Sugar High

Good morning or good day where ever in t he world you are reading this on the day after Halloween. It’s been a while since I have dressed up for Halloween or tricked my children out of their Halloween candy. You know it is a known fact that razor blades and needles and poison could be lurking in Halloween candy, especially the chocolate ones! Oh my! Really and truly, I was taking the chocolate (and all Sour Patch Kids) for their own good. One can never be to safe, right?

Anytime I put make-up on is dressing up for me. The Ghosts of Kelso played a house party for newscaster Bianca Rae 2 years ago. The photo is me in true form with my eyes closed.

Last night was Thursday and hubby and I went to Country Night. Yeah, I know, I should find a different hobby, right? Really, I do look forward to Thursday nights at the Lit Lounge. I loved that one of the regulars was dressed as a pumpkin. She makes me smile every time I see her. I didn’t dare take a photo of her last night but a few years ago I captured a photo of her being serenaded by Jack Brand, singer of country band JB & the Big Circle Riders.

There she is! I worry when I don’t see her and always keep an eye out for her.

Last night, Whiskey Tango was on the stage. I noticed right away that Alex who we had seen in the band Country Nation was drumming last night. He sure is fun to watch as he makes some great drummer faces and twirls his stick like a seasoned baton twirler. I checked out the Fantasy Springs Lit Lounge Country Night line-up for the next month and he will be back with The Sarah Winchester Band at the end of the month. This will be the first time I will get to hear her and her band as I had only seen them in Country Nation.

This was from last night.

This morning I was looking for contact info to request a media pass for Sara Evans. She will be there on November 15th. I was checking out her website and saw this shirt! I must have it. My adult onset ADHD just kicked in…

This shirt coming soon! Love it and it’s making me sing my song! Check out for this and other stuff.

I just saw that two of my photos are being used. No, I am not one of those people that want something for nothing. I know this is going to anger some people. Unless some one hired me to take their photos, then they owe me nothing. I know what my work looks like. I think it is shitty when a photographer feels like they have to sue someone over something that took the photographer less than a second make the decision to shoot. It is their bad if they have to spend hours on editing. I am speaking about paparazzi photos or anything that are shot without the consent of the subject. Be grateful that you were able to get the shot. If you the photographer feel it is so good, sell it to a media outlet, not the subject, ever. Again, this is my opinion and my opinion only. Okay, so maybe there can be a happy medium, maybe if the artist credits the photographer then the whole silly lawsuits like these will go away. We live in a day an age where not many things are sacred. Images get hawked all the time from the internet. For me, I always worry that a band that I have taken picture of will not like the photos I tagged them in and I am so grateful when they use them. I may not be around for long but my photos will, hopefully. Anyhow, it just feels good that my photos were good enough to use. Thanks guys for using them! Much appreciation.

This made my morning when I saw this! The top photo is from the first time I saw Country Nation at Lit Lounge. The second photo is from when I first saw South 65. I haven’t seen Nitro Express but will be sure to be there.
Michael Monroe Goodman on December 12, surely something I will not miss!

Although I am looking forward to all the coming bands, I really can’t wait for Michael Monroe Goodman. He was playing guitar with another great entertainer, Neil Morrow last year I got a few photos of him and a video him singing Working Man Blues. It will be great to try and capture him and his Ninja’s ( the band). We ordered the coolest hat from him last year as well because it had a rooster on it. Best impulse buy ever!

Love that white guitar!

I had to watch the video again and boy can he do some fine pickin’. They were all excellent. That is Keith Rosier on bass and John Shelley on drums. We also saw him last September in Huntington Beach. He was on the bill along with The Rob Staley Band. We had such a long drive home that night that we did not get to see his full set. I am looking forward to all of these shows.

There is something about a white guitar that makes my heart race.

If you are reading this and you are near Fantasy Springs on any given Thursday night, do stop in for some toe-tapping entertainment.

To all of you that stop by and check out this blog, I really thank you for letting me have a few moments of your time. It still amazes me that my words are being read in several different countries as well as here in the States and I thank all of you that have been following along. I am not looking for followers per se, I am looking for stuff, connections, to learn about different cultures and read other peoples words about their life and where they have traveled. Really, I don’t get out much or travel to far away places. I follow some blogs that entertain me, make me laugh, ones that make me think or feel something. Thank you to all of you that write!

Time to get these ol’ bones moving and get my walking in for the day. Also, been working on cutting out different landmark in the Coachella Valley. I haven’t felt very creative lately and finally, the flood gates have opened and I am feel a little crafty again. So, new t-shirt design coming soon.

Have a peaceful day where ever you are and hope to see you around these parts again.

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