How ya’ll doing out there on this May the 4th, 2020. It is hot as well, time to remind Coachella Valley that yes, you probably did forget to put deodorant on so go back in the house, NOW, and apply some. Don’t forget the under-boob ladies…These are things I wish someone would have told me when I moved here five years ago. Then again, we are under this stay at home business so I guess the people you live with don’t really care if you smell. Oh yeah, here is another tip for you desert dwellers, always, always, check the bat cave before leaving the house and getting out of the car or leaving the your desk or restroom. Bats (boogers) creep up in the desert that quickly, if you have allergies, we are not just talking about that Coronavirus thingy. It must be a growing old thing like bird watching and stealing clippings of the neighbors plants. I never thought I would ever do those things, ever, then 2020 was EVER.

I am now actively searching out birds!!!

This morning, I do what I usually do, I check the morning news, you know the IG stories. I only check once a day, around the same time. This way, the only ones that I am interested in have filtered into the the first 7 to 15 spots and then I can easily scroll through or watch them. Depends, some people will have 100 stories in a 24 hour period and if my 10 minute limit that I allow myself timer goes off, then I am done for the day. (unless I see my son’s stories cause they make me cringe…but in a good way, he really is like his Dad.) This way I limit the amount of time I am spending on that platform. One time at band camp…I mean one time I spent hours looking at stories, music, oh my gosh, don’t get me started on the cats and dogs. So, I had to stop following many animals. Anyhow, this morning, I ’emojied’ a pedal steel player from Italy that I follow. As a matter of fact, I follow four pedal steel players, do follow these guys (any pedal steel player or most), they are some of the most interesting people, seriously. One dude in Hawaii does these videos with his dog that are so cool and he played with the Pistol Annies!! One dude does this side projects (he works with a major Country group) and those are cool. One dude plays with a bunch of bands, but scares me because he videos while he drives, (Grama Kush says be careful!!!) but he get these very cool shots and he listens to cool music. They all are excellent musicians to boot, when they post themselves playing! Anyhow, this dude from Italy travels quite extensively as well and takes some fabulous photos. I am one that is generous with the “likes”. So, he posted one of those challenge thingies, where you post different songs each day and why you like them or something like that. He posted a couple of Tesla songs and I sent an F yeah or something like that and then we chatted a bit and mentioned that I thought he was cool cause he played steel and he said “pedal steel is for insane people.” I happily replied “Right, My kind of people.” Really, though, that sound is just soooo, how can I put this, just listen, here I am going to go to youtube and pull a random pedal steel video.

I loooove those amps!!!

This one here I have never heard or seen before and I know that when I press play I am going to hear that familiar whine, so press play and go on this journey. Where are they going? Hey, it sounds like we are going down the railway folks, or perhaps we are heading down the highway in an old jalopy with the top down next to that long train, maybe an Amtrak? There goes that whistle again. Can’t you see it? Can’t you hear it? The sun is out. There are fluffy white clouds in the sky. Birds and trees in the landscapes that are whizzing by. Road trip music that is what I am hearing. Pedal steel is not road trip music, it is like a punctuation, it gets the song composers thoughts and story out so the listener can feel and see what is the story of the music. Anyhow, I know I got sidetracked, that medication stuff but since I opened Pandora’s Box and started opening up more it feels kind of good. Weird, but good. I know I am going to get some people that think I am still weird and such, but F them. I’m going to be me no matter what, that onion and layers thing. Now, doesn’t that player just look happy playing, right? So, if they are going to be restructuring education, be sure to include generously for the arts and music because kids need it.

We had a nice weekend. Even though things are not anywhere or even what I imagined when I was 13 years old and on a volleyball team in Duarte, Califonia in 1983, things are good. Back then, that 6.7 square miles of land in the San Gabriel Valley was all I knew. It was my whole world. I didn’t know about Palm Springs. Exotic was getting Chinese takeout from a restaurant in El Monte that we had to drive through TWO cities to get. The photo brought back so many memories. Those were my one pair of prized Levi’s. I would only get one pair at the beginning of the year so I had to make them last. I remember lying and saying I had a “few pairs” because I was embarrassed. My Mom bought us other clothes that she liked. I never wore those.

I spent hours trying to get my hair straight.

Oh yeah before I go, here is a shot of my new hair do’

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you create some happy memories or at least some good stories today. Hugs.

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  1. Timothy Price says:

    You hair looks great. If you wore holes in you jeans today, it would be fashionable. I was a tall skinny kid so if I got pants long enough, the waist was too big, my pants would sag at the waist and the other kids called me “baggy butt”. If I got the waist to fit the pants were way too short and I got teased for wearing “high waters”. My mom finally sewed extensions on my pants to make them long enough. Today both baggy butts and high waters are considered stylish. I did discover that I could get western jeans that would fit my waist and had long legs, but then the pachucos, who I normally got along with, wanted to kick my ass for looking like a Stomper (cowboy), and the cowboys, who I never got along with, wanted to kick my ass for looking like a long haired hippie type pinko fag, and wearing western-style jeans. Nowadays I simply wear all black all the time. It makes life a lot simpler.

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    1. I ha “high waters” Those are what you had in May and June after a growth spurt! HA HA! Yeah, I am sure those jeans had holes in them at some point as I probably used the to play football and then softball in later that year. We were a little economically challenged back then.

      You were fashionable way, way before your time! Yeah, funny, things we were wearing back then is very fashionable now. I remember cringing at the things my Dad used to say to my hippie sister and her friends. My Dad had pachucos in his family, just made laugh thinking about the stories of him being up against a cop car as my mom and her mom would be driving by. They lived in Compton, CA in the 50s. The stories they could’ve told.

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      1. Timothy Price says:

        I presented a paper at the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association Annual Conference on the mixed-language culture in north-central New Mexico las November in San Diego. The Pachuco culture that went from Texas to California got to New Mexico in the 50s and 60s and had influence on the isolated Spanish mixed with English out here. I’m sure your family could tell some great stories, especially if any of them were around during the Zoot Suit Riots.


      2. I am sure they could. I heard my aunt used to have weapons (knives) hidden in their beehive hairsyles. My Dad said that his Aunts and Uncles used to dress so stylishly. He said that back then they even used to iron their Levi’s, for some reason.

        Wow, that is cool. Was that for an Anthropology class? I studied gangs in college. just wondering.

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      3. Timothy Price says:

        No, it’s Ancient and Modern Languages. Laurie and I are dealing with Linguistics and crossover into Medieval Studies. I submit papers as an independent scholar. Laurie is a grad student. These conferences are big international events. It’s really prestigious to get papers accepted in them. Laurie and I both have papers accepted into the International Conference on Construction Grammar (ICCG) in Antwerp, Belgium that was scheduled for August 2020. They just postponed it for a year. My paper for that conference is an extension of the other paper, but more specifically looking at mixed language culture through Ethnosyntax, which is a field of Linguistics. We went to Paris, France in 2018 for the ICCG. Laurie presented a paper. I did not submit a paper to ICCG in 2018 because I was working on another paper I presented at a Medieval Studies conference at UNLV in 2018.

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  2. Wow! How long have you both been working on your studies? I know how hard it is to get any form of work accepted into literary journals. That is so cool that you two share that. Linguistics? How many languages do you speak? I only speak one. So, will you work on another during the pandemic and present the one that you are postponing? You are her sure are interesting, very cool πŸ™‚


  3. It’s too friggin’ hot too soon! I fear it’s gonna be a miserable summer here in the Coachella Valley. Your hair looks great.

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    1. Yes, it was too hot two weeks ago πŸ™‚ If we have to wear masks it’s really gonna suck. Alll those foggy glasses, I can’t see it now…

      Thanks!! πŸ™‚

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  4. morishige says:


    I’m curious…. about the bats and the bat cave, are we talking about the real bats here or are they just metaphors?

    So cool that you were in a volley ball team. I’ve never joined a real sports team other than classroom teams when our class had to join school sport competition. Hahaha…

    Anyway, your hairdo looks fresh! It’s lovely.

    Have a wonderful day! πŸ™‚


    1. You got that right! A “bat in the cave” is a booger in the nose. It never fails.I get them all the time…ha ha! Gross I know, right.haha..
      Yes, I played sports. Tennis, volleyball, softball (womens version of baseball), basketball and I swam for two years on a city team. MY parents told my sisters that they would only pay for sports or music. I chose sports. 😦

      Thanks! I love it. The old hair doo was getting so long. I was starting to look like BigFoot..ha ha.

      Good morning by the way! It is 2:46 AM

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      1. morishige says:

        Hahahaha… I knew it πŸ˜€

        Wow! You played a lot of sports! I’ve tried playing volley ball but it’s too abstract for me. Did some 3 on 3 basketball at a court near my house when I was in senior high and I loved it. I’d go home so sweaty that I almost dehydrated… πŸ˜€ And you know what, I just knew that softball is the women’s version of baseball! Hahaha.

        Well, bigfoot doesn’t have such beautiful a smile like yours hahaha…

        It’s 6.22 PM here, so good evening πŸ™‚


      2. Yeah, I am gross. My poor Dad wanted one son and I was the last child born so I guess I am the “boy” of the family. Ha ha! I make all the gross jokes! Sorry!
        My parents gave us a choice music or sports because they both cost money. I chose sports and honestly, glad I did because it helped me with my health and kept me strong. πŸ™‚ Poor hubby, I could really kick his ass if I wanted to…

        Ha ha! I wasn’t sure, some men make fun of softball πŸ™‚ I dated a guy from England and he used to make fun of basketball and say that only women in the UK played that sport. We didn’t last.

        You are so sweet. Thank you…Mr. nice eyeball man…ha ha

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      3. morishige says:

        Hahaha…. You were the protector of your siblings then. πŸ˜€ Well, madam learnt some martial arts in high-school so… yeah πŸ˜€

        You should make fun of their crickets! LOL.

        I got a new nickname. Pretty cool. πŸ˜€ Thank you Arty πŸ˜€


  5. HA HA!!! GO MADAM….Love it!!

    Believe me, I did! That jerk. He played rugby and had a bid ugly scar on his big ugly head…ooops..sorry I hate calling people ugly. He really wasn’t. πŸ™‚

    Okay, well played Eyeball Man…


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