Good morning out there! Feeling a little chipper this morning. It’s Thursday in the Coachella Valley April 16, 2020 and the world is changing. It seems that we are moving farther and farther away from yesterday and what we considered normal. There are now talks that concerts and sporting events may be postponed or rescheduled in 2021. Yes, 2021 until contingency plans can be made. Truly, can anyone ever be safe in a group of large numbers? Remember when we were kids and every year at the beginning of the year that one kid , you’ memba, the one with the crusty sweater sleeve, and she would put her arm around you. Then she would drink from your milk and Billy would wipe his face with her sweater. Yeah, you ‘memba. Then a few weeks later every one had runny noses and eyes. It was the stuff that I have in my childhood memories. The good stuff. Will our children be able to go back out and bake dirt brownies and try and fool the neighbor boys into eating them? I remember cringing when my kids would share one bottle of soda or eat one slice of pizza among 6 guys so each person didn’t miss out. Sometimes, you can’t stop kids or people from being people. So, I am going to have faith. Faith in science. Faith in mankind. Yes, really. My Mom grew up during the polio epidemic. I cannot confirm or deny if my Mom had it or did not have it. She says that she did. However, my Mom and her sisters also went through many flu seasons and epidemics; measles, chicken pox, German measles and had several inoculations through-out their lifetimes. That I can confirm, they had round scars on their arms to prove it. When they, the scientists that are furiously working on one, come up with this vaccine, and they will, I will be there with my sleeve rolled up waiting for it. Until then, I will keep maintaining CDC guidelines and social distancing. May all of you have your wits and do what you think is right whatever that may be, please just stay away from me, my family, my neighbor, that dude over there, her Aunt Sally, and those people over there…thank you.

Yesterday I wrote about photographer Kirk West. I wrote that I reached out to him because hey, really people, this morning, and these are the facts posted below (as copied from Google) regarding the Coronavirus in the US. people are dying. Yeah, I know, that many people die from everyday things, blah, blah, blah. Tell that bullshit to someone else. Facts are facts. I was a staff accountant. I believe in numbers. Numbers do not lie, unless, someone manipulates them. Please friends, family, strangers who ever you and where ever you are, please be mindful. Know that more people are going to die from this illness that could have been prevented. Yes, you are smarter than the average bear and you are healthy and know better. Well, I do not know better, my body does not know the difference between a good germ and a bad germ or that I could pass it on to some one that is even weaker than myself, so because of this, I will act like I don’t know you if I see you and stay away! I’ll see you on-line tho’… Also, dear California government, please, oh please rethink what you are doing by releasing some of these inmates. Desperate times require desperate measures but they do not require idiotic measures. I will not get into my history but know that there are women or children that are not sleeping at night or may not even make it through the night and not directly because of the virus…

United StatesUnited States

This was as of 6 AM 4.16.2020

Okay, I guess I got a little carried away with my time on the soapbox. Anyhow, I started looking at Kirk West’s FB page and then I started thinking about a letter I wrote to a band a couple of years ago to see if I could get a media pass. I was willing to try anything at that point. I chickened out and never sent it. I thought I had kept the original letter but I could not locate it. Anyhow, I did keep a copy in on the computer. I found it going through the computer when I was looking for a short story I was working on. Funny enough, it was written almost 2 years ago. Here is the letter. I wish I had the original as it had some cross outs and other things written on it. I never sent it as I chickened out. It was a long shot anyway. What was I thinking?

Well, you know, after I sent that message to Mr. West I thought that it wasn’t that hard. I might as well tell these people or at least let others know how they influenced my life or how great their music or art form is. Mr. West may never get my message, but maybe he will. At least someone will know that someone out there appreciated him. Also, it was so cool to be able to message another WP friend about the Allman Brothers as he actually watched a video that I recommended. How cool is that? By the way, go check out my friends’s blog (hope you don’t mind πŸ™‚ )He has a vast knowledge of music for someone so young and well traveled! Very cool photos! Oh, and I laughed as I read a message from him where he mentioned that ” The guys of the Descendants are like the ancestors of Green Day, Blink 182, Sum41. ” I sighed and got a little tear in my eye and hubby said, “He’s right!” So yeah…Give the Descendents their props. They were very influential indeed.

Hubby turned my phone on us at 1:26 at a break between I’m the One and Testosterone. That is the beauty of a punk show. The songs usually only last a a minute or two.

This has been a fun trip down memory lane. May you be having fun out there. I know things kind of suck, okay, they suck today and they will probably suck tomorrow. Remember, you are responsible for you and how you feel. Thank you for stopping by dear reader. Hope you had fun today and created new memories or wandered down your own. See you around again! Hugs to you that is needing it.

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  1. Timothy Price says:

    Times are changing. Often groups and shows have press staff you can email for a press pass. Sometimes it’s a formal process, sometimes you just ask and they say yes or no. I’ve had more press passes granted than denied, and in a couple of cases, even though the events had their on staff photographers, they gave me a press pass because 1) I asked and 2) the press agents like my photography.

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    1. Oh yeah, I know that now. I have now built up a contact list for different media outlets. Back then the Musink Festival was willing to give me a pass but I needed to rep a newspaper or surce out here and they would need to request it on my behalf. I emailed everyone, twice. I am not cool like that. You have to know people here. No worries though. I pay for the shows that I really want to go to and if I can’t get a MP I get a few shots πŸ˜‰

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      1. Timothy Price says:

        I don’t go to concerts much anymore. The last one we went to was Dumpstaphunk last June. They were fantastic. When we lived in Madrid, Spain years ago we went to concerts two or three times a week. We saw some really amazing shows of all kinds in Spain.

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      2. Wow! That sounds like a cool show! I would have gone to that one. Gospel, soul, jazz, is always on my radar. That is so cool that you have lived out of the US. I hear in Europe there is more live entertainment and it’s a bit different, like the fans. I would have to experience it. I really was just getting to get out to see concerts and such. At least right now, my hubby has lots of documentaries for me to watch so I have been getting to see some great concerts from the past.

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      3. Timothy Price says:

        Concerts can be very different in Europe. One time we were out driving around in Extremadura in remote western Spain. We stopped in a village in the middle of nowhere for the night. They had an old castle in the village. Our host’s at he hostal asked if we were going to the concert in the castle. We were a bit surprised but never turned down an invitation to a concert. An orchestra and choir from Honduras played in the castle under a clear night sky. They were fantastic and the experience was magical. We saw Latin Legends Celia Cruz and Oscar De Leon in Leon, Spain. I played with a group from the Canary Islands. We played one concert under the aqueduct in Segovia light by the full moon. That was pure magic.


      4. Oh wow! What a show to see and in a castle. I know who Celia Cruz is or should I say was and had always want to see her perform live. I have heard stories like yours from other friends that have traveled or lived in Europe. Music truly is universal. It truly sounds magical. I still have hopes and dreams to see Van Morrison perform in Ireland. I hear he often does small intimate performances, like the ones you are speaking of. Do you still play? What instrument? Sorry for so many questions. Have a great morning!

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      5. Timothy Price says:

        I haven’t palyed flamenco for quite a while. I have numb fingertips from chemo, so I’ve had to relearn to play guitar. If you got to my blog site and click on “Music” on the top menu, you can see and listen to my parodies and original music I’ve been doing recently.

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      6. I had no idea that was a side effect of chemo. My husband chose to no do chemo when he had colon cancer. Hoping it doesn’t come back. Flamenco is lots of finger work so yeah I can imagine that being an issue. Most of music photography focuses on the players hands, not on their faces. I like to try and figure out what key they are in and such like a game. I know, weird. I will check out your blog. I really loved the cat dance that was tops!!

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      7. Timothy Price says:

        The Lola Limp is original music. I think you will enjoy “Livin’ la Vida Lockdown”. Neuropathy is a side effect of chemo. I have a lot of nerve damage from chemo, but I would not have survived without chemo. Like the doctor said “Numb fingers and toes are better than the alternative!”

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      8. That was too funny! Love the cats! They are true professionals! Great dance moves, I am jealous. I am very familiar with neiropathy. I had a stroke in 91 and surgery to my spine last year. They say that my hubby is cancer free. They removed a large part of his colon along with many of his lymph nodes. This is why the coronavirus scares me a bit. Stay well. πŸ™‚

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      9. Timothy Price says:

        Sorry to hear you had a stroke. If surgery can remove the cancer it can work without chemo. I have Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The first go around it was going into stage 4. It was all through my body. We caught it early the second time. Then I had a stem cell transplant. I’m good right now. Four years out from the stem cell transplant.

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      10. I’m good. I had surgery to repair it in 91 and haven’t looked back since. Yeah he has been good so far and is 5 years post surgery. He does have some RA issues though. You were lucky they caught it early. Glad you are still here and I hope you every one is staying away from you. This time must be a little scary for you as well.

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  2. morishige says:

    Hi there! Thanks for mentioning me on this post. It’s really an honor.

    If the Descendents read the letter today, they would be really happy, knowing that their songs are still listened and people still care about them.

    Anyway, the Descendents’ songs are really cool. I played them on YouTube music all afternoon the other day and I liked it. They sound like the old Green Day when their music was more straight-forward. And I could see that Green Day ripped some of their songs (some lyrics, some tones). You know what, I sent the url of one of the Descendents’ songs to my former band mate. Haven’t gotten the reply yet but I think he’s now drowning in nostalgia of our Green Day days. πŸ˜€

    As for COVID-19, the death count is rising here as the government has just started presenting the “real” count. Remember you told me something about the civil unrest in Michigan? The news have already arrived here in Indonesia (around 6 hours after I got the news from you).

    Stay safe there. I hope things are getting better. And have a wonderful day. πŸ™‚

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    1. Cool. πŸ™‚ Glad you were not embarrassed. My kids get embarrassed sometimes.

      Yeah, I thought about sending it to them but really just posting it here was a big step for me. Maybe next year on the anniversary of this post…ha ha, Yeah I think I will mail it to them by US Mail, that is if our president does not stop funding our mail. Yes, that is an issue now too. I couldn’t make this scenario up if I tried. They do not make B-movies much better than this, really.

      That is so cool that you listened to the Descendents. My punker heart grew three sizes today. I listen to them everyday. My boys father gave me the cassette Allroy Save from the ALL, (it was the Descendents after Milo went to College) and I fell in love with the sound. I loved the lyrics and understand why young men were so drawn to the lyrics and the melodies. There are so many bands from that scene like Fugazi, Firehose, DRI…I could go on and on…I really love music…sorry!
      It seems that most countries, ours included, are not presenting all the facts. Just know that people are getting sick and dying.

      Yes, civil unrest,it is now in more places than Michigan. Luckily, it is just peaceful protests. Hopefully, it will be no more than that and no one gets sick.

      Well, hope you are safe and well. Talk to you soon, we are in the middle of a movie marathon. Lots of good music!! Have a good night or morning πŸ™‚

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      1. morishige says:

        I blushed but it’s not embarrassing. It’s heart-warming that your friend from the other side of the globe mentions you on her blog. πŸ™‚

        As for Green Day, I couldn’t really grasp the meaning of their songs when I listened to them back then. But as I grew up, I slowly understood. Most of their songs are some kind of protest. And it feels amazing to get to know their “ancestors.”

        I hope they keep being peaceful protests. We have already got a major problem to deal with other problems.

        Cool! Have a wonderful movie marathon! It’s afternoon here, so good afternoon! πŸ™‚

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      2. Well, thank you! That made this old Grama smile. Not many people bother to communicate anymore and I don’t understand communication of the present. Although I do try to act like a hip, young (old) person! Ha ha!

        Most punk songs are (protests) but then if you really listen to them many are about heart break, love, hope, sadness, current events – normal stuff just to simple, fast beats. I think that is why I like the Descendents so much. Blink 182 wrote a lot about family issues. I related to them when I was going through stuff with my first marriage.

        Maybe we need more peaceful musical protests, just a thought. πŸ™‚

        Have a good night or good morning. My hubby is on vacation for one more week so we will be watching several more movies. Yesterday we watched, ZZ Top and a 1975 The Who Concert and both were pretty cool.


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