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Hello and good day to you where ever you are reading this. It is April 6, 2020 in the world, depending on where you are, is in various stages of the pandemic. Here in America, we were warned yesterday about a pending “Pearl Harbor Moment” and “hardest week.” I will stop any more news reporting/misquoting right there. There are plenty of reliable news sources to get information that is not clouded by the writers political and emotional views, mainly mine. So, if you are looking for a rant about the current situation, you will not find it here today (mostly). What you will find here today and probably through out most posts this month will be about the green stuff, the Devil’s lettuce. You know those ladies – Dona Juanita, Mary Jane, Auntie Mary and Grama Kush. Really folks, life is way to short to be so stressed out. Besides, if your silly ass is doing what you are supposed to be doing like staying home, then you wouldn’t have to be out there snitchin’. You memba just like back in the day when the kids from the other side of the tracks said they saw you at Kmart. Well, if they saw you at Kmart then they must have been there too?!? Just sayin’… So, if this is not your thing, no worries. There are plenty of blogs out there to discover. Just typing a key word into the search bar of WP will bring up any number of blogs. So, give it a try, you never know what hidden gem you can find. Oh yeah, I just finished that list of weed songs. If you want to skip to that it is at the end of the post.

The hummingbird buzzes in around :44

Yesterday, I took a few photos of a sunflower or I should say, I was trying. The flower had not yet bloomed so I had set it up so the sun in the background could look like a bright flower. However, the animals were not having it. There was a hummingbird that kept running into the stalk and then Taco, our Maine Coon, decided she wanted to join in. The video above caught some of that play time. This happens often when I am out in the garden. If we ever let the feeder run dry, the hummingbirds will often hover at the kitchen window and will buzz our heads to remind us to refill. Those little creatures, with their tiny brains, sure are smart.

So, where are my puzzle heads at? The ones that can zone out creating formulas in Excel to figure out a watering system for your plants or how to create an address demo? I just spent the last few days listening to songs about the green stuff. My list includes 66 songs and according to Spotify the playtime is 4 hours and 20 minutes give or take a few seconds. I had to add and remove songs to get it just right. Honorable mention to the band Sleep for the song Dopesmoker. Epic song to get couch-locked with. Unfortunately, that song was over an hour long so I had to cut it from my list, but that is a song that any of you can use. What would your list look like? There are hundreds of songs. Many of these I had never heard, not even once. Hubby and I made it a joint effort. Take for instance, Hugh Laurie’s Weed Smokers Dream, this song gave me visions of a smoky jazz club and me sitting there watching through half-open eyes…

Yeah, that is Dr. House

Well, where ever you and what ever you are doing, be safe, be kind. May you laugh so hard you cry today.

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  1. morishige says:

    So that’s the hummingbird. The first time I hear about this type of bird was when I was a 7th or 8th grader. A friend of mine had just moved in from Malaysia and when we were asked to write a paragraph in Indonesian language (bahasa Indonesia) she wrote about hummingbird. We didn’t really know about it so we made fun of her. Kids can be jerk, yeah. 🙂

    Well, the songs on the list are nice. My fave is the Sublime’s. That’s perhaps the third Sublime’s song I’ve listened after Santeria and–I forget the other one. 😀

    You have a great day!


  2. says:




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