Howdy! Made it to the weekend. I treat every day like a Saturday morning, so it really shouldn’t feel that special to me, but it always does. Kind of like Sunday nights still make me nostalgic for episodes The Wonderful World of Disney while I used to lie on the floor watching TV next to my Dad’s chair. Those really were happy memories. Most of my sisters were still living at home. I had been born 7 years after the my sister who had been the baby during that time and fourteen years after my oldest sister. Often you would here one of us girls say almost vehemently, “My Mom! or My Dad!” It was like in our eyes, we were all only children. Anyhow, I guess I am thinking back to those times as this past Thursday night I got a wonderful trip down memory lane. Hubby and I went out on our usual date night to check out Country Night in the Lit Lounge. For the last three weeks, KPLM has been featuring up and coming country artists from Nashville. Last night the featured artist was Dillon Carmichael. He was to perform a set before the Doo Wah Riders, however, Dillon’s flight had been delayed and the Doo Wah Riders played the first set. They had my attention from the moment I sat down. They, the Doo Wah Riders, are a 5 piece country band from Southern California and so entertaining to watch. The bass player was a bundle of energy. We didn’t stay to see their second set so I am sure that I missed out on him playing the stand-up bass that was laying on the floor near his mic stand.

Next time they are in town, I will be sure to stay later.
My sister took accordion lesson around 1975. They have always fascinated me and I got a little googly eyed when I saw it!

The last song they played before they went on break made me squeal. I love the Charlie Daniel’s Band and any version of the song The Devil Went Down To Georgia. This version has a surprise, well, at least to me. Mashed up in this song was Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody! I have seen many mash-ups of songs but this one made me want to get up and start singing:

I see little silhouetto of a man
Scaramouch, scaramouch, will you do the fandango
Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening me
Galileo, Galileo,
Galileo, Galileo,
Galileo Figaro – magnifico
….Yes, it was magnifico!

The Queen mash-up begins around 3:40.

After their set, the band moved their equipment to make room for Dillon Carmichael. He was the featured Nash artist for the night and was well worth the wait. This young man walked onto that stage like a seasoned professional and commanded the room. What was also special was that this special guest did not get the room set-up like the two previous artists. In the previous weeks, the dance floor had chairs lined up on front of the dance floor. This past Thursday night, the dance floor was filled with dancers. I recorded his introduction by the host of Country Night and the first song 99 Problems (Fish Ain’t One). The announcer had also mentioned that Carmicheal’s lineage included Eddie Montgomery and John Michael Montgomery part of country band Montgomery Gentry. I had to go home and Google more info on this young man. He’s from Kentucky and moved to Nashville shortly after he graduated high school. No wonder he sounded like a well seasoned performer and much older than his 25 years.

His vocal reminded me of Chris Stapleton.
There were so many patrons that I really just sat and watched and didn’t take many photos.

Actually, the balcony were I like to sit and watch the bands, was filled. Usually, the balcony is quiet and nearly empty. I prefer it up there because most of the action is downstairs and from the balcony, I get a birds eye view of everything. Also, it is quieter up there if I want to video record as I can get less ambient room noise. Thursday, no dice. I was lucky that I had a seat and didn’t want to leave it as I knew that it would get filled immediately. Everyone in that room were electric and the room buzzed. Not sure if it was the turned up bass or all the people in that room cutting loose on a Thursday night. If you are ever in the Coachella Valley on a Thursday night, do stop in the Lit Lounge, even if you are not a country music fan. You never know what talented artist or band you may experience. Besides, the patrons that I see every time we are there make it all worth it with their welcoming enthusiasm.

Time for me to get my morning moving. I had taken a few weeks off of everything, mostly. Yesterday, I got back in the pool and swam and did core exercises with the resistance band. It is easy to fall off the wagon and stay on the couch to watch TV. Although, I have been trying my hardest to outrun, out walk, out shoot my pain and discomfort, the last month has been a little more than I could handle. Not that anyone notices, really. Really, I post so one day when I am no longer here, my kids and maybe grand-kids can learn from me first hand and not have to hear someone else misconception of me and who I was. At least here, they are getting it from the horses mouth. So, if this is your first time here and you h ave read this far, welcome! Yeah, I just changed my Author blurb to let people know that it’s okay to not follow me especially since I am still on the road and my GPS has not recalculated my direction.

Lost! In Coachella.

To dear reader thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again. May your roads get you to where you are going.

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