Ahoy Mateys!

Top o’ the morning or evening to you where ever you are right now. It is April 7, 2020 and I have made it back to blog another day. This morning I played a little game of SD Card Roulette. I put a bunch of SD cards in a cup and shook it around and pour it out on my desk. Then I picked a card out. The card I chose is such a great card. It has pictures from January 18 – 25, 2018. On this card are photos of: country band South 65, country band, JB and the Big Circle Riders, classic rock cover band Ghosts of Kelso and a few random photos of my hubby and family. It is fun looking at the old photos and re-editing. I will post these throw backs here and to IG for fun. I know I have been joking around about this month and smoking reefer but here is a quick fact, 97.99% of the photos I take I was medicated…yeah….uuuhhhh.

South 65. This shot was taken in January 2018 from the balcony.

First on the card is South 65. They are a hard working, country-rock cover band from Northern California. That was the first day that I saw them perform at Fantasy Springs. Their guitarist, and I became Facebook friends which theoretically, means nothing. However, I do follow his posts to see when they are coming to town and his personal posts as well. Although I do not interact with him (I don’t want to seem creepy), it is nice to see him as a family man and how he juggles that and performing. Now I am getting to see the effects of the pandemic crisis in the people that I have followed and photographed and cheered on. It is scary and sobering. Thank you for opening that window into your world and I hope that relief is on the way for you and the thousands of other working performers or freelancers that are feeling the uncertainty of these historic times. Please know that we will be waiting for your band and all bands to return to bars, restaurants, clubs, sidewalks, patios or where ever it will be allowed when this crisis over. It is so refreshing to see so many helping others during this time even when they themselves are on the brink. Anyhow, here are a few of the past good times that I have captured when I was out with my camera. Sometimes, well, most times, I was not supposed to be taking pictures. I broke rules and it sucks and I do not condone what I did but have no regrets. Again, if any of my photos offend any of the subject in them I will gladly remove them and never post them again on any of my social media. To any and all performers, street or Broadway, I respect you and hope that you continue in your creative pursuits and dreams. If you would like any of the photos I will gladly for free, send you a clean edited copy of video or photos, just message me.

That January night I remember well, this big dude, in a cowboy hat, who is well known in the Coachella Valley came up to me that night and saw me with my camera. He said that he used to not let people take photos but we chatted for a half-hour and he asked about if I shot in RAW or Standard I said Standard as it used less space. I told him I was just practicing. He said good, it was what he needed as the photog that he used only shot in RAW and heavily edited his photos. He told me to go ahead, gave me and hubby his card and said if they (hotel staff/security) gave me a problem to give them his name and tell them it was okay. Well, you know what they say about assuming. Yeah, not laughing. Lesson learned. Anyhow, I still did, up until a few months ago when I was again reminded of the rules. So yeah. No more being a rebel but now I can show off my pirates booty of photos that I stole from Fantasy Springs…Arggh!! I hope to be back t at least be able to watch the band perform and sneak a camera phone photo or two but hey to sit there and get to listen to a great night of country music sounds like a winner to me.

Thank you dear reader for stopping by. May you have a peaceful day where ever you are. Hugs to you. If feel like know one cares, I do.

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    I have put in a lot of effort in my blog. Please check it out and drop a follow..


    1. Nice blog. Not sure why your comments was filtered to the spam folder. I will check it out more and thank you for stopping by my blog as well.


  2. morishige says:

    I love the last photo πŸ˜€ Anyway, the story about the big dude makes me believe that humanity still exists πŸ˜€

    Have a great day!


  3. Yes, humanity still exists. That big dude had no say over who could get media passes at the casino. I really needed clearance through the hotel and I had thought I had a few times and but there seems to be issues with communication in these parts. My one bit of advice to any one and I did not follow it, get everything in writing. I had gotten a verbal okay and that was not enough.
    Thanks. I was able to get that photo because I had permission, or so I thought, to shoot in the lounge and had a chance to adjust the camera because it is very dark in there and I shoot with out a flash.

    Thanks again for reading along! Have a great day!


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