Howdy! You made it to Wednesday May 13, 2020. It seems that a few more chapters have been added to this on-going saga in which we are all the supporting characters. The stars being essential workers that have continued on in these uncertain times. Thank you, all of you. I know I keep saying it but I will keep repeating it even after this hooey-balooey is considered done. Thank you, gracias, merci, danka, arigato!

Around 6 AM this morning, I took a much needed soak in the community Jacuzzi. A few months ago, it was a daily ritual I took for granted. Never again will I take that or anything else for granted. Seventeen months ago, I knew nothing about Cauda Equina Syndrome and how it was going to affect my life and that even a little road trip would send sharp reminders up my spine and down my leg for days. Thankful for how far I have come but know that I still have some work to do in my recovery. That road trip though, it made me excited for the next one! Can’t wait!

Anyhow, this song, Shame on the Moon, just snapped me out of my mellow mood. Rodney Crowell, the songwriter who wrote the song, sure has a way with words and arranging the notes and keys so that it tells a haunting story of longing. A story of lost love. Bob Seger brought those words to life but really, it was the child of Mr. Crowell. I could not find a live version but here is the original, press play.

Here is the original.

This is a redo of the original with new words and arrangement.

Again, Mr. Crowell did a lovely job bringing it to life. Mr. Crowell has written many hits for other stars like Bob Seger, Joan Osborne, Johnny Cash, Emmy Lou Harris and many, many others. Whenever I record a cover band, I always search out the owner of the music they are covering and who wrote the song to add to the detail I list when I add it to Youtube as I am not trying to profit from these videos and I want to give proper credit. Anyhow, those are the holes I usually fall down in the morning, during those wake n’ bakes. That is how I discovered who Mr. Crowell was. Had I not looked up the lyrics to Shame on the Moon and then researched the writer I would have never learned about this magnificent human and staple to the music industry. He even has an active IG so do check him out!

Speaking of music and people. I have mentioned that often I get tips about things like places to go, food to try out and new bands and entertainers. So, last week I mentioned that I follow four pedal steel dudes on IG. One of them, David Mills, a guitar player for the Sarah Winchester Band and Daring Greatly, had been joyfully promoting a friend of his, singer Sheyna Gee. I vaguely remember one of his IG stories indicating or double dog daring the viewers that “If you like country you should check her out!” Well, I like taking dares (no, I don’t think he threw out a dare, only added for affect…ha ha) so, I gave her a listen on Spotify. She markets herself as a Country artist. Well, she is right, yes, she is a country artist but throw in gospel and rock, perhaps a little punk and you got Sheyna Gee. Her vocals have this deep pure sound that I can’t quite put my finger on. What say you? Press Play…

This just sounds like a Sunday morning before church or leaving on down that road not where you are going and don’t care…

Here is one more for you to take for a test drive. I love Led Zep and when I saw that she covered Whole Lotta Love I had to press play and so glad I did. Besides, what is not to like about her band, she has a stand-up bass player and you know how I feel about that. Press play.

Funny, but had the pedal dude never mentioned her, I might never have heard her music. True, I listen to music 15 out 24 hours a day, at least. The music in my dreams does not count. Thank you Universe for these little gifts that I get every once in a while as this surely was one and I will definitely add this songbird to my Spotify playlist. Hope you do as well or check out on Youtube.

My new monitor is the best thing since Krispy Kremes was built in Rancho Mirage, last year! I can’t believe what a difference it made. I knew last year when I was editing a practice shoot I did with Sarah Winchester and I turned her green that there were issues. This was right after I returned from that wedding. So, I have been happily editing past work as well as working on new items for my website. Unfortunately, after spending hours on the phone with customer support, they will be unable to complete my request to have an interactive comment section…BOOO! So, for now, the blog stays here at WordPress.

Here are a few of the items that I was working on for my gallery on the website. My first project is Water and the project is called Wet!

This was slightly edited. Only water was used and a step ladder.
So, I get high sometimes…

It was fun trying different lenses and different settings. I did use many of the auto features that come equipped with the Sony A7 but did also pull out Ol’ Faithful, my Nikon D3400 and used a 200mm prime, 35mm prime, 85 mm prime and 55-200mm kit lens. Can you tell the difference? Today, I will be refining these photos and editing them so I can add to the website and also post a few to the FineartAmerica site for sale, can’t hurt, right?

Thank you, dear reader for the visit and hope to see you around these parts again. Where ever you are going today be kind and give thanks and as always get there. Hugs to you that needs it.

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  1. morishige says:

    Her voice is pretty good. I could feel the rage on Whole Lotta Love… And the Project Wet is awesome!

    Have a nice day and stay safe. It’s early a.m. near the Indian Ocean, so good night! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey there and good morning! It’s 3:00 AM

    She does have some chops when singing that song. I have heard it covered hundreds of times and that one was very good!

    Thanks for the compliment on the project. It has been fun shooting it. My animals have even joined in on the fun. Indian Ocean, eh? Very cool.

    Have a great day and be well 🙂


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