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Hello out there where you are reading this. For me, it is 4:15 AM on Sunday morning April 19, 2020. The last few days have been relaxing. I just realized that the last time that I have actually been in an actual store was the last time I bought an SD card in February. The last restaurant that I have been in was the one in Laughlin on March 9. It seems like a lifetime ago. It really bothers me that I hate to post anything because I don’t want to seem like I am disregarding guidelines by taking photos and such. This is history I am documenting, I am not going within 6 feet of anyone (I am usually in my car – the no bra thing), we are usually out because we are going out to pick up food from a local business. So, I really shouldn’t feel like a criminal… So, come on people, stop with the finger pointing, please. I really don’t care how much you feel like you need to defend your vote. We, the USA is broken right now. Together, as a team, we need to work together to fix this. Until then it will be like getting kids to clean their rooms without supervision. Everything will get swept under the bed and no one will know who did it or own up to it. Anyhow, today being Sunday and hubby being home, I may twist his arm a bit and get him to take me out for a drive.

In the last few days we checked out a couple great DVDs from Hubby’s archives. He had asked what I had wanted to watch and I said, “Something with some good guitars.” So, he went through his library and pulled out a few gems. The first one was The Who’s The Summit 1975 . This classic features the Who playing at the Summit in Houston, Texas in 1975. It appears that this was one of those mythical 70’s bootleg copies I have heard about from time to time. Even during Squeezebox there is an 8 second silence at the beginning of the song as the person recording lost audio. What I liked was that this was like a milestone, the Who had been around for roughly 10 years when this had been filmed. After they had performed, I think it was, I Can’t Explain, Roger Daltry mentioned he had first sang that song 10 years ago. So, it had shown how far they had come and it was also three years before drummer Keith Moon would die. If you get the chance to check this diamond out, please do. You will see some of the raddest drumming, next to John Bonham, that I have ever seen. Also, I must note, do check out the video just to see Pete Townsend‘s numbered Les Paul. My question is was it one of two or was is just the shit? Hmmm?

Next he took out the big guns, and by the big guns I mean ZZ Top. Hubby knows me well. The video had been on for only a few seconds when I got up from the couch and stood up in front of the TV to get a better look at the bass Dusty Miller was playing. It was a Telecaster bass. Oh wow! I turned to Hubby and asked, “Is that a Telecaster?” and he smiled and said, “Yeah, you know it.” It was the most gorgeous bass I had seen as a Fender and the sound was so sweet. He also had no pic guard on it. The video was a bootleg from a 90s German TV show call Rockaplast (I linked a video) It was cool to see them almost 40 years ago. Heck, I was almost as young as them 40 years ago…

Next we watched a little Led Zepplin. We talked through it mostly as we couldn’t help but get over how much Jimmy Page looks like Jimmy Sakurai. Who is Jimmy Sakurai? He is a Jimmy Page impersonator, the best. I jokingly mentioned that Sakurai might have Page DNA in him. Hmm? I did not get the name of that little gem that hubby brought out but before we stopped watching he did have me watch the song that showcase Jimmy Page playing slide with the Danelectro in the song In My Time of Dying (don’t quote me on the song.) It is pretty special. That slide sound and that guitar.

That is Jimmy Sakurai. I took this at Fantasy Springs in 2018

Also, I saw this funny little video about a woodchuck eating pizza in front of a few dogs. It reminded me of my boys. Around 2010-2011, we lived in Alhambra and I worked two jobs. One was as an accounting clerk during the day and I worked the Brass Elephant nights and weekends. That Brass job paid cash so I would often leave the boys money for food and snacks when I left for work. One time I came home and they couldn’t wait to tell me about their dining experience that day. I had left them $20 and their friends had also stayed over and had money. So combined, they had enough so that each boy could get a Little Caesars pizza. They were $5 back then and yes, they each could eat an entire pizza by themselves. Anyhow, that day, those little assholes bought pizza and drinks and went and sat in front of the Family Fitness Center with there booty of food and ate in front of the window of people running and walking on the treadmills. Only my boys…Not my proudest moment but I think I cried laughing while I tried to scold them…

Thank you for stopping by and hope to see you around these part again. Where ever you are and what ever you doing, I am thinking of you and smiling. Hope you laugh so hard today you cry. Squeezes!

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  1. IamAzizK says:

    Nice BLOG. I write on tv shows. Savy tv shows. Check it out if possible it would mean alot. Keep up the good work and have a beautiful day ahead.

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    1. Thank you! I am not a professional or anything like that but I will be happy to check out your blog. Have a great day 🙂


      1. IamAzizK says:

        Thank you so much. Means alot.


  2. Timothy Price says:

    It’s sad you have to feel like a criminal to go out. You look great in the first photo. An excellent photo of Jimmy Sakurai. He looks very much like Jimmy Page with his double-neck SG. I assume your husband has “The Song Remains The Same” from 1976?

    I’m posting a new parody this afternoon. The parody includes video of the AWB (me) playing guitars that I either build from scratch, assembled from parts, or customized. The exception is the Fender Bass. It’s unmodified.

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    1. We have seen JImmy Sakuarai in a few different cover bands. He now plays with John Bonham’s son Jason in JBLZ. I am not sure is that was the Song Remains the Same. I will have to ask him when he wake up again. We are up weird hours.

      I will keep a eye out for the new parody. I am working on a new Sunday song with Hubby. He is a bit difficult…sometimes. I want to come up with a song without C chord, my hands just don’t stretch that way…yet.

      Wow. You build guitars?!? How cool! Are those on your website?

      Good morning by the way 🙂

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      1. Timothy Price says:

        The Chile Guitar and Chile Bass, the Train Tele, the Black Tele and the Serengeti Strat are on my blog. The Black Strat that I finished recently will make it’s first appearance in today’s parody.

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      2. Cool. I will be sure to check it out.

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    2. By the way, thank you! My hubby sometimes will get a good shot of me 🙂 and yes, it is sad but I really hate getting private messages from well meaning friends that say that I should stay home and I am being irresponsible. They don’t even have all the facts…idiots…

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      1. Timothy Price says:

        If you are out by yourselves there’s nothing irrisponseble about it other than making other people jealous that they are not out in the middle of nowhere enjoying a bit of fresh air.

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      2. I am sure that is what it is. I will just ignore it. As I keep reminding myself, I sill keep staying away from people.

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  3. morishige says:

    I guess we deserve to go outside once in a while as long as we keep the distance from people. And you’re not going to some crowded place after all. My GF and I too go outside once in a while to buy groceries and it always feels nice to inhale fresh air 🙂

    No way… He does look like Jimmy Page, and his double-neck guitar… Wow! Does Sakurai play Led Zeppelin’s too?

    Thanks for the woodchuck video. It made my day! Have great day 🙂


    1. Hi there!

      Hope things are going well in your world. Yes, we do deserve to go outside as long as you follow the guidelines then you should be okay. You have have to live still and shop and eat so have fun while you two are out there doing it 🙂 Yeah sunshine is vitamin D…just saying.

      Doesn’t he? I think maybe Jimmy Page had a secret love child in Japan…oh wait…maybe I should write a story about it! Ha HA!!! Yeah, Jimmy Sakurai plays ina Led Zepplin Tribute band JBLZE here is a link of a concert we were at two years ago. The video quality sucks but I was too far into the video to bail out and I liked the song. He even plays the therimin and th danelectro… You should look him up. Sakurai is a real cool cat. I follow him on IG. He is pretty down to earth and every once and a while he gives a good ramen review. 🙂 Sorry, craving ramen.

      Glad I could make someone laugh with that video. My kids and their friends were so proud of that moment. They said the staff at that gym chased the m away and told them to never come back. When I saw that video I instantly thought of them.

      Take care and have a great night or morning. be safe.

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      1. morishige says:

        Howdy! 😀

        I guess the soundtrack of humanity for current situation is “Hard Times Come Again No More.” It’s funny because last year I watched “Survival Family,” a Japanese movie by a cool director, Shinobu Yaguchi. It’s about the electricity all around the world, as well as vehicles and other machines, stop working. The movie uses “Hard Times Come Again No More” as the soundtrack.

        Wow, I’m gonna check him out. We have a guitarist here in Indonesia who follows Slash of the Gun’s n’ Roses’ The name is John Paul Ivan (sounds like John Paul Jones). You should check him out on YouTube.

        Hahaha. I can imagine the scene when your boys chunked the pizza. 😀

        By the way, you know, I’m not really not used to be given a blog award but this morning this cool traveler, salsaworldtraveler, passed me a blog award. I hesitated at first but I finally took it. The thing is, the award requires me to pass it on to other blogger and your name came up in my head. So I passed you the award. But no pressure, really. You don’t have to proceed it and it’s cool. I hope you’re not embarrased.

        Good afternoon from Indonesia. Stay safe there!

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      2. I will check that out. I looked on youtube and could not find. I will check Hulu and Google. I love movies like that! Don’t get me started about Kursosawa…my hubby is not into many culturally different things. He goes back to work next week so I can get my movie list ready 🙂

        Yeah, Sakurai is pretty cool and so nice. I will check out John Paul Ivan Just did. Nice guitar work! My hubby laughed because I love Orange amps and he joked that I noticed that first.

        Yeah, I got one of those awards a year ago and I didn’t know I was supposed to pass it on so I felt bad and I never heard from that person again. am truly honored. You do deserve an award, you are very cool and you do travel, that is for sure! No, nothing embarrasses me. I raised boys, nothing could ever embarrass me…ha ha.

        Have a great day! It is 4:14 AM on a Tuesday. Stay safe.


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