Four years ago I had a choice to make. A very important choice. However, I chose to not vote and make my voice heard as I had been so very tired and thought, my one vote could never make a difference. Besides, there was no way educated people would vote a reality show personality to become President of the Great United States. Well, when you multiply that by 1 million or so that thought the same thing and we get to the part of the story that we are at now. You know, the one where the audience in the movie theater realizes that the person that was put in power by not voting is ruling the country. (Cue suspense music or perhaps the theme to the Twilight Zone?) This coming November, I will vote, and vote loudly. I will be studying the actions of our public officials and politicians. Actions will get my vote. I started this post a few days ago and then needed to stop and breathe and digest what was going on in the world. Because I did not vote four years ago, what could my one vote have done?

With my one vote, things could be much different. The world might still be in a war against a virus but nothing compared to the turmoil that is unfolding daily and on national television. Last night, as I watched TV with Hubby, military police from the District of Columbia, shot tear gas into crowds of protesters that had their arms in the air shouting “Hands up – Don’t Shoot!” It horrified me. These were humans, not monsters or villains, but people trying to get their voices heard. They held BLACK LIVES MATTER and pictures of George Floyd as it was and still is their right. The Constitution of the United States guarantees our rights to assembly peacefully to protest.

The First Amendment guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition.  It forbids Congress from both promoting one religion over others and also restricting an individual’s religious practices.  It guarantees freedom of expression by prohibiting Congress from restricting the press or the rights of individuals to speak freely.  It also guarantees the right of citizens to assemble peaceably and to petition their government

“I am your president of law and order”

What I witnessed last night was an act of dictatorship and not someone wanting peace but calling for discord and dissension and thinly throwing in peace and good people to make it more digestible. It was horrifying! Two days ago I phoned my son and asked him to please be safe and to stay out of the protesting as I was afraid for his life as I always have been. My son is Hispanic but has dark skin and at times has worn dread locks or a short ‘fro as my son was blessed with beautiful, dark curly hair. My son, is a gentle giant, probably my fault. I didn’t let my son’s fight each other and was often trying to break them up. If my sons want to protest, that is their right. It is not their right to be gassed or to have rubber bullets shot at them as I witnessed on live television while the president spoke. By the way to my sons, if you were to get taken to jail for protesting in this movement, I would bail you out and know that my spirit will be there with you!!!

“As we speak, I am dispatching thousands and thousands of heavily armed soldiers, military personnel and law enforcement officers to stop the rioting, looting, vandalism, assaults and the wanton destruction of property.” donald trump June 1, 2020 on live television.

Another fact about me is that I am an Episcopalian and proud. I converted in the mid-90’s when my sister had started going to St. Paul’s in Pomona, CA as they were progressive and had an openly gay reverend. I will never forget one Sunday as I tried to sneak out of the back to the church, as I always sat in the last rows as to not disturb anyone with my new baby. Father Nyback stopped his sermon and told me to stop as I was taking a child of God out of that house. In his house, that church in Pomona, ALL were welcome, even if they cried out in hunger, like my child. So, yesterday, when I saw him holding that Bible and standing in front of that church, I went to my office (bathroom) and cried. How can someone have so much hatred in them and be so cruel and then hold the words of God in his hands for a photo op? What I witnessed was no less an act. It was an act of a school yard bully who is showing his true colors by trying to snuff out what does not agree with him. Again, my one vote might have changed this.

Mr. trump if your childhood dreams were to grow up and be a villain, you have certainly marked your place in the History of the US in your 3 short years as president, but not for being great, or beautiful or fantastic. The United States is not some reality show that some lucky contestant is going to get a prize at the finale. Really donald, it is time for some one to reverse your catch phrase and use it on you, “You’re fired!” Please if you are going to utter anything else, sir, please utter the statement “BLACK LIVES MATTER“. I know you won’t just as you won’t wear a mask. Just as you won’t call off your goons. Yes, you sir I fully blame you for what is happening right now. When you made fun of Colin Kaepernick so publicly. I cried then as I knew that it was not going to get better. You see this presidency made me face skeletons in my closet that I had not wanted to revisit. However, because he was so vocal about being a pussy grabber and publicly making sexist remarks to women in power or just about anyone who spoke out against him, I could feel what was coming. Because of people like him, women and girls like me were silent and hurting as all the news was like getting salt poured into old wounds. I worked in the late 80’s and early 90’s when men ruled the offices. I cringe and my heart tightens sometimes when my Hubby sneaks up behind me to touch my neck or arm or kiss me. I am not afraid of Hubby only reliving long hidden memories. I used to be good at hiding those things but now I can’t. Thank you donald for that. Now millions can’t either. My one vote…

It scared me on Friday as I watched the news and could see the events unfolding. I remember telling Hubby that I was worried for our Armed Forces that are lead by the president. Even though I threw out an exasperated “Oh my gosh, kids are going to have to make a choice to gas and police American protesters.” To me any one under 50 is a kid and I am speaking of the Armed Forces of the United States of America. Then to have to watch it on TV side-by-side, Three days later, as he spoke about “taking decisive action.” My Dad used to say something about talking out of both sides of your mouth well, Hubby and I as well as millions of American’s witnessed the donald be the Master of Talking Out of Both Sides of His Mouth or maybe my Dad might have meant talking out of one’s ass…Hmmm? My one vote may have kept this from happening…maybe your one vote will as well.

To you dear reader, where ever in the world you are on this June 2, 2020, peace be with you. To my friends and family that did not know how I felt about this situation, now you know. Even though I may not agree with many of your opinions or values, I will offer you the same respect you give me…period. However, if you choose to keep hiding behind a political party instead of what is right and humane, we don’t need to be friends, really. George Floyd a human, was murdered (executed), in front of an audience, asking for kindness when he gasped, “I can’t breathe”. If you, my friends, still want to blame political parties and now organizations because you are not a sheep, so you say, then again we do not need to be friends.

Thank you dear reader for getting this far and for the visit. May you have a beautiful, peaceful day. Be someones light, someones joy today. Hugs to everyone, really, if I could hug the world, I would…

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  1. Even after three and a half years, I am still in a state of horror and disbelief that such a small, evil man was ever elected as President of the United States. He is a cruel, abominable narcissist, but what really troubles and astonishes me more is how some 40% of Americans still actually like him and what he’s doing. THAT is what’s most upsetting to me. Thank you for your honest post, and I’m glad you’re now energized enough to exercise your constitutional right this coming November.

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    1. You are so right about the 40%, and it is scary because that is 40% to many.

      You are welcome and yes, we all need to make our voices heard in November.

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  2. Need to get #bunkerboy out of the WH.There are many that think like you and hope you continue to write and inspire others ,namasté thehornypotter

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    1. Progress is being made and hopefully it will keep going and roll #bunkerboy out! (ha ha ha – had a vision of it in my head)

      Thank you for your kind words! Be safe and well 🙂

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  3. morishige says:

    I was moved by this post. I’ve been trying to write a comment for almost half an hour but it’s hard to find the right words to express what I think. I hope everything’s gonna be all right.

    Stay safe and be well.

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    1. Thank you! I was worried about posting it because I have many friends and family that are trump/republican party supporters and it is never my intent to talk bad about what they believe in because that is their right. Now is not the time for comfort and the US and the #blacklivesmatter movement needs to be loud and heard so changes can be made. It would be nice to live the last part of my life knowing that there is less racism and hate in the world.

      I am having faith that all will be okay, I am sure it will be after the vote in November 🙂

      Have a great day and be safe 🙂

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      1. morishige says:

        And it’s your right too to voice what you think, isn’t it? Besides, you write this post so elegantly. I hope there won’t be a problem with your friends and family.

        I don’t know what’s gonna happen in my country. But these days I feel that I have to censor my words when I chat with friends. I feel safer if I talk with them live instead of through chat apps. It’s almost Orwellian. 😦

        I hope so, my dear friend. 🙂

        Stay safe and have a great day. 🙂

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      2. Yes, it is my right as it is everyone’s right to have and voice an opinion. I worry because I am usually quiet about politics and social events as I have friends and family on both sides of all issues. However, no one has ever asked me what I thought. It gets hard to be around people and trying to be kind when their views are so different, but I have done it for so long. Right now, I am getting out of my comfort zone and not going along with others ideas just because we are friends or family.

        Have any protests happened in your country? Be careful, i is true, I believe in speaking face to face as nothing seems to be private anymore. Speaking of George (Orwell), when do the UFO’s land? HA HA!!!

        Be safe 🙂

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      3. morishige says:

        That’s great. It’s rather hard too to speak up to relatives about politics here. You know, there are many “walls,” like cultural and spiritual values, that are hard to climb.

        There are some movement on social media but we haven’t go out to the road. We can’t rely on the middle class society here as they only think about themselves (they want a comfy life as well as the afterlife. You know what I mean? Haha.). The only hope lies on the university students. But universities are still closed and classes are being held online.

        It’s so unreal, isn’t it? I guess I need to develop some secret codes hahaha….

        Perhaps they’ve landed years ago, or about to land. Hahaha… Or, perhaps the aliens have destroyed their planets! 😀

        You too! Have a great day!

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      4. Well, you just answered my last comment…ha ha! I hear you about speaking to relatives and respecting their views, even though I do not agree with them. We have many of those walls here as well. My heart tightens each time I share a blog entry as I do not want to offend anyone.

        Ha ha!! Yeah, a secret code like or now with technology you can hide messages right in the photos…not that I do that, but could very easily…(insert evil movie laughter here.)

        NOt sure if you are familiar with the cartoon the Simpsons but I am waiting for Kang and Kotos to do a press conference…

        Be well and safe 🙂

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      5. morishige says:

        Those walls, at least here, seem to be separating people. We need to make the walls shorter so that people can see what’s happening on the other side. 🙂

        Hahaha… Guess I can put subliminal messages on my blogposts. 😀

        Many of Simpson’s scenes have already happened. If there’s someone arranging these events, the person sure has a really good sense of humor. 😀

        You too! Have a great day. 🙂

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      6. Oh, walls! I try to not hear about walls, they separate and divide things… 🙂 You are right though, if there must be walls let then be short enough to see over and have plenty of gates and windows…

        The Simpsons-tradamus…ha ha!! It almost seems like someone is orchestrating these events and the maybe it’s really an epic reality show that no one wins…

        I have tried, not hiding political messages in my posts, but hiding phrases and words. I would spell out funny things by using the first letter of sentences. No one ever caught on. I will have to do that again 🙂

        Be well 🙂

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      7. morishige says:

        Yeah. First, we should demolish it on our mind. Then perhaps we can do that in reality. 🙂

        Sometimes I wonder if we are all Jim Carey on the Truman Show and somebody is testing us, pushing us to the limit. 😀

        I guess I’m gonna act within my small circle, We never know that our closest friends will be a policy maker or something someday. 🙂

        You too! Stay safe 🙂

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      8. Good morning friend! It is 3:02 AM and hubby just left for work.

        If only we as a human race could start over as children that have not been taught to build walls to keep people out. As long as we keep our minds open, right, and more people continue to be open. The world will be so much better.

        I have not seen that movie yet. Honestly, I only liked Jim Carey when he was in the show Living Color. I will watch it today as I am looking for movies to watch, so thank you 😉
        Funny, but I have said that as well, like we re on a realitly show and hubby just says trump and his people are not that smart.

        Great thinking young man! Yes, you can also be a change maker and probably are already. Heck you are nice and talk to this old lady from California 🙂

        Be well and stay safe. Just reading the news and that virus is still out there…

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      9. morishige says:

        Good evening from the other side of the globe! Leaving work at 3:02 am? Wow, that’s so early.

        A start-over like that would be good for humanity. We could restart it with education though, so long as it doesn’t used by authorities for their own interests. You know what? Here, the authority starts forbidding us to discuss “leftist.” One or two years ago they “swept” some book stores selling leftist ideas. I mean, what’s the problem about learning different perspectives? And “philosophy” is infamous here also.

        Thanks for replying the comments of this young man full of rage. 😀

        Stay well and stay safe too. I always wear the face mask if I go outside. 🙂

        PS: Thanks for the Jim Carey reference. I’m gonna look it up on YouTube. 😀


      10. He works as a produce clerk and he is lucky he gets the morning shift. He is used to it, he has been working those hours for 30 years.

        Education is so important and right now so much can be changed with our younger generation. Here in the states we have so many freedoms like this protesting and questioning our government. It is crazy here because we are allowed freedoms of choice and thinking. I can’t imagine being told what I could or couldn’t read or what thoughts I should be thinking.

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      11. morishige says:

        Wow… And he gets to taste fresh air every day. 🙂

        The way people behave here has been shaped for years. We were ruled by an authoritarian president for 32 years, from 1966 to 1998, and he planted many ideas on people’s mind. Now the ideas are still lingering among society.

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      12. Good morning!

        Yes, he is out in the fresh air, but only walking to the car and then to the store. I do get the best picks of veggies and fruits. He is really good at that 🙂

        I need to study your countries history. 32 years, wow! I am glad we have term limits as I can see how that could shape a society and can make a government (or rulers) to powerful and not in a good way. Hopefully, the younger generation is pushing for change. The future is the youth, everywhere.
        Good morning 🙂

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      13. morishige says:

        Good evening!

        Well, I want to learn that skill. I’m so bad at picking fruits and veggies. 🙂

        Yes, 32 years of brainwashing. I was lucky I only got to experience 10 years of that bleak decades. There’s still hope. Yes, I believe there’s still hope. 🙂

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      14. Hola! Good morning! I too, am horrible at picking ripe, perfect fruit and veggies but I am an expert at picking out unripe and no flavor varieties. I could give pointers 🙂 Ha ha.

        Glad that you and your generation are free. You though have some really cool perspectives probably because of it (living under the old rule as well as the new). Yes, there is always hope 🙂

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      15. morishige says:


        The fruit that I love the most is the sliced fruit. Haha.

        Yeah, M. But now I realize that we are not that free. Yesterday, a stand up comedian was accused as a meth junkie by some government buzzers after criticizing the absurd court process of a (political) criminal case.

        I hope things are going well there in CV. Have a nice day! 🙂

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      16. Good morning!

        You funny! If it grew on trees that way life would be grand! ha ha!

        Oh wow! I guess “freedom” is subjective depending on who you are. Things like that happen here but sometimes they kill people on camera and can still get away with it. There has been so much going on here in the States, and our own leader is the biggest fabricator of false stories…How horrible to not be able to speak an opinion without consequences.

        THings are good here as I don’t leave the house 🙂 Actually, things around the CV is getting better. People are getting back to work and most people wear masks as required. 🙂 Hope you and Madam are doing well and staying safe.

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      17. morishige says:


        That would be so helpful 😀

        I think so. Freedom is subjective. Some people think they are free when they are (for us) actually not. And it could be the other way around. Anyway, Yesterday I watched Joe Biden’s speech and he seemed so mad. 😀

        Here, people are buying bicycles. Every night they’ll go out riding their bikes to the town square… in groups. I don’t understand. 😀

        You too stay safe! 😀

        It’s 03.25 am here. Good night from the other side of the globe. 😀

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      18. Howdy Friend!

        Yeah, I hear you about freedom. It has been splashed across national news. We can’t look away from it. Joe Biden, really, I am he is mad. Trump has been making fun of him like two elementary school kids. You know exchanging “your Mama Jokes” it is sad and disgusting. Hope people vote for Biden and not trump this time.
        People here in the states are going out to beaches and bars and not wearing masks, because it is their right. These are the same people that will protest at an abortion clinic because women have no right to choose what happens to their bodies., It is all confusing. Why I smoke weed. To laugh.

        Hope you stay safe and sane. It’s 4:52 AM. Spent time watching movies yesterday 🙂

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      19. morishige says:


        He looked so disgusted. Really? I heard one or two things about them competing for presidency but I can’t believe that they did it that way. I hope so too. The world needs chill but firm leaders now.

        Hahaha…. Perhaps they’ve lost interest following the statistics of Covid-19. Same here. People in Jakarta, the capital city, have begun to run on jogging tracks… with their kids and some extended family. Yes, it is so hard to digest. I wonder if we were too conscientious….

        You too stay safe and sane. 😀

        Anyway, has the uke arrived? Oh, I guess I’m gonna take a look about it on your latest posts. 😀

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      20. Yeah, it is scary. People are fighting about it here in the states, the mask wearing thing. Really though, I think people are just looking for things to fight about. Hubby and I are writing a song about the blame game that is going on, I have lyrics he just needs to finish the music….this may never get done…. 😦

        THe world needs a hug! HA HA! …and a couple of good Grandma’s to pull people by the ear or put them in time out, hug them or make them soup. Sorry just being silly but wouldn’t it be nice.

        Yeah, people here think science is fake. Our president is making things worse by causing division. Nothing is going to get better this way.
        The uke is on back order 😦 I just need him to string my guitar. It is lighter and smaller than his Guild. This way I can start practicing again. Sorry, frustrated this morning. I don’t like using his guitar because I am afraid of breaking it.

        Hope you are doing well and having some adventure.
        Have a fabulous day 🙂

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      21. morishige says:


        I hope things are going well in CV and CAL. Things are getting worse here I guess. The death count is increasing but the media is spreading “positive” news about the pseudo new-normal. Some cities have allowed car free days on Sundays but people ignore the health protocol. But I stay indoor.

        So true! We need grandma’s to pull people who aren’t wearing mask in public spheres! And we need to sing–or dance. Hahaha. Anyway, I’ve been busying myself with learning new songs. It turns there are many great guitar tutorials on YouTube. 😀

        Division. A classic move. Here “they” use it too. Hahaha.

        Well, I hope you can practice the guitar–or uke–soon. 😀

        Have a wonderful day! And stay safe 😀

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      22. Good morning! It is 3:28 AM. Your country must have a good news block because I have not heard much or seen news other than what is happening here in the States and politics. Yeah, the death count has stabilized for the moment but they are expecting the numbers to go up again here. I am so glad that you are so smart and are being cautious. I wish more people would understand the dire situation the world is in.

        Yes, lots of Grandmas! THere is no shame like the shame that a Grama gives you…ha ha!!! Yes! I use Justin Guitar for my guitar lessons. If you have a better one, let me know. I have tried several and he seems to be the easiest to understand.

        It turns out the uke we want is manufactured in…Indonesia…ha ha haha!! It may be years before I get it. It just lists back order….ugh. It is a Kala.


      23. Ooops, I was not finished with that thought…ha ha!

        You, young man, always have some rage! Rage brings change, sometimes. Just my thinking…

        I am looking up that movie, the Truman Show so I can watch when hubby gets home. Thanks for the tip!

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      24. morishige says:

        I hope so. Even a small change is so valuable. We never know where the difference might lead to. 😀

        You’re most welcome. 🙂 Happy watching then. 🙂

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  4. Wow, can any one see the difference in what happened at the BLM protest and what happened on January 6, 2021?


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