Top o’ the morning to you where ever you are reading this. The last month has been busy, that is for sure. Just starting to feel like myself. The change in the weather has been a welcome. It means less discomfort as the weather is perfect, not too hot and not too cold. Also, I am happy to report that most of my plants made it through the high temps of summer. I had this giant sunflower planted in one of the barrels on my table top garden. It was killing or should I say sucking the life out of any other plant that was planted near it. Now I have a bonsai cannabis plant as it stayed alive in that pot it but never really matured.

I need to replant this in a decorative pot and start manicuring it. I think it will look nice in the bathroom.

Yeah, but not really. Not sure if this little girl will survive but I will try my best. It’s actually a clone and is budding. I was trimming the mother plant about 6 months ago and I stuck a few clippings in the community planter. There was also a pepper plant and radishes (at that time). I stuck a few sunflower seeds in the community pot in late April and then they took over. Most of the plants in that community pot stayed alive but stopped growing as the sunflowers were leaching all the nutrients from the dirt. Also, a horned worm or worms destroyed my pepper plant and a few of the other plants in that community pot. I didn’t pull the eaten plant out of the ground as the stem was still green. Glad I didn’t as it made a comeback and I have a plant full of peppers.

I love spicy stuff! Can’t wait to make salsa and stuffed jalapeno’s!

It is surprising that any of those plants made it through a Coachella Valley summer as I am not an experienced gardener. I had started out with four cannabis plants that I had started from random seeds that have either been gifted to me or we luckily found. Just before the heat of the summer these plants looked like they might make it. It’s October and only one survived and the clipping from the one that survived. I now have a bonsai marijuana plant that is budding and the Momma, well I now have to start reading up on harvesting and such. The Momma plant is definitely a fighter. It was the plant I was so happy to see survived while I had been in the hospital for surgery. I posted a link from my Instagram feed that I posted a week after my surgery.

There are two photos and one video in this post. The video makes me crack up as I sound like a crazy person.

I was so high at the time I recorded that little clip. I just had to check on my little plant as it had just broke ground a few days before my surgery. Pain was beyond the 10 on the pain scale. Walking at that moment was the hardest thing I had ever done but I did it as the Physical Therapist that came to our place said that walking was the best thing for me. For the first few months I used to walk back and forth across my living room and into the kitchen using my walker. Whenever we made it out I did my best to hide my discomfort. The therapist also mentioned that NBA pro-basketball player Dwight Howard had Cauda Equina Syndrome. Well, I really hadn’t checked out Dwight’s medical history till I was thinking about volunteering for a Cauda Equina Syndrome organization. I did look up some information on him and it seems that yes, he did have surgery on his spine and it may or may not be CES. Anyhow, in an earlier post, I mentioned that I am on an “I’m sorry diet”. I will not be embarking on that volunteer job and I am not sorry about it. Also, I must take myself out of the groups as they are just not healthy for me. I find myself worrying about others when I need to work on myself and the other little projects that I have started. I hardly ever commented on peoples posts but I read everything. Sometimes it is easy to fall prey to the words you read as they feed on your insecurities of the unknown and make you feel their feelings even though you had never had those pains before. Power of suggestion, perhaps? All I know is I am still here and plan on being here till I am not.

Speaking of projects, I still want to get the Your Pain is Showing project going. There were so many things going on in the last few months that I really didn’t have time to devote to it. I know that I need to revamp the website and might possibly move it from that website and use WordPress. What I am hoping for is to meet others like me that live with chronic pain or chronic illness or conditions but use art to distract themselves from their discomfort. Really, I am not looking to capitalize on anyone’s pain, I had originally wanted to use the website as a place to call attention to chronic pain but also show how others are surviving but using their creativity to mask or silence their pain. I use my hobby of photography to distract pain in my life. It hurts just being in the car yet I happily waddle to the car and look forward to the road ahead and whatever surprises may come. Sometimes knowing that I got the shot exactly how I had seen it in my brain is the best drug.

This was taken this past Sunday.

I love this time of the year! Mornings are picture perfect. There are times when I have not slept all night and really should stay in bed but I love to see what colors the sky will be on any given morning. For as much as I miss Los Angeles and the concrete and glass valleys, I love the rural scenery of the Coachella Valley. I can only hope that they do not build too much here so the landscape remains as it is now.

Hubby had pulled over so I could take photos of the hot air balloon and then this guy came over to say “high”
I am always out location scouting and love those towers that are near old town Indio.
I loved that hubby said “Okay” Every time I wanted to go out and location scout this past week. I have so many ideas…
There are beautiful murals painted throughout Old Town Indio.
I like to play a games with myself, when we are out on our drives. Usually, I take photos of objects seen out of the side of my window or sometimes, hubby’s window. That black spot in the corner is driver side door and I shot that while hubby was driving, Sometimes I want to yell out “STOP!” but don’t because it could cause and accident…d’oh!
I also imagine while we are out the different scenes that could play out…You just never know what you are going to see out there in the valley.
The lights that are strung from the tower conjure up scenes of a party.

The roads this past week were lovely and so glad we got to spend quiet times exploring them. Hopefully you find peace where ever your roads lead you. Thanks again for stopping by and hope to see you again.

If there is any one out there that would like to share how you use your art, music, photography, poetry or any mode used to help forget or quiet your pain please email me info@keenfern.com. I may be slow to respond but I always will. Hope to hear from you!

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