My Own Party

Hello there and how goes it? It’s been hard to get back here, not that I haven’t wanted to return. It’s not like I have been gone for that long, really. To me it just feels that way. I am a creature of habit, however, when I fall out of the habit sometimes I need a road map to get me back on course. We just had rain here in the Coachella Valley and with the rain brings the pain. My bones can forecast the weather almost a few weeks before we have any changes. I should have been a weather girl oops, sorry I mean forecaster. So, in the past week, my WordPress subscription became due for renewal and it is not a necessary evil in my world right now, so I haven’t renewed. If they would have an honest monthly plan, I would have handed over my plastic numbers, willingly. You see, I am out of precious space on this site and need to not only renew, but upgrade. So, for me wanting a place to post my photos and and paying for the last year or so and now I can’t. I really get anxiety about posting much on FB or any social media. It started after my surgery and I can’t seem to shake it. So, that has been a little bit of why I haven’t been back, but really, I love the feeling of looking at the blank screen waiting to be filled with my thoughts and ideas. I have been doing other things like working on strumming. Now that I have a few weeks of learning chords, but that dreaded C chord, it’s going to happen, maybe after the rain…who knows. The guitar doesn’t feel so foreign and mystical as it once did. Now I am working on strumming, and boy it really has not come natural to me. If I could only turn off my brain for a bit to quiet the insecurities I have as I practice alone while hubby is at work. My dream is to learn to play one song and e able to surprise hubby and to learn about the things that I am mildly obsessed with, musical instruments. I just laughed as I think about my hearing issues, wondering if I am so obsessed because I know how precious our ears are as I only have one working one.

I did actually come here for a reason, even if it was to only celebrate by myself. I have been creating T-shirt designs and have a few posted at Spreadshirt. (I will post the link to it at the bottom of the post. This morning I was uploading a new design. I guess I hadn’t been back there since July as I just noticed that I have sold two shirts!!! Yeah, I know two shirts, and I made a whole $4 bucks!!! The thing that excites me is that I didn’t really promote it. I think I posted about it here and maybe to FB where my friends and family know me and according to the stats on my FB page, I really don’t draw much attention. I have mentioned before, if I follow you it’s not because I want a follow back, I really am interested in you the person. You might be painter, actor, singer, musician, writer, film maker. Anyhow, back to my little party! Thank you , gracias, danka, arrigato!!! You just made my whole day to the kind person that purchased shirts. I hope it looked great on you or whoever you got it for. You know, there is a saying about the little things and victories and if you were here you could see me dance as I sing along to a little Lady Antebellum...”Oh sugar nooo”

Well to you reader, may you have your victories to celebrate. Cheers to you and cheers to ME!!!

Oh yeah, here is the link to Spreadshirt


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