Live Nude Rocks

Hello Monday and hello to new adventures, in my mind. Yes, in my mind I can travel to far away places and have two moons in my sky, if I wanted. I had mentioned that I had been in a creative rut but I knew that if I just kept shooting photos of things that piqued my interest I would open up my higher eye to other possibilities. Truth is I smoke that stuff, it is legal where I am from but it has been helping me at least with pain. No, it doesn’t mask the pain, it makes me not care about it and helps me relax depending on the strain. Before my surgery and way before I moved to the desert, when I couldn’t sleep I used to write or watch re-runs of SVU, don’t get me started on my love for Forensic Files. I also had a blog that detailed the state of my dating life (Hmmm, I guess you can call that dating) and I also wrote a few short stories. Now, it is too uncomfortable to write as I used to. Anyhow, that stuff also helps me see things differently. My poor kids must think I am such a hypocrite, but hey after all they were the ones that educated me to the medicinal uses when I was having seizures on a regular basis. Sorry, not sorry, guys for the things I did to keep you away from it. Luckily, I only have absence seizures and not the gran mal type. Funny, but since my surgery, those odd symptoms that were diagnosed as seizures have gone away. Could it be that I am no longer on prescribed medication? Worth looking into but just don’t really care. All I know is that this is the best, albeit the spinal shocks and aches, that I have felt in years.

Time for a song break, and this little gem is brought to you by John Cougar Mellancamp.

Who doesn’t need a lover that won’t drive them crazy?

It is getting easier to enjoy sitting at my computer in the mornings and listening to music. The past month or so have been rough. I feel like I have to watch my playing minutes as sitting too long is what gets me into trouble. Before my surgery, I always had pain when I sat too long. I used to sit at the edge of my seat and lean forward as that was the most comfortable position. It has been hard to not revert back to that familiar position. The best position is sitting up straight, holding my stomach muscles in. I know as soon as I am not sitting in the right position I will get a jolt or shock.

So, as I was mentioning in the first paragraph, I was stuck. When hubby and I are out driving I always have a camera with me. Although I have slowed down, my mind hasn’t. Sometimes the landscape can conjure up scenes and my mind will fill in the blanks and create the the rest. So sometimes, I may take hundreds of photos but only use one and maybe just an object that was captured. A few years ago when we were out in Joshua Tree and a little medicated, okay, well very medicated. The rock formations started to look like stuff.

My bucket list on top of the book I published. If These Rock Could Talk: Joshua Tree Uncensored

So, I got an idea to take photos of all the formations that I thought looked like something, at least to me. I also had an item on my bucket list -Get published! It’s on a the list that also included “Body Transplant and Wake Up Pain Free”. So, I created a photo book and wrote a little something about our trip and placed the book for sale. To get the item of my list, it needed to get published and I needed to sell just one. So I purchased three books from the self-publishing site I used to make the book.

This rock in the Jumbo Rocks exhibit area looks like the smaller boulder to the left is whispering into the large rock.

I listed one book on Ebay and hoped that I got at least one buyer to purchase the book. The buyer had no idea that I planned on giving them their money back. The book sold for $5 bucks! One of my high school friends purchased it on the last day of the auction!

I call this one “Doggy Style”. Geesh, I never said I was an adult…
I call this one “Ass up, Face down”. The little rodent on the rock made this pick so much better in my mind.

Every time we are out in Joshua Tree, nothing ever looks the same. I guess again it depends of the strain of my medication or the available sun light.

To me, this one looks like a sleeping stegosaurus or perhaps it truly is a stoned creature.

Looking back, I really should have put more thought into the book. It had many typos and such. However, it did get that one item off my list.

This is one of the book promos. See what I mean about my childish sense of humor.
I have seen sculptures like this of these two rocks making out sell for a couple of cents or more…
Big rock, little head…huhuhhuhuhuh. I used this as the book cover.

The book tells the story of our one and only camping experience. Camping and back pain really do not mix as well as putting up a tent and lack of patience. So glad that both hubby and I made it out of Joshua Tree the next morning.

Run rabbit run….

Joshua Tree is a photographers paradise, at least for me. Truly, I could spend hours there and I am glad that it is only 30 minutes from here so we get to luxury of getting to check it out in all the seasons, whenever we feel like it.

We haven’t camped again. I can’t imagine sleeping in a tent on the ground with my back the way it is but I do want to do it again. Sometimes pain is worth it just to get to spend days like this. First thing we will need to acquire is a tent that automatically sets itself up as well as repacks itself. Yeah, I know still dreaming.

Keep dreaming dear reader where ever you are. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see ya’ll again.

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