Open Roads

Hey there, how goes it? Made it to Thursday, oh joy! Not being sarcastic, really. Having a little trouble getting started. Hubby played a happy hour gig with classic rock cover band, Ghosts of Kelso at The Sands Golf &RV Resort in Desert Hot Springs. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised at the set-up and the way that resort was run. Even though it was a shorter gig than they usually play it wore me out as I walked around more to try and get better shots. My balance is getting better, hopefully my unsteadiness will go away. I could really get into this type of living. Their were mobile homes as well as many trailers and RVs through out the park. The view was truly breathtaking.

When we arrived around 2 PM and I sat and watched golfers drive golf balls into a very lush and green driving range as hubby set up his equipment. It looked so relaxing that I wanted to grab a club and go drive some balls. My neurosurgeon advised against any golf playing for me as I asked at one of my appointments, so it will have to remain a dream. Luckily, a month before my surgery, my ex-coworkers had a bucket of used golf balls and a few clubs. We used to break out the clubs and balls during lunch time so at least I got to experience the game. Also, I loved how all the guests at the social hour seemed to be living their best lives and gosh darn it, I want to be like them! Some people danced and I could see neighbors visiting neighbors. The resort even had a happy hour spread of food. My wheels are turning, that it for sure. Ask my kids about all my threats of getting an RV and living on the road after the youngest turned 18. Well, I did run away to the desert but am in no way near the dream of living on the road and searching out BBQ joints throughout the United States. Hubby also has similar dreams and we both agree on the RV dream so maybe someday I will be part of one of those communities. So I will start researching and planning.

The sun was going down just as the guys finished their last set. A couple of people even got int he pool.
I like it when there is room for me to grab a few pics behind the band as they play.

It is not often that I get a chance to get photos from that close or with this much light. Most of the places that the guys play have limited room to get around. I really enjoyed last night as it was just the guys and they all seemed loose and relaxed. That RV Resort vacation vibe was truly rubbing off on them.

Talk about tricky lighting. All of the photos came straight out of the Sony and need to be edited. It appears that there was ample light but the guys were playing in shadow. I will edit a few later.
This is guitarist, Bruce Martinelli. He joined GOK just recently and has been a great addition.
This is Kelly Heldenbrand, he drums and sings.
On bass is my hubby Jim Keena and on guitar and vocals is Tom Walker
I just posted this to my IG.

I received some fantastic new a few days ago. My sister gave me tickets to the Van Morrison concert at Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas in February 2020. Hopefully, I can secure a media pass. If not, I know I will be dismantling one of my cameras and sneaking it in. I just want one good shot of Van. He truly is my favorite musician, EVER!!! OMG!!! Luckily, I have seen him from the orchestra section at the Hollywood Bowl. It was everything I ever imagine as I had read so much about him that I could get my hands on. I went that show by myself as none of my friends were interested. It was sad that I couldn’t sell my other ticket but seating being what it is at the Hollywood Bowl, I made the most of the empty seat in that crowded section. It is sometimes hard for me to listen to music and not recognize his influence on other musicians. Many bands have covered his songs. I had the Bang Masters on cassette and then later via CD. Also, he truly commands the stage and demands perfection from his backing bands. He is everything people have written about. I saw it play out on the stage when he stopped during a song and made his backing band start again. Call it what you will but an artist knows what is right and to him what he presents is a fine portrait for the ear. I truly look forward to this show and am so grateful for my generous sister!

To you reader, thank you for stopping by. Where ever your journey takes you today, enjoy. Hope to see you again.

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