Like the Sun

Hello Friday! I had a little trouble getting started this morning. Seems I got to warm myself up for 20 minutes like the old Plymouth that we used to own. If only I could pump the gas a few times and then turn my ignition key to get me going. That would be cool if I could get my engine replaced as I think I may have a crack in my head, sometimes. Too bad, my warranty ran out a long time ago and I can’t be returned as a lemon. I know, what is it with the car analogies? During my walk this morning I saw a guy fiddling with his car. It reminded me of all those POS’s that I have owned in my life but it really wasn’t that bad. I did take two years of auto shop in high school. I wanted to help the guy this morning but then shyness kicked in and I kept walking. Anyhow, it’s going to be a long day. Hubby plays with the Ghost of Kelso tonight at the Red barn in Palm Desert. I know I can count on a fun night as the patrons that we see every time the guys play there.

I am sure that I am a little sleepy as we were out last night at the Lit Lounge for Country night. Sara Winchester was there and I would not have missed it. It was her first time there with her band. She has been a frequent flier to the Lit Lounge stage with another band, Country Nation.

Gotta love there energy!

We arrived at Lit Lounge around 9:30 PM just after they had a break. The floor was full and swingin’. That is probably the best thing about Country Night is watching all those dancers. I miss those days in my early 20’s when my girlfriends and I had our favorite nights during the week to go out. Often we used to frequent 2 to 3 bars or night clubs a night as we knew people at many places. We would dance, laugh and drank . So glad I got to experience that before all those adult things took over my life. For their second set, we sat downstairs so I could use my 35mm prime and an older gentleman looked over at me and motioned a question to me. He wanted to dance, and almost took him up on his offer. Next time, it’s on!

It was awesome that we got to see her play a banjo and a guitar. For me though, I love the interaction she has with the band as they all sparkled. Their interactions with each other only added to their performance. Visually, they nail it every time. You almost feel like you are watching your kids perform, your adult kids, that is. Kudos to the drummer and his drummer faces. If you ever get the chance to see them live at one of the various places in So. Cal that they play, watch him. He makes me laugh every single time we see them. Just reviewing the shots from last night made me giggle a few times this morning.

They will be returning to the Lit Lounge in February 2020. Hopefully, I will be feeling a little better and can set up another photo session with Sara. I opted out of asking her as I haven’t even finished editing the last shoot with her. I am so grateful, really, for the last two shoots though. As they showed me the areas I need to work on and how my new limitations affect my shooting and most importantly, my creativity.

It is time to bust a move. Yeah, a little dancing and then maybe a swim. So glad the rain has passed in our area.

To you dear reader, where ever you are, hope you laugh and smile and do something completely for yourself. You deserve it! Thank you for stopping by and hope to see you again.

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