a good thing last night so this was recorded from behind the glass railing.

Noah had a way with the room, that was for sure. You could see women in the audience watching happily as he sang and played guitar. Just before one song, he pulled out a single red rose and picked out a lady in the crowd and gifted her the rose. You can say those ladies had been Schnackied as I wish I could have snapped a few pics of their faces, it was quite magical. After his performance he had a meet and greet and the line was quite long. I felt like an ol’ lady watching those gals swoon over him so I decided against trying to get a photo with him.

I wish I would have gotten a clearer photo. He was about to hand out a rose to a special lady.
He had great vocals.

I look forward to hearing more from this young man. For more about this talented entertainer check out his website or follow him on Instagram.

Last week, Teddy Robb was the special guest. Well, he just announced that he will be performing at Stage Coach 2020! How exciting for him! Hope to catch him there as every year it is a goal of mine to go. Fingers and toes crossed, no stepping on cracks, and throwing a little salt over my shoulder (never can be to sure). Also this year, Tanya Tucker will be back at the festival. I wanted go so to see her last year and now I get a second chance!

Hubby and I have been busy puttering around our place and I have finally resized all the photos from one of the cameras that I used at the wedding and sent them out. My computer had a rough time with it and I know that it will need replacing soon as she is 21 in dog years and seems like it works just as well as my first PC with dial-up internet. I was worried that I would never finish and get them out. I have been Control-Alt-Delete – in my dreams lately as my computer has been freezing up. I did maintenance on it and it seems to be doing okay, for now. Tomorrow I can start working on editing Sarah’s shoot and a shoot I did with hubby a few days ago. Hubby really is a good sport and glad he goes along with my hair brained ideas.

We found this really cool spot out in Sky Valley while I was out location scouting.
It appeared that there was one hell of a party or perhaps a wine tasting, here at that spot. There were bottle randomly laying around in the bushes.

Thank you for stopping by. Hope the miles this week have been good to you, good night and hope to see you around here again.

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