Hello world on this Tuesday in January 2020. Hubby had a three day weekend and we spent Saturday and Sunday near Seal Beach as he sat in with a band that he used to play in, Boxcar 7. It was nice catching up with the members of the band and some of their family.

I love the look, they look like they should be holding hi-balls and smoking cigars.

The band plays a mix of soul, blues and rock covers that feature horns and keys. The room is always lively and the small makeshift dance floor at the Kobe Steak House is always packed. What always amazes me is that the stage is in my estimation 15 ft wide by 4 feet deep. These are no little guys in the band, well except for Andrew the drummer and hubby. Really, they are all larger than life when they get on that stage. Singer Scott Griffith is a mountain that can sing and boy can he move and groove. His facial expressions while he sings tell so many stories. Hubby played with them for I think 10 years as hubby and I did not communicate much during his tenure with the band. It is nice that they call him to sit in when their current bass player cannot play. I love watching hubby as he plays, especially with this band. You wouldn’t know it by looking at him but that boy can groove and still manage to give me a sly smile while he is playing. He gets my heart racing like a giddy teenager. Another goal this year is to get that man on the dance floor!

Bob on guitar and Andrew Shreve on drums.
Scott, the singing mountain…just giggled as I have visualized Photoshopping small people on this head kind of like the scene from the Sound of Music…

The lady on stage was a special guest and she could really belt it out.

The following morning we did what we usually do, lounge in bed over coffee and such. We stayed at a decent low-priced hotel. I was worried, actually, I was intrigued as when we pulled out there was a huddle of fancily dressed women in front of the hotel. They seemed to be having a staff meeting. Yeah. However, once we were checked in and settled I had to admit that I would give them 4 out of 5 stars. I love that hubby and I have a lot of little things we do, like pushing the limits of the hotel check-out times, and happily going downstairs to raid the continental breakfast treasures. That kid that still lives in me has found a partner as well as hubby seems to have his own child dwelling in him.

After check out, we headed toward Santa Monica. We made it to Playa Vista, not exactly where I wanted to go but was glad that hubby had not decided to head for home. Me, personally can find something to entertain me where ever I go. We were driving by this park that had a pond and it was full of birds. There were seagulls, ducks and cranes and few others that I couldn’t name but I saw them. We spent 20 minutes there so I could photograph the birds and the park.

I call this one Flocking Around.
That tree scarred with graffiti could probably tell some tales.

We left that park and then started looking for a place to park so we could walk to the beach. We parked near the bike trail and bridge that went over this long canal that emptied into the water. The cool thing about that spot was the beach had a long walk cement walkway that lead to the close to water. How cool is that? I will keep this place in mind should I need walking aids again!

Ugh, I have not edited the dirt spots out of these photos.

As I mentioned before, hubby used my Nikon and I had removed the training wheels and he was shooting in manual. I did make sure that the camera had the optimal ISO and shutter speeds so that all he would need to do was adjust focus and shoot. The below photos were all snapped by hubby.

That dog was so cool. The dog and his playmate (owner) were playing fetch . The dog seemed to be at ease swimming.
There was one lone surfer in his “secret spot”.
It was the best feeling ever to stand with my feet in the sand and the water rushing over my feet.

The photos above were all taken by hubby. I think he did great. I like watching others take photos as it kind of gives you their view and how they see the world. When we were walking back to the car we noticed all the signs that were at the end of the walk-way. I had to stop and photgraph it.

Too much of something is not a good thing obviously as many biker whizzed past us.
That ball was probably some dogs beloved toy.
We drove through South Central and I spotted this cool mural.

The ride home was quick as there was not the usual weekend traffic on the way home. I really wanted to spend time in DTLA near my old apartment. I get the pangs every now and again. I have been researching bus trips between here and Union Station. I think I can get a round trip on Flix Bus for $20.00. Really, I would like to take a day trip and visit my old haunts and spend time photographing the scenes I had in my head as I used to drive around the city.

This morning I spent a little time reading posts from last year. Also, I had a received an email that seemed like it was from a genuine person the day before asking if I would like to collab. I have been hoping to meet others as I don’t get to leave home much. It turns out that it was from a company that can help you be a better blogger. WTF? Really? I have always treated every blog that I have ever published as an online diary of sorts. I am probably going to expand this website to include the Pain Project and other projects but that will come in time. Anyhow, this is the first time that I am not being anonymous and am using my pictures and stories about my life, after all, a blog really started as an online diary and that is how I have been using it as a place to share my photos and history, my history. Also, I am trying to figure out what I am going to do in this next portion of my life. This post was started yesterday and because of the issues with my back I cannot sit for long. This makes writing and editing difficult. I know how many followers I have and I am not looking to buy any, I am always happy that I have many readers that stop by and it is always such a blessing when someone comments or reaches out because my post for a certain day made them feel something or want to look up an artist that I mentioned. Also, I started cleaning my email box again and noticed that I was in fact denied a media pass for Sara Evans and it was not some email error. I thought I had a victory but no, I did not. Finding that email made me feel so defeated but really I have no time to wallow. Tonight I am stepping out of my comfort zone and am attending an orientation to volunteer for an organization in our community as a….photographer!!! If my back did not hurt I would be doing the Cabbage Patch, that was a dance in the 80’s for you youngsters! I am so excited! This means that I will get to be out and will get to meet new people and hopefully help in someway. I am sure that I will be the one benefiting most in this effort. I have volunteered for them in the past for special events. I am so grateful that they are giving me a this opportunity!

These sparkly ass shoes that I triumphantly wore a week after my surgery to proclaim that I was going to beat this shit and walk again, unaided.

Well, it is time to rest up for tonight. Yes, it takes a little more energy to get moving but once I am in action there is almost no stopping me. To you reader, may you have many little adventures and victories as you wear your proverbial Sparkly Ass Shoes.

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