Good morning! You made it to Friday May 8, 2020 and that’s a good thing! Thank you to all that reached out to me yesterday her and on IG regarding the Epiphone. It is an Olympic Melody Maker with a single pick-up. I just fell down a rabbit-hole of pick guards and thought I should come up for air. Anyhow, last night, Hubby and I were talking about it and I am not going to strip the finish and am going to just clean it up only and polish, possibly. There is no way it will ever look like this again, unless I get professional help. Thank you especially to Timothy from the blog as he found the correct model!

Hubby says that, yes, this is what it looked like over 30 years ago.

The tuning keys are rusty! Hubby says it needs a new bridge. What’s a bridge? That thing people are always trying to sell in Brooklyn? Most likely, I will need to send this out for some work and that’s okay, it will be worth it. After all, this is part of Hubby’s history, right? We have talked about all the things we have lost or given away in our life time that we wish we would have kept, well I figure this can be one thing that he and I can work on that we can pass on to our kids, our blended family. At least of them may appreciate it. My kids know that I have always talked about getting old, beat-up, antique music equipment and have always wanted a stand-up bass for the corner of the living room. Maybe someday. Hopefully, this restoration will go well, well hopefully it will not fray any nerves. Who knows, maybe I will find a decent, , stand-up bass, that can be restored…pipe dreams…

Yesterday, I messaged another artist that kept popping up on my radar, Raliegh Keegan. He is a country artist. Honestly, he has been popping up for over a year and I had not checked his IG or Spotify. Anyhow, I always have Spotify open and his bright colored IG profile of people I should know popped up again. So, I opened it and saw that he was a musician and clicked on his bio link. Then I went to Spotify. The first song I heard, I liked very much, the song Half Past You. I really liked his vocals. This is me being honest, so please no hate right now, I instantly went to Youtube to find a live video of him, but live and not cleaned up and filtered. There are times when I have gone to Spotify and the studio version is clean and crisp but then I find a Youtube and they sound nothing like their studio version.

I like fan video more than cleaned studio productions, because they are raw and gritty and real.

The above video was shot by one of his fans on a camera phone, I just know by the look of it and was two years ago. It looks like he and his band were having a great time up there and they sure made those girls happy as they posted their prize on Youtube. So, do check this country singer out. Like I was saying, his vocals are very good. I know I go on and on about guitars and basses but his voice stood out it’s almost like it’s not quite ol’ country but it’s not quite new country. There were a couple other live clips that the quality was a little too rough but those vocals were still there. Take this boy for whirl on Spotify of Amazon Music. We did trade a few messages yesterday and he is a nice kid. If you would kindly give a listen maybe you might like him too.

The new monitor is due to arrive on Mother’s Day. Apparently, I read that wrong. No worries, I have plenty to do, like bite my nails with anticipation. The Coachella Valley is heating up and my plants are barely hanging on. Yesterday, I was out watering them when I kind of zoned out and then got my camera. Welcome to my head rush press play…

Sometimes my world sounds like this as my right ear is always buzzing.

I am trying out different video editing software before committing to one. So far, Adobe has great video editing, although it is pricey. I have 3 days left on my free trial so trying to make the most of it. It was over 100 degrees and I was laying on the cement filming that 1 minute video and then I heard my neighbor. She was worried because she heard the water. I saw her peek over and then laugh when she saw me on the ground. We both started laughing and I told her, “Sorry, you know, getting high and shooting shit again.” So, before I go, I will post a few of the things I snapped while I was laying on the ground yesterday, playing with the water hose.

Thank you for the visit! Hope you come around this way again. Where ever you are today, be kind and smile. Squeezes to you that really needs it and and extra one for the one that doesn’t.

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  1. morishige says:

    There’s nothing more cooler than getting a musical instrument from your senior. I guess your grandchildren will think of you as a cool grandma! I wish my grandfather passed me a guitar hahaha..

    The voice of Raliegh Keegan is pretty cool. It sounds like that of the vocalist of the Calling, although not so deep. Thanks for featuring the video clip. πŸ™‚

    It’s hot as well here on the other side of the globe. I wonder what’s happening hahaha…

    Stay safe and have a wonderful day πŸ™‚

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    1. I guess you guys our in a more tropical climate, right? More humidity? It only got to around 100 degrees Fahrenheit here yesterday in the desert. It is really making me sad watching the news, I really hope we can resume travel again, I mean safely for everyone involved. Airline staff, hotel workers, just everyone.

      Yeah, we are getting older and won’t have much to leave our kids like properties or money but at least if we can pass along a little history or something like that guitar. I think those things are more important.

      Yeah, I liked his voice. I am sure it will season as he gets older and it will get even better. He could probably crossover to other genres of music if he had to. There is a girl I will be adding that you will like, she is country but really she more rocker and quite attractive. Anyhow, hope you and Madam have been having some great adventures. Stay safe and be well πŸ™‚

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      1. morishige says:

        Yes, we are. And, yes, it is more humid here. These days the temperature ranges from 29-31 degree in Celsius. Living in a tropical climate is pretty awesome, I guess. When it’s hot, you can just go topless hahaha… It’s never too hot and never too cold here.

        Little history is more valuable, isn’t it? I mean, you can buy things but you can never buy history.

        He has a long road to travel. I wish he can get to the top. πŸ™‚ Wow, I look forward to reading about the girl. πŸ™‚ Hahaha… We got to laugh thousands of times these days, throwing some daddy jokes to one another πŸ˜€

        Have a wonderful day there with your hubby! And stay safe too. πŸ˜€


      2. Tropical climate = less wrinkles πŸ™‚ just saying! That is a big plus!! I sweat in little heat so humidity is not my friend but can handle it if I have to. Tropical weather sounds awesome. Like hawaii. Never been there either.

        Yes, this is why I am writing this blog. My children missed out on alot because I worked so much so hopefully they can get to know me a little here.

        You will like her. Check out Kelsey Gee on youtube. I follow this one pedal steel dud and he kept giving her props so I had to listen and wow she is amazing. It is amazing that there are so many unsigned talent that should be more well known.

        No road trips in the future so I will be staying in my safe place..home πŸ™‚

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      3. morishige says:

        Hahaha… Yeah, so true. πŸ™‚ The skin can relax as much as it wants. πŸ˜€

        They’re so lucky they have a gramma who is a blogger! It’s so cool, you know. πŸ˜€

        I did browse her name on YouTube and couldn’t find any. I guess I’m gonna just listen to her song while reading the post that you’re about to post πŸ˜€

        The last paragraph of your comment is so beautiful, you know. πŸ™‚


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