Modulating my Amplitudes

You know what today is? For me it is the morning after Country Night, Friday! That’s right I tried to stay home last night as a seasonal bug tried to keep me on the couch. However, curiosity really didn’t kill the cat as they have all those lives… so I coaxed hubby into taking me out for a ‘lil bit. Why was I so curious? I had seen the post by one of the promoters and it sounded like I was going to be missing out as this band is busy and it was their first time in the Lit Lounge for Country night. Oh my goodness! The Just Dave Band really delivered! I got a little googly-eyed when I was scoping out their instruments before they hit the stage after a break. There was a banjo and a steel guitar, and that drum kit that got my punker heart racing.

I finally got brave and took this from the front of the balcony. Truly I must find something better for my acrophobia.

We only stayed for a set but truly wished we could have stayed to watch the closing set. The floor was full and swinging to some great classic country. The Just Dave Band is a five piece band from Southern California. Fronting the band is Dave Bernal. He was truly amazing! How could he not be with a that holster of harmonicas, I mean, guitar strap. Also, during their rendition of Hey Baby, Que Paso? He did something I have never seen or heard before. He grabbed a harmonica that was strategically placed in the holster and took it out and played that mouth harp with pedal effects. Mind blown as it emitted the coolest sound.

I wished I would have gotten a few shots from the first floor but didn’t get the chance.

Also, without even looking, I knew the bass player was playing a Fender and what a natural wood beauty she was. Something about that Fender sound, you sure can feel it. The drummer kicked some major tail last night. Before they even started playing I was getting all giddy cause you know it is not the size that matters and for me sometimes smaller is better, way better!

One of my practice shots while I was tuning up my gear.

If you are in Southern California, check them out! I linked their Facebook page here.

Here is a little clip of them in action.

All I can think about right now as I remember begging my father to change the radio when we were in the car that I am so glad he would never change the station. Because of this, all these classic old country and some of the old rock tunes they played last night were uber familiar to me. I could almost picture my Dad with his hand on the table in our kitchen, drinking a beer and tapping his fingers to the beat as he did. He also had a funny way of speak-singing. I really wish we had video of my Dad. He would have so enjoyed the last night.

Well, tonight is November 15, 2019 and this chick right here got media passes for Sara Evans!!! Hopefully, tomorrow I will have some great shots to share. All I know is her songs got me through some good, bad and ugly stuff. Okay, so here is my cosmic apology to who ever sits next to me, I am probably going to be singing most of her songs and my voice is well, not Sara Evan quality. Tickets are still available if you are in the Coachella Valley tonight. The fun starts at 8 PM.

To you dear reader, have a fabulous day and may all your lights be green.

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