Hello and good Friday to you where ever you are today. The weekend and new adventures await. Yesterday, we welcomed our newest grandson to the world. He is perfect and his little round head was fuzzy with hair and afterbirth. I loved seeing how proud my son was holding him. It’s still hard to believe that it was almost 22 years ago on New Years Eve when my son was born. Now to watch him as a parent amazes me. I hope he creates many good memories with his brood.

So thankful to still be alive and walking, I can only hope to be lucky enough to see him become an adult.

Last night was also country night at Fantasy Springs and I had been looking forward to going out as the last few weeks we had stayed in because I was having a little more discomfort than normal. Even sitting at my desk and editing has been a little difficult. Life with Cauda Equina Syndrome has been getting better. What keeps me from going off the deep-end is that I have come to terms that I am not going to be physically where I was before but know that this does not mean that things are going to get worse and that not all pain is created equal, sometimes it is less, some times more but doing things that I enjoy keep it quiet-ish.

The first thing I noticed as I took my seat in the balcony was that the sound was clean. There was no distracting buzz. Kudos to whoever fixed it!

Anyhow, I had been looking forward to the musical act that was in the Lit Lounge last night. It was a man that we had seen a few times before, Michael Monroe Goodman and his white guitar Fender Telecaster. The first time we saw him he was at the Lit Lounge with Neil Morrow and I had recorded him singing Merle Haggard’s Working Man Blues in early 2018. We then saw him again at the Circle in Huntington Beach, CA. It was unfortunate that we only got to catch a few of his songs as we had a long ride back to the desert and both hubby and I had to work the following morning. I followed him on IG always hoping to see him playing some place close. The wait was finally over and he played with his Honky Tonk Ninja’s last night in the Lit Lounge and the wait was worth it!

This is Michael Monroe Goodman and that gorgeous Telecaster.
The Sony takes better video so I used the Nikon as the lens was faster. I surely needed it because his fingers were moving and grooving.

Mr. Goodman played many of his original songs as well as some fine country covers of George and Merle and Cash. The band was so clean and sharp, like they had been playing together for years. I did get googly-eyed a few times checking out the equipment. First off, the bass player was playing a gorgeous Ibanez hollow-body. It was the first time I had seen or heard one of those and yeah, it had great tone and it helped that the bass player had a gentle touch on the strings. Oh yeah, I am a sucker for bass and love that deep sound…ask my hubby, he knows what I like… The drummer had a small kit that was white and sparkly. He was also very skillful. He really kept the beat and his facial expressions showed pure enjoyment. There was also a steel player. I always get a little giddy when I see one now-a-days. I am a little partial to the steel guitar and the sounds it makes because those sounds make me feel all kinds of things. There is just something about it, like it’s happy or it’s mournful but never in between. All I know is that it reminds me of days gone by and my Dad and music from my childhood. After all, because of my Dad, I knew about Hank, Willie and Patsy and even Kenny Rogers, yeah I know…

This shot was taken with the Sony. I tried everything. Changing the shutter speed,using a few different auto features and still not good from the balcony. I know I need a better lens for that camera.

I wanted to stay till they finished but we had to go. Hope they are back in town soon.

A little George cover.

I just listened to a few of his studio versions and the songs there are just as good as hearing him live, but do check him out as not only can that man sing he sure can play guitar, my oh my. Here is the link to Spotify so you can check him out for yourself.

I have recorded many version versions of this song and I have to say this one was tops!

To you dear reader, have a lovely day and hope you dance or sing or both. Thank you for stopping by and hope to see you again.

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